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(NYPost)   More and more concert promoters vow to enforce a zero-tolerance policy on drug use at their summer fest... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, I couldn't keep a straight face   ( divider line
    More: Unlikely, sniffer dog, dangerous goods, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, drug tests  
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2014-06-16 06:43:21 PM  
First of all, it's the Post.  And....

"Drugs have always been a big part of the scene and always will be," said Amy Raves, a Los Angeles-based rave advocate who has attended dozens of electronic music shows.
2014-06-16 08:59:57 PM  
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2014-06-16 09:03:28 PM  
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2014-06-17 05:16:20 AM  

DarkVader: TheJoe03: ThreeFootSmurf: to bad these articles get wrong what the drug is every time. Molly is just MDMA, Ecstacy is MDMA and LSD mix, the crap you seem to find at these fests that people are dying on is exactly that CRAP. its really not worth messing with if you have to carry a kit around just to test if it is real or some synthetic chem. of course same thing is happening with L being replaced by 2CI and 2CB. all of it absolute crap

Ecstasy is MDMA that is basically mixed with whatever, meth is a popular choice. You're thinking of candy flipping.


No, Molly is MDMA.  Ecstasy is MDMA.  It's just two different street names for the same thing.

And if you try to buy either Molly or Ecstasy from some idiot selling pills, you're likely to get something else entirely, or MDMA mixed with something.  Make friends with a chemist if you want MDMA, it's the only way to be sure you're getting the substance you want.

A good general rule to follow is:  Is it more expensive than meth?  If so, the crap you find on the street probably has meth in it.  Exception:  Blotter acid is pretty safe.  You'll either get LSD on the paper, or just paper.  There's not many other substances that have active levels in micrograms.

/I've never done MDMA, and probably never will.
//I was a bartender once upon a time, and those raver idiots demanding water and never tipping made me hate that drug.

Nope like said before from people who have been part of that scene (some of us grew up) Molly is MDMA ex is MDMA plus other and blotter you are either getting L, L+strychnine, Or one of the 2C class research chemicals (like bath salts or what spice is made with) 2C-I is the normal for L and 2C-B is used as L and or Ex. don't claim you know what you are talking about when you admit you have no clue besides seeing people get all e-tarded at a bar.
2014-06-17 05:35:08 AM  
 "Or one of the 2C class research chemicals (like bath salts or what spice is made with)

let me clarify on this since it will be taken out of cotext if i dont since it is fark after all. not sayin spice an bath salts are 2c class psychedelics just that they are research chems and pretty damn nasty in truth
2014-06-17 05:38:12 AM  

steklo: [ image 384x512]

that pic isn't e-tarded people it is just a hippy dippy drum circle and they probably look like that sober or messed up
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