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(Yahoo)   You must now tell doctors to perform CPR when having a heart attack.   ( divider line
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4274 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Dec 2001 at 4:52 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-11 04:55:30 AM  
Why do yahoo use two ` to open a quote and then end it with the more sensible "?
It just ends up looking cack.
2001-12-11 04:56:56 AM  
Yep, it takes a lot of good programming to turn Boobies into Boobies. I don't think even Jesus himself could do it.
2001-12-11 05:00:20 AM  
A second reading of my post will reveal I was on about Yahoo's article, and not your posts.
2001-12-11 05:50:35 AM  
This article leaves much out of the requests. Few people want to live as vegetables for 50 years, but they do want to be saved from a heart attack. That is where this article blurs the distinction. They still have an obligation to save all who can not speak for themselves due to incapacitation, because they don't know the victims wishes. No worry about people being left to die, the policy hasn't changed. If they were going to let you die before, they still will.
2001-12-11 05:57:11 AM  
If I ever have a heart attack please contact...

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-11 06:16:03 AM  
Like anyone will even be fortunate enough to have a doctor near.
2001-12-11 06:17:30 AM  
You people are killing this website. You realize that, right?
2001-12-11 06:22:53 AM  
yes yes we all know. yes yes. i know. ok. ok. stop it now.
2001-12-11 06:24:27 AM  
Typical Farker: Who is killing this site, and how?
2001-12-11 06:26:24 AM  
Dammit! Couldn't we just get the filter changed to "I am a retard"?
2001-12-11 07:48:17 AM  
Who is the dorkbot that came up with that title for the article? It doesn't say anything about patients needing to ask FOR CPR, it is about those patient who ask for NO CPR to be done. Why not try actually reading the article, and not just the title of the article next time. Sheeesh!
2001-12-11 07:50:11 AM  
Change the f.irst p.ost filter to something along the lines of "I am a flaming retard, and commenting on how interesting this filter is will waive my rights to continue posting on Fark".
2001-12-11 08:05:09 AM  
This articles kinda misleading.

The law states that you can deny resessitation (and spelling lessons) when the administrator of first aid gives the obligatory request to help you.

However, you do not get a say either way once you are unconscious. Period. One thing medics and doctors do with hard patients that're fighting them, is let them pass out or lose consciousness and then the doctos or medics can perform the necessary help.

However, terminally ill patients can sign off on some legal documents saying that you wish not to be brought back once beyond capable of supporting your own life functions.

2001-12-11 08:08:52 AM  
newbie alert going off ^_^
2001-12-11 09:34:44 AM  
description not what article says, please people you can be humorous, but put the what the damn article says, maybe reading the article before posting would help
2001-12-11 10:01:43 AM  
I am amazed how farking backwards the US is.... in Euroupe after a certain age you have to sign papers stating you WANT to be saved... life ecpectance is only 72 people, after that is all extra credit, lets stop the nonsense of keeping people alive when they should clearly be let go... BTW i am a nurse in a ICU...
2001-12-11 10:13:58 AM  
LMNOP, ack! remind me never to look aged in Europe--sounds like a euthanasia argument; but I prefer youth in asia.
2001-12-11 10:21:21 AM  
When I hit 65 I'm having "NO CODE" tatooed on my chest
2001-12-11 10:33:05 AM  
Most misleading headline EVER!

I hate all these jokey, crappy or just plain wrong headlines that Fark is showing a LOT recently.

Go back two months in the archives and its a whole new, less tabloid-ey, world.
2001-12-11 10:41:07 AM  
I agree that the headline is misleading, but the article makes a good point!
2001-12-11 11:05:10 AM  
what purpose do the mods serve to allow the misleading headlines and such. oh thats right to play god on the other submissions....i forgot, somehow.
2001-12-11 01:18:50 PM  
Talk about a misleading headline! The law for implied consent is still the same. If you can't speak for yourself you will automatically recieve help unless you have signed a DNR order. When I worked for a rescue squad, we were told we had to continue CPR unless they gave us an EMS DNR order. If the family showed us one for the hospital or a doctor, we were not allowed to accept it and were supposed to continue CPR. But, its all basically a moot point. By far, the vast majority of those that need CPR never regain a heartbeat.
2001-12-11 01:32:16 PM  
Perhaps what's needed is a Medic Alert pendant/bracelet with "This patient has a signed DNR order. Contact XXXXX for a copy."
2001-12-11 01:43:40 PM  
Who is the dorkbot that came up with that title for the article? It doesn't say anything about patients needing to ask FOR CPR, it is about those patient who ask for NO CPR to be done. Why not try actually reading the article, and not just the title of the article next time. Sheeesh!

2001-12-11 01:53:26 PM  
A durable "Power of Attorney for Medical Decisions" doesn't cost that much and outlines specifically what conditions have to be met to "pull the plug".

They can be general like "let my spouse make the decision" to detailed medical conditions like brain wave activity, organ status, use of ventilators for a period of time and the possibility of standard "quality of life" if you recover.

Plus, it also allows you to make your wishes known about organ donation and other topics.

Attorneys can do it with a Will and sometimes throw them in for free. You do have a will right? Some states can take up to 1/3 of your stuff if you dies without a will.
2001-12-11 06:01:32 PM  
I learned in WFR training even the best CPR is only about 10% efficient and all CPR really does is maintain a very small O2 flow to the brain until the heart retarts on it's own. Without immediate comprehensive advanced medical care, a victim is brain dead after 18 minutes anyway.
2001-12-12 03:06:00 AM  
Mercury: Just what I was going to suggest. MedicAlert tag with "Do Not Revive" or something engraved on it. That'd solve it.
2001-12-12 07:40:23 AM  
Rebbic, krik81: too right.
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