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(Bon Appetit)   Fark Food Thread: Have something cool to share during the summer for a refreshing treat? Drinks, frozen goodies, no-bake desserts, and more... help your fellow Farkers beat the heat   ( divider line
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2014-06-26 06:59:16 PM  

mekkab: teenytinycornteeth: I'll let you get back to your "blend everything with a quart of vodak" picnic.


[ image 571x434]

Funny...that's the face I make when I drink vodak...
2014-06-26 07:00:05 PM  
I almost forgot the easiest frozen treat of all - a little container of Yoplait Whips yogurt tossed in the freezer makes a tasty little frozen yogurt treat with no effort.
2014-06-26 07:00:11 PM
2014-06-26 07:02:09 PM  
What the heck is wrong with you people?
2014-06-26 07:07:01 PM  

jnapier: [ image 327x280]

where did that poor girls ass go?
2014-06-26 07:09:18 PM  
I've taken to making iced herbal tea. I'm a bitter taster so most tea is right out, but the iced herbal tea has no real tea in it so is mostly calorie/sugar free, cold, flavored water. I mostly make lemon, orange or mint.  The tea has a more complex flavor than just adding lemon, orange or mint extract to water. For hot weather I like the mint best. If you make the orange, most herbal teas are real heavy on the cinnamon, so it ends up as cinnamon flavored water rather than orange. Tazo has a good orange one.
2014-06-26 07:09:59 PM  

Fill a glass with ice.
Take 1 part good single malt whisk(e)y
Add two parts water.
Stir 13 1/2 times

//The water can be substituted for more whisk(e)y if you prefer
2014-06-26 07:12:18 PM  

chitownmike: jnapier: [ image 327x280]

where did that poor girls ass go?

She's been using  Prescription Strength NoAssitolTM
2014-06-26 07:25:55 PM  

chitownmike: jnapier: [ image 327x280]

where did that poor girls ass go?

Over here:
2014-06-26 07:28:04 PM  
My wife makes some mighty tasty chicha morada.  Get a large pot, put in pineapple skin and Peruvian purple corn, fill it up with water.  Add some cinnamon sticks and cloves and boil for a while.  Strain into a pitcher, stir in sugar and lime juice.  Serve over ice.

Goes particularly well with homemade lucuma ice cream.
2014-06-26 07:33:45 PM  
A local restaurant makes an awesome gazpacho, the primary ingredient being cucumber.  No idea on the recipe, but its awesome for summer.  Its served in your standard soup bowl... but you could seriously put it in a cup and drink it on the go.  So refreshing.
2014-06-26 07:44:42 PM  
A couple of suggestions from the homebrewing end of things:

1 - Iced coffee.  Brew a pot of high test black coffee and let it cool down.  Pour into 3 16 oz. swing top bottles.  The coffee should just come up to the shoulder.  Top off with chocolate milk.  Cap and refrigerate overnight.

2 - Charlie Papazian's New Joy of Home Brewing has a recipe for Vagabond Gingered Ale.  A light bodied but dark colored ale with fresh grated ginger introduced in the boil.  I bottled my latest batch on Friday the 13th under the label Triskadecaphobi-Ale and it is spectacularly refreshing.  The best thing after mowing the lawn and even better while watching someone else mow your lawn.
2014-06-26 08:03:29 PM  
It sounds borrng, but vanilla ice cream.  Blue bell's "Homemade Vanilla" is especially nice, without that artificial vanilla taste. Two big scoops in a properly sized bowl, and a spoon to eat.

That's it.

Oh, then also it helps to get a frying pan, put some black currant and banana liqueur, and throw some diced bananas in there, and slather honey over them.  Cook until the honey starts caramelizing a bit, making just the least bit of crunchy texture over the bananas.  Then pour in some rum, cook for another 20 seconds and light it on fire.  Let it burn off, and then with a spoon, pour the mixture - including the liqueur over the ice cream.  If you have a a small bar cookie, like Peppridge Farm's Pirouetes (which you can easily make yourself with small cannoli tubes or the like),  it's a good time to put on in there.  Then take either a strawberry and slice it from the bottom up, but not cutting through the stem so you can splay it out and drop it on top where the honey is the thickest.  Alternatively, a few raspberries work out pretty well.  You can also substitute the banana for blueberries, pineapple, even mango, though you might want to play with the liqueur flavors to match properly.

