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(Gizmodo)   Old and busted: Yo app. New hotness: Hodor app   ( divider line
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2706 clicks; posted to Geek » on 30 Jun 2014 at 9:58 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-06-30 09:02:36 PM  
2014-06-30 09:50:23 PM  

GRCooper: Hodor

2014-06-30 10:00:34 PM
2014-06-30 10:05:11 PM
2014-06-30 10:05:35 PM  
why would you need that if you had the hodor keyboard
2014-06-30 10:27:42 PM
2014-06-30 10:30:47 PM  
2014-06-30 10:35:45 PM  
Nuu!  Nuuuu!
2014-06-30 10:36:04 PM  
I called it as soon as YO came out.
2014-06-30 10:56:05 PM  
Everyone.must say Hodor when they see the actor that plays him.
2014-06-30 11:01:56 PM
2014-06-30 11:43:40 PM
2014-06-30 11:44:00 PM  
"Rand Paul" - Hodor
2014-07-01 12:26:31 AM

DJ Hodor knows how to drop the HODOR!
2014-07-01 01:38:21 AM  

ariseatex: GRCooper: Hodor


2014-07-01 02:05:27 AM  
What the Hodor you talkin bout, Willis?
2014-07-01 02:19:22 AM  

iron_city_ap: ariseatex: GRCooper: Hodor



Hodor hodor!
2014-07-01 02:49:05 AM  
The brony
2014-07-01 02:53:13 AM  
2014-07-01 03:20:05 AM  

veale728: iron_city_ap: ariseatex: GRCooper: Hodor



Hodor hodor!

2014-07-01 03:39:27 AM
2014-07-01 03:45:26 AM  
2014-07-01 07:02:22 AM  
2014-07-01 07:26:49 AM  
Hodor hodor Hodor hodor hodor hodor Hodor hodor.

2014-07-01 07:49:38 AM  
Alright -- which one of you Farkers is responsible for this?  When word of the "Yo" app hit, the Weenerss on it were suggesting a "Hodor" app.
2014-07-01 08:20:03 AM  
what the hell is a hodor?
2014-07-01 08:30:52 AM  
And in August, the Groot app will come out.
2014-07-01 08:41:50 AM  

some_beer_drinker: what the hell is a hodor?

Kathie Lee Gifford's co-host, I think.
2014-07-01 08:45:18 AM  

some_beer_drinker: what the hell is a hodor?

it's the entrance prostitutes use
2014-07-01 08:49:19 AM  
You marklars are marklaring the marklar with your marklarish marklars.

Marklar to marklar, the whole marklar of you!
2014-07-01 08:53:49 AM  

Hodor...I need get on the elevator..../
2014-07-01 09:08:44 AM
2014-07-01 09:13:41 AM
2014-07-01 01:06:46 PM  
quite possibly my favorite scene in the least of those of hodor...though...when he went full hodor warging and started crushing heads...maybe...this is at least a top three.
2014-07-01 03:12:15 PM  

godwin5: The brony Hordor...[ image 510x680]

I hodor this Hodor.
2014-07-01 04:33:57 PM  
<nerd mode>

Hodor's name is not Hodor, it's Walder.

</nerd mode>
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