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9985 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Dec 2001 at 5:46 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-11 05:48:40 PM  
I found the cure for funny...
2001-12-11 05:48:49 PM  
these are gay as hell. i can picture seeing these on cars owned by the parents of kids who wear black shirts with those "witty" remarks on them, like i love satan. or shirts that come from
2001-12-11 05:49:02 PM  
filter what? filter who?
2001-12-11 05:49:32 PM  
funny, yes.
but shouldn't this be tagged "plug".
2001-12-11 05:49:37 PM  
2001-12-11 05:50:08 PM  
drat soemone beat me to posting this
2001-12-11 05:51:15 PM  
the only original thing left to do is take an exacto and mix and match letters from bumper stickers to make up your own kidnapper style.

for instance. on my car i have the 'my other car is a motorcycle' bumpersticker, cleverly modified to say 'my jewish donut is a bagel'
2001-12-11 05:55:09 PM  
I like potatoes.
2001-12-11 05:55:53 PM  
Jpk173 - DE-nied!
2001-12-11 05:56:45 PM  
I think most farkers need one that says


Poor whiny bastards!
2001-12-11 05:57:15 PM  
Yawn. So bored of this site. They were funny 100,000 years ago.
2001-12-11 06:01:19 PM  
They have some funny posters though(if you look through it)
2001-12-11 06:01:56 PM  
We need more haikus
To distract us from this post
These are not funny
2001-12-11 06:02:31 PM  
Upright At least they were funny at one point and did not just keep rehashing the same old cliches, as some people do.
2001-12-11 06:03:40 PM  
on cars owned by the parents of kids who wear black shirts with those "witty" remarks on them, like i love satan.
still better than "My son is a Craphead Elementary School STRIVER!

2001-12-11 06:03:46 PM  
Code_Archeologist - ouch!

If we rehash the same old cliches the terrorists like boobies!
2001-12-11 06:07:11 PM  
Maybe it's not supposed to be know, like Ellen.
2001-12-11 06:07:17 PM  
terrorists like boobies boobies
2001-12-11 06:08:38 PM  
weeeeeee, filterization!
2001-12-11 06:13:33 PM  
_ _ __ _| |_ _
| | | |/ _` | | | | |
| |_| | (_| | | |_| |
\__,_|\__, |_|\__, |
|___/ |___/
2001-12-11 06:15:15 PM  
the equivalent of Fark stickers that would read "France Surrenders" or "If (x) is allowed to (y), then the terrorists like boobies".

For the despair loyalists more than the average customer.

However, the 2002 calendar is the best calendar of any out there.

2001-12-11 06:15:22 PM  
oopppsss - wot i meant to display was:

_ _ __ _| |_ _
| | | |/ _` | | | | |
| |_| | (_| | | |_| |
\__,_|\__, |_|\__, |
|___/ |___/
2001-12-11 06:17:44 PM  
This post is half empty
2001-12-11 06:17:45 PM  
1 Liter of Wild Turkey and a handgun free with purchase. Bullets not included.
2001-12-11 06:18:54 PM  
Being dismissive of everything is the lazy way of appearing informed.
2001-12-11 06:19:45 PM  
Try as it might, this sentence fails to avoid using the letter p
2001-12-11 06:21:07 PM  
naive optimism is the new studied cynicism
2001-12-11 06:24:39 PM  
Maybe Drew is on the Despair mailing list. I just got an email from Despair that announced some new products- including decals, gift-certificates, and the availability of their "Pretension" design in a poster format. (perfect for a lot of the snots here...)

They also included a coupon code in the mailing. $5 off any order placed in the next 5 days if you include the following coupon code in the order... (seriously)

2001-12-11 06:26:55 PM  
you all suck
2001-12-11 06:29:50 PM  
I'm not one of those fancy educated law type guys who goes to court and talks to judges all day, but it looks to me that those guys copywrited the :-)symbol
2001-12-11 06:31:03 PM  
Does anyone here know any good sites besides I-Mockery for funyn stickers?
2001-12-11 06:31:38 PM  
and they're ugly besides
2001-12-11 06:32:52 PM  
You mean trademarked the :-(® symbol, I think. (talk about old news...)

(You can still use it as long as you abide by the End-User-Licensing-Agreement, you know?)
2001-12-11 06:35:30 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2001-12-11 06:39:04 PM  
Broccoli -
2001-12-11 06:44:31 PM  
The balding guy with the mustache was my old boss at an internet company. What an @sshole.
2001-12-11 06:46:46 PM  
deep dark depression, excessive misery. If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all. Gloom,despair, and agony on meeeeeeeeeeeeee.
2001-12-11 06:58:17 PM  
Oh look at that, AlSharpton hates a white guy...what a shocker.
2001-12-11 06:59:12 PM  
Boppsta it must have taken quite a while since you had to create letters where none existed.
2001-12-11 07:00:57 PM  
NezFunny site there... I especially like their bumperstickers along the side

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-11 07:13:13 PM  

._..._..__._| |_..._.
| | | |/ _` | | |.| |
| |_| | (_| | | |_| |
.\__,_|\__, |_|\__, |
2001-12-11 07:21:56 PM  
What exactly do I have to do to get an article posted on this site? I submit several a day. Many of them are better than a lot that make it. All of them are better than this one. My taglines are generally witty too. I guess I will just put fb is the father at the end, even if it makes no sense at all. O france surrenders, or doo-dah.

2001-12-11 07:29:29 PM  
2001-12-11 07:31:14 PM  
You used to be able to buy bumper stickers of a screw to place over the "heart" in those annoying "I (heart) my (animal) stickers." I know of one girl who had an "I (screw) my horse" sticker on her car for over a month before someone pointed it out to her.

HAW HAW, those were the days...
2001-12-11 07:31:16 PM  

its abstract
2001-12-11 07:36:39 PM  
They made one for me!!!

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-11 07:41:28 PM  
extra, extra, fb- smells.

awww, i already knew that.
2001-12-11 07:42:12 PM  
The statement below is true
The statement above is false

Suck on that one for a little while
2001-12-11 07:53:56 PM  
this post intentionally left blank
2001-12-11 08:03:28 PM  
just to prove my point, go to this link:
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