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(NYPost)   David Bowie regrets the suckiness of his mid-80s music, which he calls his "Phil Collins era"   ( divider line
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15413 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Feb 2004 at 9:03 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-02-16 09:04:58 AM  
NKOTB 4 EV4R!!1!!11!!!ONE!!ONEONE!!111!
2004-02-16 09:05:16 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-02-16 09:05:55 AM  
David Bowie's music wasn't that bad.....
2004-02-16 09:05:59 AM  
Does anyoe look back not regret what they did in the 80's?
2004-02-16 09:06:35 AM  
What does he think of Tin Machine?
2004-02-16 09:07:01 AM  
Blue Jean, I just met a girl named Blue Jean...
2004-02-16 09:08:11 AM  
I liked his "Let's Dance" stuff.
2004-02-16 09:08:56 AM  
Whitefire_Zero I dson't regret what I did in the eighties...don't remember most of it tho
2004-02-16 09:09:36 AM  
I started college in 1980, I don't remember anything after that until about 1988....
2004-02-16 09:10:02 AM  
British rock stars are so snarky. It's awesome.
2004-02-16 09:11:48 AM  
Old news. He was saying he regretted the Let's Dance and Glass Spider album a decade ago. Still I have to admit as pop intensive (in Bowie's mind) the Let's Dance album was it still had a very unique style that set it apart from just about anything else. Kinda like Bowie.
2004-02-16 09:12:06 AM  
"Scary Monsters" was the last really good one, IMO. After that, he became of-the-time, rather than ahead-of-his-time. He started following trends rather than creating them. Still, there were a few good songs here and there.
2004-02-16 09:12:29 AM  
How comne you ask people what they did in the 80's,the answer you get most often is I don't remember?
2004-02-16 09:14:04 AM  
Hey, Cat People (Putting out the Fire with Gasoline) was a great song! And Tin Machine was equally good, if short-lived.

In another ten years, he'll say he fondly remembers his 80's music, calling it his "Bono" period or some crap like that.

/f'n artistes! :)
2004-02-16 09:14:16 AM  
And so Bowie joins the list of once-great artists who turned to crap after sobering up. He and Elton must have entered rehab together around 1980 or so.

Oh, and I'm proud to say that despite growing up in the 80s I never owned a pair of parachute pants. I knew that would pay off someday.
2004-02-16 09:14:41 AM  
" put on your red shoes and dance the blues..."
Sorry, thats all I remember.
Sad, isnt it?
2004-02-16 09:15:06 AM  

His show at the Target Center last month was awesome!
2004-02-16 09:16:25 AM  
Does any one remember him on the Muppet show?
2004-02-16 09:18:10 AM  
I like Phil Collins and David Bowie... I was also born in the 80's. Maybe it's a consiracy.
2004-02-16 09:18:25 AM  
That's the only music he put out that I liked! Stevie Ray Vaughn played guitar and toured with Bowie in the 80's.
2004-02-16 09:19:51 AM  
Anybody know how his 'Bowie Bonds' are doing? Might be junk rated, like his last few albums.
2004-02-16 09:20:05 AM  
Let's Dance and Tonight had some good stuff on them. I really haven't listened to any Bowie since those albums. All of his albums before Let's Dance are wonderful, some more than others of course. He's still in my top 10 musicians list of the 20th century.
2004-02-16 09:20:46 AM  
I liked him and Queens version of Under Preasure
2004-02-16 09:20:48 AM  
unser pressure wasn't a bad 80s david bowie song
2004-02-16 09:20:56 AM  
I liked that China Girl video where you saw his bum.
2004-02-16 09:22:02 AM  
The real question is, does he regret this?

[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-16 09:22:27 AM  
"the serious moonlight, SERIOUS MOONLIGHT!!!"
ok, I think the flashbacks are over now.
2004-02-16 09:22:40 AM  
Mattevil beat you by 2 seconds :)
2004-02-16 09:22:54 AM  
Bowie may not have done a whole lot professionally in the '80s, but he was accomplished enough in college to be famously drafted ahead of Michael Jordan.
2004-02-16 09:23:42 AM  
The Let's Dance album (yes, it was called an 'album' back then) was the best stuff he released. I did like Let's Dance, Modern Love, China Girl and Blue Jean.
2004-02-16 09:24:05 AM  
I like Tin Machine.
2004-02-16 09:28:02 AM  
The Man Who Sokd The World was a good one....before Nervana farked it up
2004-02-16 09:28:55 AM  
The Man Who Sold the World that is
2004-02-16 09:30:18 AM  
At least he jump-started the career of one Stevie Ray Vaughan (RIP).
2004-02-16 09:31:03 AM  
Phil Collins doesn't suck. He is a very good drummer. Which has nothing to do with this so nevermind.
2004-02-16 09:32:41 AM  
The mid 80's rocked. It was the whole synthesized, love , rock ballad thing that I am still a sucker for. Just a couple of my favorites...
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-16 09:32:47 AM  
Phil Collins s a good singer too... I think
2004-02-16 09:32:56 AM  
Feh, the only Bowie stuff I've got on my playlist was from the 80's -- with the exception of one song. I haven't liked a damned thing he's done since then, proving once again that performers are no judge of their own material.
2004-02-16 09:34:47 AM  
I'm thinking he's just referring to post-"Let's Dance"--"Tonight" and "Never Let Me Down."

Mickey Rourke does a rap on one of the songs off of "Never Let Me Down". If that doesn't tell you...
2004-02-16 09:35:41 AM  
Anyone remember the 18-minute video for "Jazzin for Blue Jean"?

[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-16 09:37:48 AM  
Putting out the Fire WIth Gasoline and Pressure were 80's. Those are great songs.

And then we have "Blue Jean"... Ow.
2004-02-16 09:37:59 AM  
In a follow-up, David Bowie has announced that he is so torn up with the bad music he put out in the eighties, that he'll return the purchase price of every "album" he sold back then.

Line up folks!
2004-02-16 09:38:09 AM  
oh now glass spider wasn't all that bad.
2004-02-16 09:38:24 AM  
I haven't listened to his last album, but I did think Heathen was keen.

I disagree with that poster (I forget who, and I'm too lazy to check), I felt that David Bowie has always been "of the times", which is why he is good: he takes the current trend, whatever it is, and turns it into his own style.

Although considering that there hasn't been a real new musical movement since 1996, (the whole electronica thing, which spawned the pretty good, not amazing music from "Earthling"), I've noticed Bowie's music has taken a turn towards imitating the music he made in the 70's. Makes sense though, all the good mainstream bands these days are ones that try to sound like they're a few decades old.

(Not the Darkness though, they just plain suck ass IMHO)
2004-02-16 09:40:08 AM  
Yay, Scary Monsters.

"Ashes to Ashes" is the best video ever shown on MTV.

/toddles off shaking cane
2004-02-16 09:40:10 AM  
I am sorry but Phil Collins reeks big time. Genesis sucked once Peter Gabriel left and Phil Collins took over. Phil Collins-solo artist thankfully I am not very familiar with. The only solo song I know is "In the Air Tonight". Maybe he should go drown himself.
2004-02-16 09:41:35 AM  
phil collins is for boring stiffs with no taste in music. you probably got his cds filed next to your John Tesh collection. face it, it's true.
2004-02-16 09:42:33 AM  
2004-02-16 09:43:16 AM  
Why is everyone so hard on Phil Collins? I feel like Im the only one who likes some of his stuff. Anyhoo.
David Bowie is hot. Mmmmm. =)
2004-02-16 09:43:41 AM  
Phil Collins=Disney Soundtrack queen.
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