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(Fark)   Photoshop Invitational for classic Farkers (5 year members or longer). Submit one of your favorite Photoshop posts from 2009 or earlier   ( divider line
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785 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Jul 2014 at 4:00 PM (2 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-07-24 08:28:50 PM  
Hang on. I think I have a copy of Argh's resume saved somewhere.
2014-07-24 08:43:46 PM

Literally, the reason I created a Fark account 11 years ago. Just so I could comment on this PS.
2014-07-24 09:29:52 PM

From 2008
2014-07-24 10:24:18 PM  

This time with voting?
2014-07-24 11:51:01 PM
2014-07-25 09:25:41 AM  
2014-07-25 11:53:16 AM  
I'd stopped competing in Photoshop contests by 2009 so anything I post will be legit for the topic.

Here's one from a contest I won. The contest was to 'shop some unlikely merit badges. I won with Worf wearing some spiffy metal merit badges on his sash. That was done quickly to ward off others or split the Trek vote. Win or not, I thought this one should have gotten more votes than Worf:
2014-07-25 12:06:26 PM  
Here's a couple of things a friend and I made in 1973 well before Photoshop. We were in Panama doing a boring office job while in the army -- weather observation quality control for the Tropic Test Center (where stuff to be used in Viet Nam was tested). But we had a Xerox machine with a halftone screen we could put over pictures and copy them. We developed the Dick Nixon Hall of Fame to celebrate our commander in Chief.

When you look at these, remember that they were scanned well after they were made and that the pencil shadings we'd done to balance things out didn't fade, but the original pasted up documents did, so they don't look quite as good as they did in 1973.
2014-07-25 12:45:50 PM
2014-07-25 01:37:52 PM
One of mine from January 2007.
2014-07-25 09:22:16 PM
2014-07-25 10:27:02 PM
From 2006, one of my only two wins. A good ad in a bad place.
2014-07-25 11:27:16 PM
circa 2009
2014-07-26 03:41:15 AM
From a contest sometime in 2008.
2014-07-26 03:51:50 AM
All source and a heckalotta cloning.  July 2009
2014-07-26 11:25:33 AM  
Favorites, I've had a few ....
2014-07-27 02:06:17 AM  
From the Do What Thou Wilt free-for-all contest September 17, 2009.

Larger here.
2014-07-27 02:17:29 AM  
From the Laid-back Soul Brother contest of July 20, 2008.

The original:

My entry:
2014-07-27 03:40:03 AM

Most of my stuff from '09 was crap. This was one of the lesser crappers.
2014-07-27 04:06:21 PM  
Multi-panel story 'shops were kind of my thing. Here are a couple of my favorites from 2009:

2014-07-27 04:23:03 PM  
Goddamn tough call...I'll just pick my top 3-
(Don't remember the specific contest- something about updating WWII vehicles)
(from the contest: Photoshop these people walking in a square)
(i seriously thought they looked way better this way.)
2014-07-27 04:34:49 PM  
No idea which Shop contest it was...

Original (which just randomly popped up in a thread the other day-- thx farkinGary):

My Shop (file date 11/22/2009):
2014-07-27 04:36:07 PM
2014-07-27 04:42:20 PM  
2014-07-27 04:42:23 PM  
I put in a few contest shops, but my better work came in mugshot roundup threads.
2014-07-27 04:45:32 PM  
A few of my favorites from days gone by:
2014-07-27 04:46:31 PM  
This is the one I'm most proud of.
2014-07-27 04:48:11 PM  
Vulcan Pope.
2014-07-27 05:00:43 PM  
Iron photoshop ingredient:  Anvils

From 8/31/2005..  first lootie shop on Fark..  (and possibly the intertubes..  this was before the eBaums Lootie PS contest on 9/2/2005.

/it was both praised and scorned.  Got 3rd place tho..
2014-07-27 05:15:32 PM  
These are really old.
Photoshop this pod:
2014-07-27 05:22:24 PM  
This one was fun. Photoshop this toy.
2014-07-27 05:31:27 PM
2014-07-27 05:34:41 PM  
Another fun one.
2014-07-27 05:37:54 PM  
I think this was my first
2014-07-27 05:39:22 PM  
I liked this one.
2014-07-27 05:41:49 PM  
I registered in 2009 so I could start posting in Photoshop contests. Most of my early entries still exist on Imageshack (remember when they were free?), but a hard drive crash the next year wiped out my original files. My first one no longer exists on Imageshack's servers, but here's the second.

"Photoshop this free fall"
2014-07-27 05:44:55 PM
Posted in tribute to the late great Toots de la Footsjelly
2014-07-27 05:55:51 PM
2014-07-27 05:58:27 PM
2014-07-27 06:00:02 PM

I enjoyed making this one from a PS theme "Whoops"
2014-07-27 06:02:49 PM  
I got a few votes on these.
2014-07-27 06:07:55 PM
2014-07-27 06:26:36 PM
2014-07-27 06:40:03 PM
2014-07-27 06:43:59 PM  
PS theme; Combine two science fiction shows (or something like that)
2014-07-27 06:44:25 PM

okay, this one's a senti-mental fave
"...on you must hang, for a wide are we going!"
2014-07-27 06:45:55 PM  
Rock start mash up
2014-07-27 06:52:57 PM  
This was my first time using Bat Boy - From before Oct 7 2002 - real old school!
2014-07-27 06:57:13 PM  
Another real old 2002 - was from a contest for new video games.
2014-07-27 06:59:21 PM
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