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(ESPN)   Indians trade Robbie Alomar in attempt to return team to traditional loser status   ( divider line
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1786 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Dec 2001 at 9:59 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-11 10:04:40 AM  
I wonder if Sandy will come and spit on the Indian's CEO
2001-12-11 10:06:23 AM  
What a miserable miserable trade. Lawton is distinctly average, and another pitcher with an almost 4 ERA? Hoo boy, just what the Tribe needs!

You're welcome, Minnesota. Looks like us good folks in Cleveland just saved yer Twins for you.
2001-12-11 10:09:23 AM  
Go Mets! Though i have to admit this trade doesnt make a ton of sense, we are yet again weakening out outfield, Alfonzo doesnt want to move to 3rd, and now we have no place to put Relaford. But I guess getting the best 2nd baseman in the game can have its advantages.
2001-12-11 10:15:44 AM  
Don't forget the Mets also have David Justice, ha ha ha!!!!, oh god, it's too funny
2001-12-11 10:20:38 AM  
It's like deja vu for Toronto fans.
2001-12-11 10:22:02 AM  
Wow - Ordonez/Alomar ... whether you like the trade or not, that'll be fun to watch.
Then again, Visquel(sp)/Alomar was also a treat.

Ok, maybe it was a bad trade ...
2001-12-11 10:23:40 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-11 10:26:21 AM  
FINALLY! The Mets actually go for a big name! (No, Justice does not count as he is ugly and I liked Ventura!)
2001-12-11 10:28:35 AM  
Alfonzo doesn't want to move, but he was a more than capable every day 3rd baseman before the Mets picked up Ventura. Relaford has excelled as a utility player, and Valentine has stated publicly that he's inclined to leave him in that role for the flexibility. All they need now is a decent 1st baseman, and they're all set, on the infield, anyway. Giving away Agbayani's rights and trading Lawton, plus Timo Perez's hand surgery make things look not so good in the outfield.
2001-12-11 10:31:26 AM  
Alex Escobar seems to be well thought of. I will miss those magical Alomar/ Visquel DP's though.

At least we got Brady Anderson!! :: sarcasim ::
2001-12-11 10:32:28 AM  

He got traded to the Mets.
2001-12-11 10:35:12 AM  
question and prediction:

What happened to Agbayani?

And I predict that the answer to the Indians' 2nd base hole is presently occupying space at Blue Jay Way. There's heavy talk about offloading Homer Bush. I see Bush going to Cleveland, and Mondesi going to the Mets to shore up the outfield.

p.s. - I hate the Blue Jays - I'm gonna so love next season!!!!!
2001-12-11 10:37:58 AM  
***weeping into my tribe cap****
2001-12-11 10:45:49 AM  
Homer Bush is Torontos' most versatile and underrated player and if they trade him they're idiots.

As for Mondesi they should never have given up Shawn Green but right now they have 3 solid fielders in Cruz, Stewart, and Mondesi.
2001-12-11 10:46:24 AM  
Kerouac - The Mets gave/sold his rights to a Japanese team, but still maintained the MLB rights to him, so that they can sign him if a deal doesn't get done in Japan.
2001-12-11 10:53:21 AM  
Hey Schmee, I think Relaford earned a starting role, and McEwing is a good utility player to provide flexibility. Our outfield is atrocious, thank god we are getting rid of Benny, my grandma could play left field better than he could. Who do you think we'll get for the OF?
2001-12-11 11:06:07 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2001-12-11 11:07:52 AM  
what next, we add these guys to the roster?

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-11 11:08:07 AM  
- This sucks for the Tribe... unless they think that Alomar's getting old and want to get rid of him while they can still get something for him. But I wouldn't classify almost leading the majors in batting average last year as 'getting old'.

- The Mets will still figure out a way to choke, Bobby V. will still over-manage, and the Braves will still win the NL East.

- I think we'll all agree that "Homer Bush" is all-name team material.
2001-12-11 11:10:32 AM  
I did find this on a GIS for cleveland rocks.

[image from too old to be available]

I got excited but then I found out she's from Cleveland, Tennessee.

2001-12-11 11:14:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

yeah, maybe if i keep drinking my milk, they'll trade some allstars for my lameass self, too.

2001-12-11 11:17:28 AM  
NOOOOO!! What a way to ruin my day. And a good baseball team. Oh well.. its back to the 80s for the Indians.
2001-12-11 11:26:22 AM  
Thegrue: I didnt realize that was u who said that. Lol..
2001-12-11 11:27:22 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Thanks a bunch, Mr. Dolan. Maybe before you buy a baseball team you should have enough money to cover its payroll.

At least he didn't go to the Yanks.
2001-12-11 11:31:32 AM  
I hope the Twins win the whole goddamm thing next year. Sort of like the movie Major League where all the guys are going to be cut no matter what they do.
2001-12-11 11:35:43 AM  
"It's like deja vu for Toronto fans."

