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(YouTube)   Like to do things by rote? Think you could last more than a few days on a Chinese electronics assembly line?   ( divider line
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3830 clicks; posted to Video » on 05 Jul 2014 at 11:15 AM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-07-05 08:11:23 AM  
She's making SMPS transformers.
2014-07-05 08:30:40 AM  
I couldn't make it through the 2 1/2 minute video.
2014-07-05 08:45:01 AM  
No. No.

Just looking at that pile would depress me.
2014-07-05 11:23:30 AM  
and she could probably make more in a whorehouse massage parlor in the US in an hour than she makes in a month doing that.
2014-07-05 11:29:04 AM  
All that work and the company will just want more in an hour anyway.
2014-07-05 12:00:54 PM  
My carpal tunnel can feel that.  Or not feel, I should say.
2014-07-05 12:16:45 PM  
How many months/years until she has crippling repetitive motion injuries?
2014-07-05 12:39:06 PM  
I wouldn't last an hour (lousy eye-hand coordination).

You can pretty much guarantee that her wages are less than $1 hour.
2014-07-05 01:24:21 PM  
In this video, the organic unit is assembling each item at 16 seconds apiece. The quota is 14 seconds. I hope that severe disciplinary action is inflicted.
2014-07-05 02:06:01 PM  

I grew up in South Alabama in the 80's. I had a job as a "machinist" in a textile factory making shirts. You should see a Singer buttonholer in action. Or even a 'Stay' binder that puts those hard plastic things in you collar so that the points remain crisp. And the needles that I removed from operators fingers on the button machine line, that was sad. Fortunately NAFTA solved all those problems and everybody got a new job as an unemployed.
2014-07-05 02:15:57 PM  
Wow.....that's amazing, sad, and sou-crushing all at once.
2014-07-05 02:25:09 PM  
I bet she was executed for not going fast enough.
2014-07-05 02:54:53 PM  
I bet she does everything fast with her hands.
2014-07-05 02:55:18 PM  
Spent a summer punching out rubber gaskets on a hydraulic press. It almost broke me psychologically - the only thing keeping me sane was I knew it was only temporary. I worked next to guys that had been there 30 years. It wasn't the greatest summer, but it damn well made me want to do well in college.
2014-07-05 03:14:13 PM  
"SONY... Because Caucasians are too damn tall."
2014-07-05 04:06:24 PM  
Any job is a good job in this economy.

/Transformers:  More than meets the eye.
2014-07-05 05:14:30 PM  
Once machines eliminate this job, do you think the workers will miss it?
2014-07-05 06:13:52 PM  

Tehrasha: "SONY... Because Caucasians are too damn tall."

You sound rather gung ho.
2014-07-05 06:20:21 PM  

saultydog: Tehrasha: "SONY... Because Caucasians are too damn tall."
You sound rather gung ho.

Waitaminute. I think I have the wrong movie.
2014-07-05 07:06:37 PM  

diaphoresis: I bet she does everything fast with her hands.

I'd allow her more than 15 seconds to wind *my* transformer.

What?  You get better quality that way.
2014-07-05 07:17:35 PM  
Yes. Did piecework years and years ago, as an in-between job. I grew up in a family of factory workers.
2014-07-05 08:46:24 PM  

Tehrasha: "SONY... Because Caucasians are too damn tall."

2014-07-05 09:51:42 PM  
Worked different jobs in a factory for a few years. You can get very quick at things after repeating them for a while. It only seems impossible until you get 10hrs a day of practice.
2014-07-05 09:52:09 PM  
I think I'll show this video the next time someone laments those wonderful manufacturing jobs that got outsourced. Frankly, even retail looks better than this.
2014-07-05 10:35:22 PM  
Retail does not look better than this.
2014-07-06 12:09:15 AM  
Could be worse.  Could be packing playing cards.
2014-07-06 10:30:40 AM  
A quick, sloppy google search reveals that Chinese factory wages are currently around $2.00 an hour.
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