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(WCNC Charlotte)   Man consumes 12 "tallboy" Buds, crashes his car, asks witnesses if they thought he was driving under the influence, then responds to officer asking him if he is okay with, "I'm drunk." Breathalyzer gets contact buzz   ( divider line
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1997 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Jul 2014 at 1:29 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-07-24 12:09:06 PM  
Well, that's one way to get bombed.

What a 6-pack of Tallboys might look like.
2014-07-24 01:30:24 PM  
Totally victimless crime.

I say we let him go!
2014-07-24 01:31:21 PM  
The Aristocrats!
2014-07-24 01:32:49 PM  
So you're saying approaching women with my pants down won't get me a ride?
2014-07-24 01:52:00 PM  
Good God that's a lot of beer! That's like 16 regular 12oz. beers!
2014-07-24 01:52:58 PM  
12? Really? Lightweight.
2014-07-24 01:58:31 PM  

Slayinit: Good God that's a lot of beer! That's like 16 regular 12oz. beers!

/and Budweiser isn't REAL beer
2014-07-24 01:59:39 PM  
I got a contact buzz just reading that headline.
2014-07-24 02:58:37 PM  
12 Bud tallboys? So, five or six real beers. Yep, still too much to be driving.
2014-07-24 03:44:29 PM  
12 Bud tallboys doesn't make me drunk, it makes me full.
2014-07-24 03:49:25 PM  
"Rock Hill Police say a drunk Virginia man crashed his car into a ditch Tuesday, then approached two women with his pants down looking for a ride."

What's his Fark handle?
2014-07-24 04:35:35 PM
2014-07-24 05:05:03 PM  
Seriously, I can kill two six packs of PBR tallboys working in my garden on a sunny day, and STILL be trusted with the weed trimmer.

2014-07-24 05:35:29 PM  
Drinking alcohol is like voluntarily taking stupid pills.
2014-07-24 05:48:40 PM  

txchad: Drinking alcohol is like voluntarily taking stupid pills.

Meh its fun once to ease up and spend some time slumming it with the same perception you types live with your entire life.

/12 tallboys of bud is a good start but its not pull your pants down and wander around drunk
2014-07-24 06:15:45 PM  
Good lord man - I know Budweiser is weak pisswater but 12 tallboys will probably end up getting you drunk eventually!
2014-07-24 06:50:55 PM  
well look at all these ITD (internet tough drinkers)

fark yall, 12 tall boys and i'm puking on your rug and telling the dog to go get some gatorade.

WTF people

/oh right.. it's fark
2014-07-24 10:29:27 PM  
You would have to drink very quickly to get to .31 with only 12 tall boys.
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