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4165 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Jun 2014 at 5:00 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-06-24 01:11:01 PM  
l.yimg.comView Full Size
2014-06-24 09:57:58 PM  
2014-06-25 05:01:38 PM  
We are not amused.
2014-06-25 05:04:00 PM  
No matter how he dodged or ducked, the old lady kept popping into Peter's selfie.
2014-06-25 05:05:05 PM  
I'll be your queen bee.
2014-06-25 05:11:46 PM  
"Sweet! Now I've got a pic of me with Lady Gaga!"
2014-06-25 05:17:49 PM  
I saw this woman walking down the street with a flower pot on her head
2014-06-25 05:23:57 PM  
Erase that one. I look fat.
2014-06-25 05:28:09 PM  
"Either she isn't a vampire, or smart phones don't work like mirrors."
2014-06-25 05:31:45 PM  
That's been Photoshopped. I can tell by the fact that there is a young vaguely Arabic looking fellow with a potential explosive device near the Queen of England.
2014-06-25 05:35:37 PM  
"Why, yes Your Majesty, I can get pron on this thing, look."
2014-06-25 05:36:19 PM  
"That's right, a little closer, come on...

'cause I'm gonna backhand that smile right off your God-@#$%^ face"
2014-06-25 05:40:09 PM  
Dude you can't tell from this picture but my pants are down and I'm totally mooning the queen.  It was awesome.

now with voting goodness
2014-06-25 05:44:09 PM  
2014-06-25 05:56:09 PM  
Billy's profile page at would soon go viral.

(now with voting goodness)
2014-06-25 06:01:02 PM  
This here is a picture of prince Charles with a horse, and tis one is Diana in a convertible...oh, never mind.
2014-06-25 06:15:56 PM  
"We'll never be Royals..."
2014-06-25 06:34:15 PM  
The kid just showed the Queen a picture of his junk.
2014-06-25 06:48:43 PM  
No, kid, don't! She thinks she still has a soul!
2014-06-25 07:13:52 PM  
2014-06-25 07:36:38 PM  
Guards!  Guards!  That urchin has stolen my soul!
2014-06-25 07:38:48 PM  
Wow! Jay Leno in drag! Outta the way, Queenie!
2014-06-25 07:39:35 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2014-06-25 07:41:47 PM  
Oh, that little oaf has got the new Samsung Maximus Prime with a 6 megapixle front and back camera, four processors and 8 gigs of internal memory with room for up to 64 gigs external.  The Samsung Maximus Prime:  Fit for royalty but available everywhere.  Especially at Verizon where you too can get a Samsung Maximus Prime for just 20 quid with a two year contract.  I shall like to order everyone to see the local Verizon dealer today, I would.

Well, that was a two million endorsement.  Better than wearing a Verizon hat and latex body suit.
2014-06-25 07:44:49 PM  
I must have that girlie bracelet that he has.  I shall order the guard to cut off his hand as if by accident.  In the resulting melee, I shall only have to scoop it up and it shall be mine.  It is the same way that I procured this hat though that tragically was an 'accidental' beheading.
2014-06-26 09:11:28 AM  
"And here's one I took of you coming out of the shower."
2014-06-26 12:14:12 PM  
Queen Elizabeth...

Keeping her pimp hand strong since 1926!
2014-06-26 01:56:11 PM  
No, no, I didn't ask for a REGENT around!!!
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