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(Daily Mail)   Optical illusion creates a different shade of color for every viewer, but scientists don't know why   ( divider line
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24449 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Jun 2014 at 11:20 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-06-12 11:30:23 PM  
the arcs turned light greenish yellow for me. took at least a minute
2014-06-12 11:31:12 PM  
I don't see any color at all. Weird.
2014-06-12 11:31:34 PM  

TuteTibiImperes: Shostie: IT'S A SCHOONER!

You dumb bastard, it's not a schooner, it's a sailboat.

A schooner IS a sailboat, stupid head!
2014-06-12 11:33:43 PM  
wow! went back up and it worked immediately this time and the color of the arcs in the middle were now dark purple and the arcs at top and near center were still greenish
2014-06-12 11:36:36 PM  
the arcs alternate from dark purple to greenish yellow for me after final analysis. My head hurts.
2014-06-12 11:37:34 PM  
Weird. All that I see are patterns within both images. No colors.
2014-06-12 11:37:35 PM  
2014-06-12 11:37:40 PM  
WHAT I DIDN'T SEE WAS ANY COMMENTS FROM PENSIONERS. How can it be a proper daily mail article if they don't include insightful comments from, say Alf, an 85 year old pensioner from Liverpool. I'm sure Alf, a former telephone sanitizer had a lot to say about this.

Anyway, I didn't see anything, I just got a metallic taste. Kind of like the taste you get when you look at pictures of dusty books.
2014-06-12 11:37:42 PM  
I see.. Yellow with a hint of green.

And I think to myself..... I just wasted my time.
2014-06-12 11:37:59 PM  
2014-06-12 11:39:01 PM  
Kind of wondering this one.. But do the people that see the colors game a lot? Same question for those that don't.
2014-06-12 11:40:11 PM  
It's full of stars
2014-06-12 11:40:26 PM  
For me... alternating lines of green and yellow, swapping back and forth at about 2 cycles per second.

The wife sees only black and white.
2014-06-12 11:40:41 PM  
vivid red inner , turquoise outer
2014-06-12 11:41:12 PM  
Mostly purple on alternate rings, sometimes it strays into orange.
2014-06-12 11:41:47 PM  
pale red in the center
2014-06-12 11:42:27 PM  
light urple
2014-06-12 11:42:35 PM  
Strange, I see red and green with bands of black or perhaps navy blue. What does that mean? The red and green are always adjacent and certainly distinct, although they're pretty dull shades.
2014-06-12 11:43:03 PM  
I saw brown. It took me a while before I realized that those brown lines weren't part of the image, so I kept wondering when the colors were supposed to appear.
2014-06-12 11:45:45 PM  
I saw dots, many, many dots of purple then blue.  Then a kind of greenish tint at the edges which eventually became a grey-blue (mostly grey) hazy film in the center.
2014-06-12 11:46:05 PM  
I saw both purple and indigo.  Purple in the quadrant that had the solid black color, and indigo everywhere else.

They're my favorite colors.
2014-06-12 11:48:23 PM  
I see dead people.
2014-06-12 11:48:54 PM  
A yellowish gold.

It may be Taupe and Sage as the other farker said, but I've no idea what Taupe and Sage are.
2014-06-12 11:50:05 PM  
No I don't.
2014-06-12 11:50:16 PM  

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves: Yellow tinge. Probably something to do with how slightly different arrangement of rods and cones in people's retinas. It's why some people can the polarization of light with the naked eye (easiest to see if you look straight up into a clear sky at dusk).

I would be interested in an experiment where changing the proportion and position of the bars could present a variety of colors to the same user.
2014-06-12 11:50:38 PM  
I see my mom wearing lingerie as her and my dad lay down on a bed near a train going through a tunnel.
2014-06-12 11:51:45 PM  
I am not going to say this very often, and this is not a troll, but....

For a Daily Mail article, that was pretty good.

I mean, it not only showed you the spinning wheel, it also gave you a version to play with.

