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3208 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Feb 2004 at 6:17 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-02-11 03:35:57 PM  
when n where?
2004-02-11 03:41:54 PM  
Yeah what iollow said.
2004-02-11 06:11:21 PM  
Well, I suppose this thread is just to gauge interest, so...

I'd be up for it. Whoever is planning on organizing, do you have any ideas about location? Dave and Busters might be pretty cool - they have food, pool, and games.

If people are looking for a smaller bar with a more quaint atmosphere I could make a few suggestions too.
2004-02-11 06:27:02 PM  
Be sure to bring your own batteries packed in iceballs.
2004-02-12 06:21:11 AM  
Dave and Busters is a damn fine idea. Right by the waterfront, close to South St.
2004-02-12 06:27:42 AM  
Wish I could be there. Go Phillies! Eagles broke my heart, and wallet...AGAIN! I still remain...

2004-02-12 06:30:46 AM  
Photo from the tiny weener fest that was the previous Philly Fark party June 15th 2002.

[image from too old to be available]

There was a Yahoo group to organize it, maybe 30 people said they would come, and this was 5 of the 7 people who did come. We had beers and conversation for about two hours, and that was it. I hope Philly represents better on this one.
2004-02-12 06:32:05 AM  
Oh, and that bar burned down about a month later. So we definitely have to have it somewhere else now.
2004-02-12 06:34:23 AM  

Center City. Frankly I don't care where.

Depending on how large it is, there is this favorite dive of mine called Fuergies. They have a top floor you can rent for occasions.

If we are going to have a ton 'o people, the rental rates at some of the local museums aren't that bad. Oh, and there are a few halls in Fairmount park that go for a good rate too.

2004-02-12 06:35:30 AM  
Dave and Busters is yuppie-scumbag heaven. However, it may very well be one of the only places we can fit the numerous PhillyFarkers........still, makes me feel dirty.
2004-02-12 06:40:11 AM  
From the 'burbs, but I'd be interested. While we are on the subject, would a "down the shore" fark party work this summer?
2004-02-12 06:41:29 AM  
My post, and yes, mainly to gauge interest. Aren't there like one or two shootings a week down there on Columbus Ave?

2004-02-12 07:01:46 AM  
If no farkettes show up, we can find some chicas there.

Maybe we can take up a collection and bring Madfoo2 in from MI.
2004-02-12 07:08:54 AM  
This lurker would be interested but not on Delaware Ave. Too many IROCs. Sugar Mom's is a cool place. I have many more places in mind but me thinks this could be the spot. I think they have 100+ beers on their menu...killer juke box...pool and all that stuff too. Its been a while though(parenthood kills the social life.).
2004-02-12 07:09:24 AM  
I am 3.5 hours away, the wife and I might come, if it works schedule wise...... I vote against anything near Penns landing or 2nd street.
2004-02-12 07:11:29 AM  
How about here?

/just kidding....
2004-02-12 07:12:02 AM  
I'm in, if there's someone from the bethlehem/allentown area who's willing to drive
2004-02-12 07:12:10 AM  
and yeah, delaware avenue club area SUCKS! ;)
2004-02-12 07:27:51 AM  
Lancaster here. Shore holds my interest.
Yuppie poolfest does not. :)
2004-02-12 07:40:57 AM  
I'll pick up a 24 pack of D Energizers at Sam's.....
2004-02-12 07:41:55 AM  
YEah Philly Phark.
2004-02-12 07:48:48 AM  
1 liberty bell, 2 liberty bells, d'oh.
2004-02-12 07:52:13 AM  
Im up for it.

Though I must warn you guys, every time I head home to Philly it seems that someone in my neighborhood gets shot. I'm a bad luck charm.
2004-02-12 07:53:23 AM  
Heck, if you guys have the party in Lancaster, I can provide the bar.