So, yeah, pretty much just a simple bowl of vanilla ice cream.
2014-06-26 08:18:48 PM  
Island Punch, recipe from Turks and Caicos

Mix equal volumes of pineapple juice and orange juice.  For real authenticity, use the stuff that comes in big cans.  If you are lazy, use pine-orange juice.

Add a shot of coconut rum to a pint glass of ice, fill most of the way with pineapple/orange juice and stir.  Then add a bit or grenadine (ca1-2tbsp), and top with a float of good dark rum.  Beautiful and tasty!

Without the rum, kids love it too.
2014-06-26 08:55:13 PM  
gin and tonic.

if it's hot enough - I'll drink them for breakfast

/no need for a lime wedge
//just gets in the way
2014-06-26 09:01:55 PM  
Here in Western Washington, we have lots of hot coffee, wool jackets and caps, and covered pavilions.  On that day that the sun comes out, we undress and guzzle down as much microbrew as possible to cool off.  If there is any question whether it is warm or not, we just hop in the lake, the river or the sound and settle that.
2014-06-26 09:09:58 PM  
Very easy salad: Chunks of chilled watermelon. Crumbled feta cheese. Enjoy.
2014-06-26 09:16:44 PM  

poconojoe: gin and tonic.

if it's hot enough - I'll drink them for breakfast

/no need for a lime wedge
//just gets in the way

I had a very bad experience with bargain gin that scared me off it for years. Then I met Tanqueray. Then met T 10.

Kids, don't skimp on the gin. If you can't afford good stuff, avoid it entirely and buy some cheap vodka instead. I read a taste test article on vodka, and the cheap stuff could barely be discerned from the top shelf stuff.

Of course, they didn't report on the hangover factor.

/WORST hangover ever from cheap gin.
2014-06-26 09:22:46 PM  
Ice, seltzer water, with a bit of grenadine to taste
2014-06-26 10:52:42 PM  

naughtyrev: What you need to do is get yourself a cooler, preferably one of those with a spigot on the bottom. Pour in a bottle or two of Everclear, depending on the number of people you're having over. Then add in some lemon lime soda - you're going for a 2:1 ratio of soda to Everclear.

Then, dump in a gallon or two of ice cream - you can go with vanilla if you're boring, but I prefer mint chocolate chip. Once again, the amount depends on the number you're serving.

Pour and drink a delicious Green Goddammit, courtesy of naughtyrev.

Sounds lovely... malibu and mint chocolate chip ice cream in the blender has always worked magic around here... and by "magic," I mean it's some sort of magical panty remover.
2014-06-26 10:58:55 PM  

Just another Heartland Weirdass: Thanks offacue!

The rest of yous can eat my ass.

Sounds less than refreshing... but what the hell, I'll try anything if you put a sprig of mint on it.

Speaking of mint, one awesome thing is to fill a refrigerator pitcher with mint, cucumber slices, and mushed limes.  Then pour it full of vodak and let it sit in the fridge for a coupla days.  Serve the delicious liquor with soda-water.  It is a truly beautiful thing.
2014-06-26 11:13:43 PM  
OK.  One more.

Power's irish whiskey in iced tea.  Surprisingly delightful.  Truly a refreshing summertime drink.
2014-06-27 12:29:26 AM  
Use your Googles, I'm not posting recipes.

The classic Paloma or a Tom Collins.

Applejack Sour or a Moonglow cocktail (Brandy Stinger over shaved ice in a snifter.  You're welcome.)

Watermelon Lemonade.

Blackberry Lemonade.

Feel free to add Citron vodak to the lemonades.
2014-06-27 03:00:37 AM  
Fruit cubes.
Take an ice cube tray. Put a raspberry, chunk of pineapple, mandarin orange slice, or fruit of your choice in each section of the ice tray. Fill tray with limeade, pink lemonade, guava juice... you get the idea.
Place fruit cubes in glass of chilled vodka. (Or lemonade or beverage of choice)
2014-06-27 07:01:21 AM  
Man, this thread has everything!

2014-06-27 09:10:59 AM  
One chocolate cookie crust pie (or bake a brownie crust)
Mint ice cream
Fudge sauce

2014-06-27 10:16:14 AM
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