I didn't read right down to the end where they probably end up blaming the whole thing on immigrants.
2014-06-12 11:52:19 PM  

dopirt: WHAT I DIDN'T SEE WAS ANY COMMENTS FROM PENSIONERS. How can it be a proper daily mail article if they don't include insightful comments from, say Alf, an 85 year old pensioner from Liverpool. I'm sure Alf, a former telephone sanitizer had a lot to say about this.

Anyway, I didn't see anything, I just got a metallic taste. Kind of like the taste you get when you look at pictures of dusty books.

Blood has a metallic taste.
2014-06-12 11:52:19 PM  

Dinjiin: I see two: pale yellow and brown

Same here
2014-06-12 11:52:41 PM  
I see a pale yellow, consistently.

However, I do wonder how much different monitors affect the colors people are seeing. Many monitors do not produce colors faithfully.


I'm getting a headache.

You might want to see a doctor about that, it could be a sign of a vestibular problem
2014-06-12 11:55:36 PM  
2014-06-12 11:55:40 PM  
I did not see any colors really but my heart rate jumped up higher than normal while staring at it.
2014-06-12 11:56:12 PM  

worlddan: I see a pale yellow, consistently.

Correction. I now see different color depending on how close I am to the image. If I am very close (nose distance) I see red. if I am medium distance (hands length) I see a mixture of red and blue (two toned colors). If I am elbow distance I see pale yellow. .
2014-06-12 11:59:22 PM  

GonzoNihilist: I see a fluffy bunny.

[bow tie killer]

You are awesome.

...But how did you see pink in the picture?
2014-06-12 11:59:37 PM  
The Wikipedia article has a better animation.   I see all 3 primaries of red green and blue. It'd be interesting to correlate this with that color hue test that tests ones abilities to distinguish colors. I got a perfect score on it.
2014-06-13 12:00:24 AM  
Am I supposed to see a demon beaconing me and hear voices in my head whispering dark prophecies that I must fulfill with a hedge trimmer?

Actually thats pretty normal, I didnt notice shiat in the circle but black and white.
2014-06-13 12:02:04 AM  
yellow. But it kept stopping.
2014-06-13 12:02:33 AM  
Started out as a few pale yellow lines here and there, then after about 30 seconds it became a much heavier swirl of dark red/brown lines.
2014-06-13 12:04:17 AM  
violet and yellow, being they're opposites one is probably due to retina fatigue.
2014-06-13 12:04:44 AM  
Great, now my Russian Cold War programming's kicked in.
2014-06-13 12:04:46 AM  
2014-06-13 12:05:34 AM  

Porous Horace: Great, now my Russian Cold War programming's kicked in.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep...
2014-06-13 12:06:01 AM  
Waaaaay back in the 1970s, I read an article on someone who made a video display
that used this principle to display in color, using a B&W CRT.  It was very limited,
and could only do things like display pink text on a lime-green background, or vice-versa,
or other complimentary pairs of colors.

If you spin the wheel in reverse, you see the same colors in the reverse order.  Also, if
you have the actual disk in front of you, you can vary the speed.  Different speeds
work better for different people.  Watching it in a video isn't nearly as effective.

Print out one of these: 1 259&bih=1044&q=Benham+illusion&oq=Benham+illusion&gs_l=img.3..0i24.124 7.4707.0.5354. LCaa4CZwJaw
and spin it.  The result will be much better.
2014-06-13 12:07:01 AM  
iactafool.comView Full Size
2014-06-13 12:08:20 AM  
Mauve and chartreuse and I pissed my pants.
2014-06-13 12:09:41 AM  
I see gray.
2014-06-13 12:09:50 AM  
Alternating rings of olive and deep purple. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!!
2014-06-13 12:10:45 AM  
Like Cousin Eddie, I saw no colors, I blacked out and shiat myself...

What does it mean???? What does it mean/????
2014-06-13 12:10:47 AM  
GF said I never saw any colors, but the paramedics just told me I have epilepsy.
2014-06-13 12:11:40 AM  

basemetal: I'm color blind, I see a seizure happening for some people.

I can't see that happe................................................................. ...................................................................... ...................................................................... ......................
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