I might be willing to go to Philly otherwise, but it's a toss up. I might be napping.
2004-02-12 07:53:37 AM  
what about Duffer's irish pub in concordville area? rt1 and 202
2004-02-12 07:55:23 AM  
not to choke a dead chicken, or Hooter's on rt1 an 202? I'm in the s. chester county area obviously...
2004-02-12 07:57:20 AM  

That's not exactly a central location...
2004-02-12 07:57:31 AM  
I don't want to knock my old stompin grounds but Philly is why I moved out here...
2004-02-12 07:59:46 AM  
no not exactly, but I figured I'd suggest something. It's sort of midway for the lancaster,philly, K.O.P. area with 202 and 322 linking the turnpike and 95. But just an idea...I'll keep drin...I mean thinking...
2004-02-12 08:00:19 AM  
I don't dispute that the Concordville area is nice- but I don't think it'd be convenient for too many folks.

You can often catch me at the Hooters though on cruise-in nights in the summer. 20% off your check if you bring a cool car. Gotta love it
2004-02-12 08:03:17 AM  
Fark it people, does the venue matter? It's the company. All the scumbags will flee true Farkers anyway...
2004-02-12 08:03:42 AM  
Another Lancaster farker here. Hell yea, I'll go to the City Of Bodily Harm for a Fark Party.
Or Pindooca, WarWolf, and I can just hang out here!

"Screw you guys, I'm going home"/ Cartman
2004-02-12 08:04:07 AM  
Here's an idea. Everyone post where they are coming from and at 6pm today I'll post the average midpoint from all the locations. ya know there is a Hooters in K.O.P. actually, Boobies and beer is always good.
2004-02-12 08:04:56 AM  

Isn't Le Beck Fin french for "five-doller bill"?

2004-02-12 08:05:33 AM  
//Wishes he was 21
2004-02-12 08:05:58 AM  
Sharon Hill, PA (Delaware County)
2004-02-12 08:06:19 AM  
thats what it costs you to pee there.
2004-02-12 08:10:56 AM  
Tatooed Moms. South Street.
2004-02-12 08:12:36 AM  
I'm in delaware, we could have it here!!!

/hahaha, just kidding
I would come if I can make it that weekend (assuming a weekend?)
2004-02-12 08:13:45 AM  
I'm all about it
2004-02-12 08:13:50 AM  
L Ron Hubbub- sharon hill
Rostit- Kennett Square
Tsd- harrisburg( might have to bump you depending on the central/western PA farker replies)
Sqriverrat, Pindooka, Waraolf-Lancaster
Funkmastergeneral- not always needed as long as 18.(depending)
2004-02-12 08:14:12 AM  
The Internet provides an environment of anonymity and disinhibition that is lost when online communities meet face-to-face. Maybe that's part of the reason for the poor turnout in '02.

/part of my graduate research

Of course, maybe they were just assholes.
2004-02-12 08:17:29 AM  
Cant smoke in Deleware anymore, can't drink in Deleware anymore, so no deer park or kahunaville, or the logan house anymore....

I was also thinking maybe West Chester, lots of fine (college age)ladies an fine drinking?
2004-02-12 08:18:39 AM  
Just as a PSA for everyone.. we are planning on having a Pottstown area fark party on 2/21.

Anyone who is interested can check the link.

As far as a Philly fark goes, it doesn't matter to me.
2004-02-12 08:18:40 AM  
Hell, if you're going to do Hooters, you might as well do Cheerleaders. Cut right to the chase and all that.
2004-02-12 08:18:57 AM  

Tatooed Moms... Hellz yeah. Let's start a vote-board.

2004-02-12 08:19:00 AM  
but it seems I can't close my tags in PA.

/gonna go make some eggs
2004-02-12 08:21:21 AM  
Before I go, if a philly burbs' Fark party seems possible along with the Philly Fark party, there can always be 2(another guage of interest)
2004-02-12 08:21:50 AM  
Montco, the Main Line, or KOP - Center City ain't worth the trip or the parking. Especially in f-f-f-r-r-r-r-eakin' February.

(I second KOP Hooters)
2004-02-12 08:23:23 AM  
Phila is a hoppin'city! I'd say this city is the only reason I stick around the tri state area. Its an awesome college town thats got plenty of spots for some fun.

PS All of you who are making battery jokes: There was a good reason those people getting pelted with batteries....they deserved it!
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