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(Jim Romenesko)   NPR stations given heads up that network will refer to California Chrome's ownership group "Dumbass Partners" on air without bleeping, and that they should handle offended church ladies as appropriate   ( divider line
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2014-06-10 01:46:15 PM  
The DAP guys had a good story going. Then the one guy had to screw up the good publicity when Chrome lost when he went on TV whine and complain about it.

/dumbass indeed
2014-06-10 03:01:57 PM  

GhettoWinter: Krieghund: "The World"

My second favorite non-music program on NPR.  RIght behind Left, Right and Center.

/NPR Junkie

I really, really like Planet Money and their attendant podcast. They tend to do interesting stories that normal finance stuff never touches - their interview with Freeway Rick Ross last year about the economics of running a crack empire was fascinating. Short version: bureaucracy everywhere, with greater chance of robbery/kidnapping/plain ol' murder.
2014-06-10 03:18:47 PM  
Maybe if they just say something like "dumb base" it'll be okay.
2014-06-10 03:25:20 PM  

ArkPanda: That certainly explains why the owner was complaining so much.

It's like he doesn't get how the races in the Triple Crown work. There are always horses that only compete in one of the three races. It's why earning a triple crown win is so difficult. Besides, didn't California Chrome finish fifth? Unless all the horses that beat California Chrome were only competing only in the Belmont Stakes, the owner needs to shut up and learn more about how horseracing works. Let's say Tiger was competing for a grand slam year again (unlikely I know) and a young amateur managed to win the U.S. Open. It's not the amateur's fault that he couldn't compete in the Masters, etc. He picked the one event he could qualify and do well in.
2014-06-10 04:36:52 PM  

agitated chicken: The bleeping seems to be getting more common. Just yesterday I was listening to the local classic rock station, which has generally had a reputation for not giving a crap. They bleeped the "god" out of the word "goddamn" in "Life in the Fast Lane." I almost wet myself.

I've never heard anything quite that lame from our local classic rock station, but they did change to be more censor-happy over time... When I first moved here 20+ years ago, they'd play fully uncensored versions of all songs... Then, seemingly around the same time as the aftermath of the Janet Jackson nipplegate episode, when the FCC began cracking down on everything like fascists, they started playing censored versions of songs instead... Either specifically edited radio cuts when available or just silencing the audio when the swear appeared (better than a noisy *bleep*, at least)... Stupid and annoying, but I think they only did it because they were effectively ordered to or risk insane fines...

But, my favorite bit of ridiculousness to come from it is during Bob Dylan's "Hurricane", they let the N-word fly free, but silence the "shiat"... Now, in any sane world, the former is far more offensive than the latter... (Not that either should be censored...) I actually E-mailed one of the DJs about the absurdity of the situation, and he basically said, "Yeah, but the FCC doesn't list the N-word as one we're forbidden from using, but does list shiat"... *sigh* I'll never understand how such stupid rules don't violate the first amendment... "Someone may hear a naughty word broadcast over the air! The horror!" Haven't anti-swearing laws been found unconstitutional before? If it's something you could reasonably hear anyone say in public, why shouldn't you be able to hear it in over-the-air radio or TV broadcasts?
2014-06-10 05:39:29 PM  

Lord Dimwit: She then asked if I loved my nation

No, I just said that to get it to sleep with me.
2014-06-10 05:40:26 PM
2014-06-10 08:31:16 PM  

wambu: mutterfark: Perhaps they could pronounce it Dumas?

They could even sing it that way.

I sing better after a slaw burger, fries, and a bottle o' skee.
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