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(The Sun)   What the hell has happened to Farrah Fawcett? (With pic of nose job that would do MJ proud)   ( divider line
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61963 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Feb 2004 at 9:57 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-02-16 02:06:31 AM  
DeathOfRats, that's Jaclyn Smith in the second picture above.

Meanwhile, I'm going to curl up in a corner and cry over the loss of yet another piece of my childhood.
2004-02-16 02:08:41 AM  
What a draaaaaag is iiiiiis getting oooooooold

/thank you, Mick
2004-02-16 02:26:13 AM  
Last Try
2004-02-16 02:29:02 AM  
I always thought Farrah was kinda scary; now she's removed all doubt.

Jaclyn Smith on the other hand... old enough to be my mom, and I'd still hit it.
2004-02-16 02:45:58 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-02-16 02:46:27 AM  
Don't do cocaine kids. Important safety tip from Miss Burning Bed.
2004-02-16 03:15:05 AM  
Can she still do coke with a nose like that.

She may have to move to pills. Well, different pills than those she was on when she was on Letterman.

I would like to spend my days farked up. Why can't I win the lottery?

Vote for me so I can win the lottery. ( well something if not the lottery).
2004-02-16 03:21:07 AM  
anyone remember when FF did playboy at 50? in the bubble wrap? she was still hot then. i guess it doesn't take long to kill your face when you're running all kinds of drugs through it, and taking fists in the schnozz, and whatnot.
2004-02-16 03:33:33 AM  
... Damn -- Jaclyn's a complete MILF. What a beauty.

Her picture and Farrah's should be lined up together as a public service -- "this is what happens when you keep the drugs in moderation, this is what happens when you don't."
2004-02-16 03:42:52 AM  
This is kind of a double standard. No one gets mad about Clint Eastwood's catcher's mitt of a face.
2004-02-16 03:47:36 AM  
I don't believe that's her. I had her poster above my bed during my junior high school days. Her image is seared into my brain and I just don't recognize that weird picture as Farrah.
2004-02-16 03:51:00 AM  
I used to have a crush on Jaclyn Smith. Damn, she's still hot!
2004-02-16 03:54:29 AM  
What the fark have you done to my nose?!
2004-02-16 03:55:01 AM  
That's nothing. You should see Clint Eastwood's catcher's mitt of a face!
2004-02-16 06:06:57 AM  
That picture should be the "possible complications and risks of plastic surgery" photo in brochures and pamphlets everywhere. She is whacked out!
2004-02-16 06:50:11 AM  
2 bags, please.
2004-02-16 07:06:48 AM  
The woman is a head case. Just wait until she gets the big goober lib operation!
2004-02-16 07:51:25 AM  
What's wrong with the Hollywood types these days? Sure, they've always been loopy, but lately it's just ridiculous. Me, I was always a Raquel Welch fan and thought Farrah wasn't all that awesome but dammit she was still hot. Now she looks like ... well ... exactly like the poster's headline. I'd probably say "what the heck is that on your face" if I met her now. Horrible. I can see a whole entourage of weasels around her telling her how great her new nose looks and a lot of servents laughing their asses off in the kitchen.
2004-02-16 08:45:51 AM  
Ah, it's always sad when you do a Ronnie Wood and your septum just falls off. You abuse it, you lose it.
2004-02-16 08:46:11 AM  
Could someone explain the Letterman things to me?

What happened?
2004-02-16 08:47:59 AM  
ok, by the time I got to the end of the thread I see all of my points have been made. But, just to summarize:

- Farrah wasn't the best Angel. I always thought she looked like a skeleton.

- Jacklyn Smith was the hot one.

- The actresses need to lay off the plastic surgery. I say this as I see Meg Ryan being intervied and I think she is another one this conversation will be about soon. I would never had described her as hot but cute. Now, one step closer to weird.
2004-02-16 09:09:37 AM  
I think somebody is lying here... That really can't be Farrah. Kudos to all of the Jacqueline Smith references... yes she has done herself well over the years....
2004-02-16 09:10:32 AM  
This is how I'll remember her.. NSFW
2004-02-16 09:16:30 AM  
Letterman? She acted, no, no......ok was a complete stoned idiot. Then, she wanted to come back after all the flack and it was no different. She was on with Marv Alpert, Tina Fey and Garbage. Mon Oct 8, 2001

""During the course of her seventeen-minute segment, Farrah squirmed in her chair and frequently lost her train of thought. In the middle of telling a story, Farrah became entranced by the fake skyline behind Letterman's desk. "I really thought I was looking out the window," she said. Farrah denies that she was under the influence during her appearance. "People have read what I'm going through," she tells the New York Daily News, referring to her recent breakup with Ryan O'Neal and charges that she stole thousands of dollars of another woman's clothes. "I think the perception is, 'Farrah must be on pills or alcohol,' and not that I'm trying to be funny." Farrah says her space cadet behavior was all an act. "We were pretending," ""
2004-02-16 09:24:08 AM  
There are fashions in what is considered physically attractive that are just as easily influenced by the media as clothing and hair styles, and in the late 70s-early 80s Farrah was extremely hot. She went out-of-style just like bell bottoms.

