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(BBC-US)   Mind-blowing: archaeologists found fossilized Neanderthal faces in Spain... uh, wait ... that should be fossilized Neanderthal faeces. Still cool, though   ( divider line
    More: Cool, Alicante, visiting researcher, human feces, old humans, Neanderthals, latrines, Mediterranean, University of York  
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2014-06-26 12:14:30 PM  
Poop thread?
2014-06-26 01:55:50 PM  
If your poop is fossilized, you should probably eat more fiber.
2014-06-26 02:05:10 PM  
The remains of a Jurassic Steamer?
2014-06-26 02:06:46 PM  
pooping. so easy a caveman could do it.
2014-06-26 02:08:25 PM  
OK, really old poop is coming out.
2014-06-26 02:08:26 PM  
La cara de su mamá es tan fea que presionan en masa para hacer galletas de gorilas.

/Got nothin, so I ran it through Google Translate to spice it up a bit.
2014-06-26 02:08:28 PM  
Still cool much better than still warm
2014-06-26 02:09:48 PM  
2014-06-26 02:10:41 PM  
Someone forgot to flush.
2014-06-26 02:16:19 PM  
Thag never eating those vegetables again...
2014-06-26 02:17:58 PM  
2014-06-26 02:18:35 PM  
Can we use them to clone a caveman?
2014-06-26 02:21:04 PM  
Thank God for all the medication I take for my heart. Mine will never be discovered in the distant future, as I comes out as a light brown mush most of the time.
2014-06-26 02:28:34 PM  
Sounds painful
2014-06-26 02:32:46 PM  
they're surprised that human beings ate plant life?

hell, even I'll eat a piece of lettuce once in a while.
2014-06-26 02:49:30 PM  
So, they found out where Boomer mad a boomer?
2014-06-26 02:52:40 PM  
My permafrozen outhouse will be a boon to researchers in thousands of years then. Theyll wonder how anyone could subsist off of unidentifiable boiled mush.
2014-06-26 04:10:02 PM  

WeenerGord: Can we use them to clone a caveman?

Maybe, but I wouldn't want to be there when the caveman finds out about his origins.
2014-06-26 10:04:58 PM  
if this doesn't prove that vegetables are bad for you , i don't know what will.
2014-06-26 11:15:20 PM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size

Came for this, leaving it disappoint.

/and get off my lawn!
2014-06-26 11:32:50 PM  

traylor: WeenerGord: Can we use them to clone a caveman?

Maybe, but I wouldn't want to be there when the caveman finds out about his origins.

i76.photobucket.comView Full Size
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