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(BBC)   Drinking levels among women rise, stupidity levels among men steady   ( divider line
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3371 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Dec 2001 at 10:16 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-11 10:19:11 AM  
Why am I not surprised?
2001-12-11 10:20:55 AM  
I can hear good news over and over again...
2001-12-11 10:22:41 AM  
Hahahaha men are stupid.....
2001-12-11 10:31:46 AM  
Well, I guess they have to pass the art of Soccer Hooliganism to somebody.
2001-12-11 10:33:36 AM  
how could a woman pass up a place called "The slug and lettuce"?
2001-12-11 10:37:28 AM  
the proportion of women who drink more than the recommended 14 units a week rose from 10% in 1988 to 15% in 1998.

Wow, in Britain the RECOMMEND 14 'units' a week? No wonder I'm not feeling good today; I haven't gotten my recommended drinking in yet!

2001-12-11 10:40:35 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Now that's a picture!
2001-12-11 10:42:07 AM  
Damn it's wednesday already and I haven't had any units of alcohol yet...I need to catch up
2001-12-11 10:42:56 AM  
Yes and the problem being?
The Slug and Lettuce, aka the Slut and Legless, is the natural habitat of the horny breasted sleep over tourist.
2001-12-11 10:43:04 AM  
ab fab


british humor
2001-12-11 10:47:19 AM  
It's because they're all drunken slappers.
2001-12-11 10:49:07 AM  
Well since you put it that way brisvegas...
2001-12-11 10:49:57 AM  
yet another reason to move to the UK
2001-12-11 10:50:09 AM  
People go to Britain to get dick? I must have my stereotypes all wrong.
2001-12-11 10:53:04 AM  
If the women can get as drunk and as stupid as the men, then the terrorists have lost.
2001-12-11 11:06:40 AM  
Bravo 9/10, it's about time we heard that one.
BTW, Do you think this one was submitted by a woman? Seems a skewed headline.
2001-12-11 11:09:48 AM  
Scrotar: As an American, I'm surprised that you've heard about other countries, let alone are able to subscribe to stereotypes about them.
2001-12-11 11:17:34 AM  
Whynot: Submitted by a woman? Certainly a distinct possibility. It could also have been submitted by a male lesbian.
2001-12-11 11:32:55 AM  
Gender wargames?

Come on people... Men and Women can both be irresponisble and stupid.

Especially the ones that think that by acting like 19 at 45 makes them look better...
2001-12-11 11:33:37 AM  
Fb- is the bartender....
2001-12-11 11:42:27 AM  
Goatman: Where did the anti-US bias come from? I'll take the high road and not get into bashing the UK (after all, my forefathers came from there)and it's fine to disagree with our country's actions (freedom of speech and all that, but is it really necessary to unilaterally condemn all Americans? Seems a little myopic to me...
2001-12-11 11:42:31 AM  
woohoo! now I can get laid
2001-12-11 11:46:30 AM  
Rosalea, so you want to move to England to get drunk with other women? Hell, women have been drinking in the bars in the US for 30 years. This is the sort of article that might have been writen in the US back in the 60s. In fact 10 years ago, when I was in college women went out to bars all the time. Me and my friends would go out to the bars to meet women, because... well... that is where they were.
2001-12-11 11:51:38 AM  
Pay no attention to Goatman he's trying to be a brit version of fb and doing a horrible job at it.
2001-12-11 11:59:32 AM  
Sqee: Don't flatter yourself as to think you could ever comprehend what I am up to.
2001-12-11 12:26:37 PM  
I pay little attention to comments from denizens of the Nation of Shopkeepers.
2001-12-11 12:27:13 PM  
Whynot, 9/10:
I submitted it and I'm neither a female nor a male lesbian (whatever the hell that is).
2001-12-11 12:30:37 PM  
Jjorsett: Your reasons for doing so are probably because there is but more surface to be found below, should we scratch your surface, no doubt.
2001-12-11 12:51:27 PM  
Yeah, women are drinking more, swearing more, smoking more, getting tattoos, and having more heart attacks than they use to. Ain't equally fun?
2001-12-11 12:57:47 PM  
The bit I like about equality is chatting to girly girls, buying them a drink, and then asking if they're going to get a round in when we've finished them, as you would with anyone you buy a drink.
2001-12-11 01:08:05 PM  
I don't think women can handle their drinking half as much as men...thats why I choose to drink very little :)
2001-12-11 01:10:53 PM  
Goatman: What your up to? Some super secret plan you want to unleash on forums? That has to be the stupidest thing I've heard all day, now it can only go downhill.
2001-12-11 01:12:33 PM  
Hi Ozzie,thought you would have been sleeping?
think you had better get back to the thread about the Bob Jones University as you are being flamed there and I agree no woman can drink like us men unless they are half man to begin with ;0)
2001-12-11 01:14:40 PM  
Sqee: Not that I would enter your games, but if you want to compare Fb- and I, and see what the imitation games are, check our account numbers you stupid-named Texan fvckwit.
2001-12-11 01:40:30 PM  
Oh no Goatman made fun of my name, what ever shall I do?! I ain't playing no games. If your account number is older big farking deal, all that means is you registered a name before him. For someone claiming to be super intellgent you sure are stupid, oh and I'm glad you called me a Texan most limey's would call me a yankee and I hate yankees.
2001-12-11 02:03:24 PM  
Woman who drink just get better and better...
2001-12-11 02:45:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-11 10:06:05 PM  
Alexico: I didn't mean that as a dig at you. Sorry if you were offended.

Click this link for the definition of a male lesbian.
2001-12-12 11:47:54 AM  
Goatman264 - easy mate, I think they're getting to you

Bass555 - The anti-Ameircan bias is frankly a reaction to America's anti-World bias - I know it's not everyone, but Christ, no-one does the uninformed arrogant parochial shiathead act as well as a dumass American - after a few decades, it starts to grate a bit.
2001-12-12 11:50:48 AM  
9/10 As a kid, I thought that lesbians and gays married each other - my reasoning was that if gays liked men then they must be female-minded, while if lesbians liked women they must be male-minded. Therefore they got married like everyone else, but the husband and wife roles were swapped.

Incidentally '' just blew up my company's content filters ;-)
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