Don't get me wrong, some forms of beauty are universal, and there are women who would be considered attractive in any decade, she's just not one of them. It can be interesting trying to guess which ones will be in the future. I think Britney is going to be one of them - I saw a series of commercials with her in song & dance numbers which were skillfully imitative of musical numbers in the 50s, 60s, 70s, etc. Whoever did the casting for these commercials did a good job getting women who fit the 'look' for these decades, and Britney stood out like a sore thumb in all of them. She is pure turn-of-the-century, nothing universal.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the average guy would kick her out of the bed in the 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s, and a lot of guys would consider themselves lucky to have a GF that looked like her, but she would not be considered exceptionally attractive by any of them. They just hadn't been exposed to hours of sexually-charged imagery of her and women who look a lot like her.
2004-02-16 09:43:45 AM  
now that I see that nose job I feel I wasted alot of childhood fapping on her

2004-02-16 10:16:01 AM  
Some news is not fit to print. There went 30 years of fantasies out the window.
2004-02-16 10:16:12 AM  
The new Angel
2004-02-16 10:19:42 AM  
I've seen pictures of women that have had their noses bitten off in bar fights that looked better.
2004-02-16 10:23:05 AM  
How do you know this is her

Johnny Canuck---nice pic. Didn't know even she has fake boobies
2004-02-16 10:31:39 AM  
I don't know what the big deal is...

2004-02-16 10:38:37 AM  
She looks 70 now. The nose after should look like the nose before and vice versa.

i disagree, jennifer gray looks better now.
2004-02-16 10:42:36 AM  
Well who nose Spec_Tater it may or may not be her.
2004-02-16 10:48:18 AM  
If it is her then she must be using Michael Jackson's surgeon :-)

whoever posted this can they prove it's her? I don't see the resemblance?
2004-02-16 10:57:28 AM  

Thirty years since the seventies morons!! It wasn't yesterday!! What happened to FF? Thirty frickin' years
2004-02-16 11:20:20 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Kate Jackson August-2003
2004-02-16 11:32:31 AM  
that's Barbara Bain, of Mission Impossible
2004-02-16 11:34:15 AM  
Aaargh. My eyes, my beautiful eyes.....
2004-02-16 11:46:19 AM  
Has anybody else proposed that the nose got like that b/c of post-surgical infection? My understanding is that if a severe infection set up, it could ruin the cartilage and make it look crazy like that. Why would someone INTENTIONALLY change it like that? Makes her look like a retired boxer.
2004-02-16 11:47:03 AM  
[Raises hand] Are we allowed to make "ugly" comments in this case?
2004-02-16 11:49:42 AM  
>>What happened to FF? Thirty frickin' years<<

Yeah, but look at Kate Jackson. I would gladly still hit it.

And actually, I would still hit Farrah. ... just to say I did.
2004-02-16 12:07:56 PM  
Paper or plastic?

"I would've double bagged it." - Brett Farve
2004-02-16 12:55:00 PM  
was she referred to this plastic surgeon by Jacko?
2004-02-16 01:02:01 PM  
Being The Sun i wouldnt take it at face value.Could be just a classic inet news scam.
2004-02-16 01:12:03 PM  
Could be scam - that DOES NOT look like Farrah - saw her at a gallery opening of her work a month or two ago. Nothing about it looked like her, so if she had a nose job, she also must have had a cheek/lip/jaw/eye job.

ManCalledFoot's photo seems to be a true recent shot of Farrah. I call scam.
2004-02-16 01:36:03 PM  
I call BS shenanigans!!! No way that is Farrah.
2004-02-16 01:53:39 PM  
the nipples. you could have cut glass with those things.
2004-02-16 02:14:32 PM  
photoshop any1? i mean, someone leet find the same pic and try to duplicate it.
2004-02-16 03:14:12 PM  
Apparently she was so proud of the infamous nipple poster that she had another nipple installed on the middle of her face.

What the hell is that thing?!?
2004-02-16 03:45:37 PM  
wow did the surgeon accidently use the ugly stick????
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