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(The Smoking Gun)   Behold, the president's dental records. The Smoking Gun is there   ( divider line
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29350 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Feb 2004 at 2:34 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-02-12 02:37:36 PM  
Place of examination:


/instant classic.
2004-02-12 02:38:12 PM  
I need a president more invested in oral hygiene than this.
2004-02-12 02:38:58 PM  
Uh oh, something about the president was mentioned on fark, here comes the flamewar!
2004-02-12 02:39:07 PM  
Send that man some Crest.
2004-02-12 02:39:23 PM  
So what does this mean? Did he show even though his superiors don't recall seeing him (possible, I suppose)?
2004-02-12 02:40:05 PM  
2004-02-12 02:40:06 PM  
I submitted it as Breaking News: President visits dentist in Alabama Jan. 1973!!!
2004-02-12 02:40:18 PM  
What does that prove. He could have had someone go in for his checkup. I know he wasn't there. He couldn't have been. Terry McAuliffe and Michael Moore told me so...
2004-02-12 02:41:20 PM  
I've been hearing the Bush AWOL thing for almost a year. Why is it just getting big now? What made this issue explode?
2004-02-12 02:41:24 PM  
texans sure like to say DANG.
2004-02-12 02:41:29 PM  
those records were flown in on a c-130
2004-02-12 02:42:05 PM  
Well, that puts the issue to rest!

Party on George!
2004-02-12 02:42:51 PM  
He has bad teeth. That's why he invaded Iraq. And come to think of it, that's probably why the British joined him.

The tooth fairy is in on this conspiracy, I tell you.

/ dons aluminum hat
2004-02-12 02:44:14 PM  
The Smoking Gun presents: Another Thing You Don't Give a shiat About.
2004-02-12 02:44:28 PM  
Good Call LoftKing!

And I ask again...this is important because...?
2004-02-12 02:44:30 PM  
Wow, the leader of the free world has teeth!
2004-02-12 02:45:21 PM  
hmmm... DANG......

Ding dang a dang bong bing bong
Ticky ticky thought of a gun
Everytime I try to do it all now baby
Am I on the run
Why why why
Itll ticky ticky ticky ticky ticky ticky
Dawn of a gun
Bing bing bang a bong a bong bing bang a
Ticky ticky thought of a gun
Bing bip bip a bop bop boom bam
Ticky ticky through the day
2004-02-12 02:45:21 PM  
Place: DANG
Date: DARN
Time: DRAT
Name: D'OH
Signed: DUH
2004-02-12 02:45:25 PM  
Dang.... how did his teeth get an exam in Alabama w/out the rest of him?

Fat Bastard (micheal moore) is on the WRONG side of history once again!
2004-02-12 02:45:32 PM  
Wow, the leader of the free world has teeth!

He's not my leader.
2004-02-12 02:45:46 PM  
How close we are to history at any one time...Days before my birth in January 1973 in the state of Alabama, the future President of the United States was in the state as well.

It's obvious. He must be my dad.
2004-02-12 02:45:51 PM  
See there, we never got to see Clinton's record on his teeth.
2004-02-12 02:46:15 PM  
2004-02-12 02:46:33 PM  
The more evidence they produce, the confuseder I get.
2004-02-12 02:47:21 PM  
And so the Democ-RAT anal exam of W begins progresses to the oral cavity. Interesting...
2004-02-12 02:48:40 PM  
Well, being there for a dental record does indicate he was on the base... in 1973. Why can't they just cough up roll records (warts and all). If he did serve, even if badly, he should just produce them and let it go. Stuff like this just makes it look like he's hiding something. Or is he?
2004-02-12 02:48:47 PM  
Since Alabama now has a confirmed dentist (or did anyway) This proves that Alabama has at least one more dentist than England
2004-02-12 02:48:58 PM  
LOFTKING..I dont believe HIPPA applies to this as it is my understanding that the White House released this info in an effort to prove that El' Presedente Senor Asshat actually served.
2004-02-12 02:49:12 PM  
4 out of 5 Farkers are not dentists, and couldn't give a shiat about this.
2004-02-12 02:49:31 PM  
So after the tax payers pay to have Dubya's military records cleansed of anything that may embarrass the First Moron, all that is left are his dental records.
2004-02-12 02:50:19 PM  
I believe the real issue is whether Bush showed up for duty in Alabama, not whether he went in for a free dental checkup while he was in town working on his friend's political campaign.
2004-02-12 02:50:57 PM  

actually its called HIPAA
2004-02-12 02:50:59 PM  
After examining the President's mouth, they discovered only this comes out...
[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-12 02:51:01 PM  
So does anyone besides his dentist remember him being there? You'd figure after 2 years SOMEONE from his unit would step forward and say, "Oh YEAH. THAT George Bush."

I wish the farking news media would grow a pair and report on the more recent shiat he's been up to, like starting WARS for no reason. That strikes me as being vaguely important.
2004-02-12 02:51:54 PM  
EGADS! He had his wisdom teeth pulled! What a scandal!
2004-02-12 02:51:54 PM  
fascinating...just fascinating
2004-02-12 02:52:13 PM  


or did you mean

2004-02-12 02:52:53 PM  
They call him Mush Mouth,
Cause he don't brush,
He hides his teeth like this,
They call him Mush Mouth
(Hey how about a little kiss?)
Got some meat in his teeth,
Got some chicken, too...
There's a cavity!
Hey, that's new!
So if you don't brush your teeth, you'll get 'em, too
And be a Mush Mouth!!

/RAISED on Saturday morning TV. Now off to make popsicles by putting toothpicks in juice-filled ice trays at the behest of Timer
2004-02-12 02:53:08 PM  
HIPAA, people, HIPAA!

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

That is all.
2004-02-12 02:53:24 PM  
only tripod comes out of his mouth quaz

who knew?
2004-02-12 02:53:48 PM  
HIPAA doesn't apply because the patient voluntarily made the medical record public.
2004-02-12 02:54:01 PM  
and the Democratic response:

Yeah, but....
2004-02-12 02:54:28 PM  
After examining the President's mouth, they discovered only this comes out...
2004-02-12 02:54:37 PM  
Nahhh.. no liberal bias on fark, nope..

/moving on
2004-02-12 02:54:43 PM  
Actually, his dentist doesn't remember him either. heh.
2004-02-12 02:54:44 PM  
Conservative justifications for Bush going AWOL:

1) Claiming hypocricy makes everything OK.
2) You're a liberal.
3) End of story.
4) This is just another example of liberal media lies.
5) Look! Over there!
6) Everybody does it.
2004-02-12 02:55:17 PM  
*Democrats scramble to find a way to turn this against their avowed and sworn enemy...*

Shrub is in league with the Cavity Creeps!!! OOOOOOOH snap!
2004-02-12 02:55:20 PM  
Jeez, I hope he got all those cavities taken care of.

Didn't his mom tell him to brush and floss?
2004-02-12 02:55:39 PM  
Somebody else maybe already said so, but couldn't that have been drawn up a couple days ago? It's not like it's hard to fake a photocopied doc, is it?

He doesn't have any other proof of service from that period does he? Old-ass paystubs or something?

I'm just skeptical about the obscurity of a dental record. I was in the Army. There are tons of paers documenting everything. Where's that stuff?
2004-02-12 02:55:52 PM  
Jebus. I hope he didn't have a colorectal exam while in Alabama.
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