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13181 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Feb 2004 at 2:01 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-02-14 01:46:11 AM  
It's currently selling for $442 USD in Switzerland.

I'm betting the price will come down once they up production to meet U.S. demands :)
2004-02-14 02:05:07 AM  
Hmm how much beer though comes in this small keg?
2004-02-14 02:05:09 AM  
Off topic: I think I just saw a tumbleweed roll past the Fark main page.

On topic: (as I drink a Heineken 24OZer) I need one of these so called beer appliances.
2004-02-14 02:05:35 AM  
Heineken tastes skunky
2004-02-14 02:05:39 AM  
/gigiddy-gigiddy gigiddy
2004-02-14 02:07:19 AM  
Im all over this like a fat kind on a cupcake once New Castle starts selling these!
2004-02-14 02:08:10 AM  
errr fat kid.
2004-02-14 02:08:24 AM  

The article says 4 liters. That's just about enough to satisfy me. :D
2004-02-14 02:09:25 AM  
Minime65, enough to water a medium-sized individual.
2004-02-14 02:10:00 AM  
I read somewhere about Coca-Cola wanting to set up alternate plumbing into peoples' homes to have Coke on tap 24/7. I'd prefer the beer.
2004-02-14 02:11:37 AM  
wow, only 4 litres and it will keep it fresh for up to 3 weeks, usually four litres would be gone within the night.

and also, this was half article, half take companies mission statement and factoid and publich it in news.
2004-02-14 02:13:31 AM  
i like beer
2004-02-14 02:13:59 AM  
isn't this like the brew master from the 70's?
2004-02-14 02:14:36 AM  
Are me and stryder989 the only ones here who don't like Heineken?
2004-02-14 02:16:13 AM  

Don't feel bad. I'm the only one of my friends that can't stand Killian's.
2004-02-14 02:16:59 AM  
To like skunky beer you need to like skunky weed. That is all.
2004-02-14 02:18:20 AM  
Very cool.
2004-02-14 02:19:22 AM  
to bennyhana, what?, don't like heini? look at the consistency of the vital import. for decades they have made this brew, time after time, taste like fermented dog wash drain off. no ambiguity with a heini.
2004-02-14 02:19:36 AM  
Killians I can do, and more bitter stuff like Pilsner Urquell or Warsteiner I like a great deal. I just don't like Heineken.
2004-02-14 02:19:48 AM  
what no pic?
2004-02-14 02:21:30 AM  
2004-02-14 02:25:03 AM  
Therefore the BeerTender system is the first in its kind that allows people to draw and enjoy a perfect glass of fresh Heineken beer whenever they want in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Isn't that a symptom of being an alchoholic?
2004-02-14 02:25:17 AM  
I'd like mine filled with Boddington's
2004-02-14 02:27:04 AM  
I'm sold.
2004-02-14 02:28:45 AM  
"After a successful pilot in Switzerland the BeerTender will now first be launched in the Netherlands and many countries are to follow."

So pilots in the Netherlands are launching what now?

/going to bed
2004-02-14 02:28:56 AM  
BFD, take an old refrigerator, a tap, a CO2 tank, and a power drill and you got the same thing for a full key for less than 100 bucks.

2004-02-14 02:29:16 AM  
Characteristics of the boozehound

craving for alcohol
drinking alone
Being secretive about drinking
lying about alcohol use
hiding alcohol or empty bottles
unpredictable behavior when drinking
anxiety in situations where alcohol is not available
increasing amount of alcohol consumption
passing out from alcohol consumption
memory blackouts
being late for meetings or important appointments
"forgetting" social obligations or family responsibilities
using alcohol in times of stress
engaging in risky behavior when drinking (for example, driving)
drinking in the morning and at other unusual times
calling in "sick" frequently
often looking and feeling bad
denying that alcohol is a problem
physical dependence on alcohol
exhibiting withdrawal symptoms if alcohol is withheld
2004-02-14 02:29:53 AM  
Sure, if you want to look hip and spend your daddys money doing it, buy a beer coffee machine.
Why not build your own kegorator, probably spend about as much but actually have a little drink on tap?
2004-02-14 02:29:54 AM  
Looks pretty cool, but where do ya get these tiny little kegs?
2004-02-14 02:31:28 AM  

BFD, take an old refrigerator, a tap, a CO2 tank, and a power drill and you got the same thing for a full key for less than 100 bucks.