What......, AGAIN???
2001-12-11 11:36:57 AM  
hmmm thats an interesting point, Rmdw. i wonder how the twinkie fans are gonna react to their lame duck team. how will they protest, by filling up the metrodome each game or by not going?
2001-12-11 11:55:02 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-11 12:02:12 PM  
AimsterDallas - Justice in left, Payton in center, and Shinjo in right, with Perez and McEwing backing them up.

I agree Relaford played well enough to start, but where? The only viable position for him would be shortstop. Alfonzo fielded twenty points higher than the league average for the two years he played 3B every day, and there's nothing short of a major injury that's going to displace Alomar at 2B. If Ordonez hits as poorly as he has in the past, I see Relaford getting some starts there, but you're giving up an awful lot of leather, since his fielding percentage at SS is only .952 over his career.
2001-12-11 12:20:31 PM  
I do know that if they are gone after 2002, I will go see one Twins game and one Expos game before they are history.
2001-12-11 12:22:05 PM  
Why do you people keep talking about the Twins? He's going to the METS.

It still sucks, though. I guess the only "good" thing that can come of it is more $7 seats.

Dammit, dammit, dammit.

And the other rumor flying around is they want to trade Omar Vizquel, too.

double dammit.
2001-12-11 12:22:42 PM  
Why couldn't they trade for good pitching? HUH?
2001-12-11 12:28:37 PM  
Hisey - I think the implication is that the Indians will suck enough next season to be the team that's contracted, rather than the Twins.
2001-12-11 12:30:07 PM  
Schmee - I agree, Relaford's only viable position being shortstop. Just seems like he is better than just a pinch hitting role for Ordonez. It's sad, but he was our second best hitter last year after Piazza.

I'm hoping we ship out Payton, he is constantly injured, does not produce, does not have power, and to be honest I dont think hes very good defensively, I saw him muck more than a few balls, though not as bad as benny. Shinjo has a good glove, but is not much of a hitter. Im sure Phillips has some trades lined up for Justice. Perez showed some major promise at the end of last year
2001-12-11 12:42:40 PM  
Meet the Mets, Meet the Mets, step right up and greet the Mets.
2001-12-11 12:51:17 PM  
2001-12-11 12:57:31 PM  
Hopefully, This was not the only trade/signing for the Tribe this week. Maybe the money saved will be enough to sign another decent bat. Juan Gonzalez could come back with a contract wieghted towards more money at the end. They could jump into the Alou chase. And no Homer Bush. The Tribe has a guy a AAA that they say is as good at defense as either Robbie or Omar. John McDonald. Yeah, a white guy who can allegedly play short.

I have faith that the Injuns will pick up somebody who can hit.
2001-12-11 12:57:47 PM  
fark it, lets get rid of thome, sabathia and colon too. Then we'll make a big pile of all the money we've saved and use it for extra large fireworks when we get destroyed. farktards.
2001-12-11 01:49:58 PM  
Hisey: The reason I'm bringing up the Twins is that with the Indians losing some top players and the White Sox pitching staff a question, the Twins could take the division and still vanish at the end of the season.
2001-12-11 02:23:24 PM  

im sure my red sox would love to trade ya everett for sabathia or colon (... give the tribe a call and get on it for me, thanks.

oh and am i the only one who is worried about jeffrey loria owning both the marlins and the expos? whats to keep him from trading (or practically giving away) vladamir guerrero, jose vidro, etc. to the marlins? isnt there rule?
2001-12-11 02:31:05 PM  
BaconFarker, I hear ya buddy, there has to be some rule against that right? The Marlins would run away with the division with Vlad, Vidro and Vasquez, actaully there SS Cabrera isnt too shabby either, the rest of the team is god awful though.

Montreal is the best place to watch games, good cheap seats, cheap beer, molson girls, they show opposing teams batting practice but not the expos. Last time I was there i brought a ball and had it signed by 12 Mets during BP cause so few people are there.
2001-12-11 02:32:17 PM  
O.K. let me get this straight. This bullcrap story makes it up on FARK and yet my link I submitted about S.I. 's Sportsmen of the year is ignored ?!

2001-12-11 03:06:16 PM  
one good thing has come out of cleveland:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-11 04:11:13 PM  
If the Mets pick up Vince Coleman they could do things next year.
2001-12-11 04:26:48 PM  
Whatever, Slayerswine. we have more important issues at hand here.

Tigger that's one thing that bothered me, too.. why didn't they trade Thome? With the cash he gets we could train some pitchers. The pitching staff is what needs help, why o why can't they see that?

2001-12-11 06:16:50 PM  
I'm not even an Indian fan but even I know Thome is the heart and soul of the team.
And like I said, I wuz robbed !
2001-12-11 07:52:24 PM  
Don't trade me please!
2001-12-12 03:04:39 AM  
While i originally thought this was one step closer to me not going to any Indian games this summer, I remembered, I have a whole summer of heckling brady anderson to look forward to.

2001-12-12 07:56:14 PM  
If Willie Mays Hayes shows up to camp next Spring, the terrorists will move the team to Florida.
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