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(The Crimson)   "The H-Bomb is not porn"   ( divider line
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28194 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Feb 2004 at 1:17 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-02-12 10:35:38 AM  
Damn, cancel my subscription then.
2004-02-12 10:42:51 AM  
Oh yeah... all those hot little excited hydrogen atoms running around and playing naughty games with each other faster and faster making incredible pressure and heat and then they all come together in a giant orgasm of energy that is enough to level a city. Now that makes me hot.
2004-02-12 12:01:27 PM  
but, under university rules the H Bomb cannot leave Harvard's campus.

/a s i f
2004-02-12 01:19:54 PM  
And that precisely why no one gives a shiat about worthless Harvard broads dropping trou in it.
2004-02-12 01:20:08 PM  
no, it's heroin.
2004-02-12 01:20:09 PM  
this could also deserve the "unlikely" tag
2004-02-12 01:20:14 PM  
"The H-Bomb is not porn"

and I read playboy for the articles
2004-02-12 01:21:13 PM  
Nudity is not porn. It can be artistic to see a women spread eagle and being taken on by 5 guys while she's chanting "yeah!! $#@$ me hard you @#@#ing #!@##@#!#".
2004-02-12 01:21:46 PM  
Riiiiiight. And the whole point of Playboy was the articles.
2004-02-12 01:22:26 PM  
Well, you only make that mistake once
2004-02-12 01:22:35 PM  
Where do I sign up?! Naked, smart girls, a nice change from girls that can't cut themselves out of a paper bag with a chainsaw! Damn I guess, the whole bag over the head trick if their ugly wont work with these girls.
2004-02-12 01:23:38 PM  
Katharina Cieplak-Von Baldegg? Bald egg?! Get the F*** out of here with that name!
2004-02-12 01:23:47 PM  
So much for my namesake...
2004-02-12 01:24:12 PM  
So then, it's somehow 'wrong' for me to masturbate to this article?
2004-02-12 01:24:13 PM  
When I was working for the houseing services department for my university,
I'd have to go in and out of peoples dormrooms all winter break.

While I was there... I'd snoop.
There was one art student who would take naked photos of herself.
And she was smoking hot! (I wish it would not have been obvious if I had took her photos, because I would have, if I could have.)
2004-02-12 01:26:17 PM  
Fap, fap, ... huh? Fap, fap ...
2004-02-12 01:27:31 PM  
micke "IS" the boMB, BABY!
2004-02-12 01:27:35 PM  

you know what happens when you combine porn and chainsaws? I refer you to an article posted yesterday.​et_id=1

/cut and paste. what's this newfangled HTML?
2004-02-12 01:28:17 PM  
wardrobe malfunction?
2004-02-12 01:29:49 PM  
Well is it at least pr0n? Bah...
2004-02-12 01:29:50 PM  
Damn! I was really hoping to see some hot fusion.
2004-02-12 01:29:56 PM  
To: Whomsoever is Running this Goat-Rope

This article is boring - you're boring people - stop boring boring people!

Thank you...
2004-02-12 01:29:59 PM  

I install cable for a living, and often I sneak upstairs and try on the woman of the houses' underwear. I then deposit a nice memento in them before return to my job.

Dude, I'm joking but your snooping story has me freaked out just as much as the above made-up statement.

It's called counseling. Get some.
2004-02-12 01:33:50 PM  
What does the "H" stand for? Hentai?
2004-02-12 01:34:10 PM  

My advice, dont leave naked photos of yourself in your dorm room over winter break.
And dont leave candybars, because they get eaten.
2004-02-12 01:36:42 PM  
Or at least lock up the naked photos in a drawer or something...

An open folder is no place for privacy.
2004-02-12 01:37:09 PM  
Blah blah blah sex and sexuality blah blah blah.

Whatever. Show me the hawt nekkid chix0rs.
2004-02-12 01:42:16 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

i think they used the wrong tag
2004-02-12 01:43:14 PM  

maybe if they had names that were easier to pronounce ...

HRDY? ... CIEPLAK-VON BALDEGG? ... What is going on here?!

2004-02-12 01:43:34 PM  
I know a girl who took nude photos of herself cause she needed a model to draw nudes of.
She even developed the photos at school in the photolab...

Only a couple of people know and no ones seen the damn photos, but we've seen the drawings...
2004-02-12 01:44:08 PM  

Though you're joking, CABLE GUYS ARE SHADY AS FARK! Well, Comcast ones at least.

Trusted my idiot roommate to monitor the installation of our cable last year. He, in turn, trusted his retard girlfriend.

End result? $100 cash and a $50 bag of, uhmm, migraine medication, magically disappeared when the cable guy was done. Called to complain (about the cash, of course) and got the "Yeah, we'll look RIGHT into that, sir" treatment.

/cubelessness is an evil
2004-02-12 01:45:25 PM  
Nuh-huh. It is so too prawn.
2004-02-12 01:47:23 PM  
Do you mean to tell me that the media misrepresented something? What is this world coming to?

/runs for the sarcasm hills
2004-02-12 01:47:34 PM  
Is art artifice or orifice?
2004-02-12 01:51:00 PM  
For the love of Bjork, where do I subscribe?
2004-02-12 01:53:06 PM  
KATHARINA CIEPLAK-VON BALDEGG - no way that's a real name.
2004-02-12 01:59:23 PM  
HRDY????? I would like to buy a vowel.
2004-02-12 02:00:25 PM  
KATHARINA CIEPLAK-VON BALDEGG - no way that's a real name.

Why? It's a perfectly cromulent name.
2004-02-12 02:01:30 PM  
Me- "Hello John? What cha doin over there? You coming to work today?"

Employee- "Oh hey boss" fap fap fappa fappa fappa fappa fap..

Me- Guess not.
2004-02-12 02:03:09 PM  
Let's hope MIT tries to one-up them!
2004-02-12 02:28:39 PM  
FYI: "H bomb" is a reference to telling a member of the opposite sex you're trying to pick up (generally a man telling a woman) that you go to Harvard. It's called dropping the H bomb. Sometimes it even works.
2004-02-12 02:42:35 PM  
Mark D. Hauser is a professor of psychology and faculty advisor to the magazine.

"No pr0n? Well, Miss Cieplak-Von Baldegg, I advise you suck my dick, biatch!"
2004-02-12 02:47:10 PM  
$50 to anyone who can get Miss Cieplak-Von Baldegg's email and campus address or picture. PayPal only.
2004-02-12 02:50:53 PM  
and... Playboy has wonderful articles. Pr0n films have great dialogue. Yep yep yep.
2004-02-12 03:07:21 PM  
one man's art is another man's porn.

2004-02-12 03:38:02 PM  
That was brilliant, mcgarret.
2004-02-12 03:39:48 PM  
smell like porn,
feel like porn,
taste like porn,
must be dog sh#t!!!!
2004-02-12 03:43:54 PM  
"I only read Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler for the articles."

2004-02-12 03:46:36 PM  
Bummer. So it's something akin to fishwrap?
2004-02-12 03:51:49 PM  
Pr0n films have great dialogue

well, i guess you must be watching some really high quality films there. since most of the ones i've err.... uhm heard about :) have had really bad dialogue. just leave out the freakin dialogue, the dialogue like takes up half the movie. jeez. and most of its boring.
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