I think the coupling system is a bit more complex than that, but I am right behind you in your wisdom.
2004-02-14 02:31:33 AM  
Around Christmastime, our corner grocery store had Heineken mini-kegs for sale (ideal gift for the college student). Probably the same keg, or at least the same SIZE keg, judging from the GIS for "heineken keg." And these mini-kegs kept for the same duration, but without the handy temperature control and nifty spout/tap contraption. Interesting that they're being manufactured by an espresso-maker-maker (and I was just shopping for one of those earlier tonight...may have to reallocate the IRS refund)
2004-02-14 02:32:02 AM  
Heineken = Moose Piss.
2004-02-14 02:33:01 AM  
So there ya go, Poe.
2004-02-14 02:35:06 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

That is so hot. Gadget-coveting
2004-02-14 02:40:14 AM  
I didn;t read tje arricle, this was the first thread I saw. I am piss drunk at the momemnt,a nd am extremely ashamed to have logged on to fark firtst thing after getting back. Fat chicks give great head amd beer is good. that is all. *i am going to log off now and getsome sleep, I have to tutor a 13 year old tomorrow at 12pm and I feel really sorry for her right now. peace.
2004-02-14 02:45:17 AM  
I really want one of these. Now.

By the time they make it to North America you'll probably be able to get all different sorts of beer in these mini kegs so that you're not stuck with Heineken
2004-02-14 02:49:00 AM  
Full keg not full key.

Man sometimes I am the moron.
2004-02-14 02:51:53 AM  
GS for "kegerator"

Conversion kits start at $84 US - &169 for Guinness.... Probably can find them cheaper elsewhere....
2004-02-14 02:52:18 AM  
*sigh* I have been orders from my Doctor that I have to stop drinking beer and coffee for the next 3 months.....

I am going to be one tired cranky person...

But, a man can't go I picked up an 1/8th of sticky green tonight hehehehe
2004-02-14 02:53:59 AM  
I drank Heinekin once. It tasted like my dog pissed in my beer and then died and decomposed in it.

Then I was drinking a normal beer, and my dog pissed in it, died and decomposed in it.

I was right. Heinekin.
2004-02-14 03:12:21 AM  
Guinness conversion kit you say? I think I'm in love...

How are they gonna get the N on that though...
2004-02-14 03:23:23 AM  
From the feature list for the more "advanced" model:

Manual selection of the amount of beer to be dispensed per glass.
This is commonly known as "letting go of the tap handle".
2004-02-14 03:42:39 AM  
Put some Sierra Nevada Celebration or Bigfoot, Magic hat, Rogue, Ommegang, Unibrou in that thing, then I'll be interested. Heinekan? screw that. A beer that costs twice as much and tastes the same as Budwieser? Apparently Image is everything.

2004-02-14 03:42:45 AM  
I spent the nite chugging Heini's at the strip club. I am now really faced. Do i win a prize?

/corporate beer swilling tool
2004-02-14 03:49:45 AM  
Heineken? Pfft.

When it's available in Fat Tire call me.
2004-02-14 04:03:21 AM  
when its avaliable in tequila me.

ps. vodka is enterchangable with tequila
2004-02-14 04:16:50 AM  
One of those contraptions would be great for Young's Double Chocolate Stout or Guinness.
2004-02-14 04:37:31 AM  
three fark posts < 20 min = teh drunk... BUT

gimme Guinness or Java Porter... fark that German piss water.

The Bunker rules!
2004-02-14 05:40:25 AM  
Though Heineken is not a favorite, I wept as I read.
2004-02-14 05:40:28 AM  
Char -

Tastes the same as Budweiser?!??!?!

Gimme the number of your dealer... you're on the crack BIG TIME.

On second thought, keep your silly drugs, the day I take ANYTHING that makes Heinie taste like fvkking Bud is the day I give up ghost and take me a fat ass dirt nap.

Heinekin = Budweiser... HERESY! Someone needs to put your posting priveleges on suspension... jeezus, thats rich. HA!
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