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(Some Guy)   South Park episode pulled   ( divider line
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19293 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Dec 2001 at 5:54 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-10 05:56:41 PM  
You Bastards!
2001-12-10 05:57:42 PM  
Yup, that's real educational....
2001-12-10 05:58:38 PM  
Misleading title.

The episode was postponed. I read the title thinking "What could they have had in the episode to get it pulled?"... not "What could make them postpone an episode."
2001-12-10 05:59:18 PM  
I've never heard of SBS! It appears to be Australian, judging by the "" logo on the top of the page. This doesn't even concern me!

Now more than ever, you gotta read the article before you get pissed off.
2001-12-10 05:59:32 PM  
It seems to me, Christmas poo and jerking off a dog is pretty much on the same level.
2001-12-10 05:59:42 PM  
... and there was much rejoicing ...
2001-12-10 06:00:21 PM  
Oh, lighten up censors. A little dog hand-job is just what I need for some holiday cheer!
If they can't do this on South Park, then this is a sad state of television we're coming to. Pretty soon the only thing on tv will be survivor rip-offs and Fox terror documentaries.
2001-12-10 06:01:13 PM  
My parents love south park. I think its childish and stupid. Hows that for strange.
2001-12-10 06:01:23 PM  
thats right playa, the terrorists like boobies.
2001-12-10 06:02:06 PM  
What the hell? This must not be a US article, I've seen that episode long ago.

"Come on, red rocket, red rocket!
2001-12-10 06:02:14 PM  
hahah spiffy filter...

ha ve already w on
the terrorists like boobies
2001-12-10 06:02:28 PM  
"I think its childish and stupid"

This from a guy who has "Your Butthole" for Location on his profile.

Shut up.
2001-12-10 06:04:24 PM  
I think I missed something here... If they're still planning to air it anyway, what difference does the date make?
2001-12-10 06:04:46 PM  
It takes maturity and profundity to produce artistic levels of childishness and stupidity.
2001-12-10 06:05:14 PM  
red rocket RED ROCKET!
2001-12-10 06:05:32 PM  
Sexual activity may be discreetly implied?
SBS used to be the channel to watch for rude bits, before Foxtel came along..
2001-12-10 06:05:34 PM  
Uh, does anyone even give to shiats about Australia? I mean, really, if they were to suddenly disappear would anyone even notice?
2001-12-10 06:06:21 PM  
If Australians can't watch cartoon American children masturbating dogs, then the Canadians have already won. And for those of you who still don't feel the need to read before you post (they're talking about an Australian run), or are just oblivious to what goes on around you, this is an episode that already aired in the U.S.
2001-12-10 06:07:04 PM  
What is wrong with giving a dog a bone-r ?
2001-12-10 06:07:34 PM  
Gah, whatever this SBS is, it sucks. How'd they get the rights to show it?

BTW, extremely misleading topic.
2001-12-10 06:08:20 PM  
"What are you doing, Stanley?!?!"
"I'm beating off the dog."

So there's a new filter, eh?
The terrorists like boobies.
When will they put a filter on "France surrenders"?
2001-12-10 06:08:35 PM  
I love South Park. I particularly loved the Bin Laden episode, with Cartman's "Looney Tunes" influnced charade.

Mierk: Good call...
2001-12-10 06:08:42 PM  
Australia: Nice beer.
America: shiat beer.

Ozzies win
2001-12-10 06:11:25 PM  
Note to Parker and Stone(Southpark Creators),

South Park had some good laughs, I even thought "Blame Canada" was pretty clever. However I feel it is time to point out that your 15 minutes of fame are officially up. How did "That's My Bush!" work out for you? fark, that crappy Emeril sitcom lasted longer.

Time to move on boys, but at least you had a good run.
2001-12-10 06:12:42 PM  
That's My Bush was cool
2001-12-10 06:12:43 PM  
Australia has to deal with a national censorship system run by their "Office of Film and Literature classification"

I bought an Australian Hustler in Melbourne in January and it doesn't even compare to our US magazines.

I can see where they wouldn't like the red rocket stuff...
2001-12-10 06:15:07 PM  
Would have been a top way to spend Xmas eve....

2001-12-10 06:16:07 PM  
Oh my God, they killed Kenny
2001-12-10 06:16:51 PM  
Proper Condom Use, which will retain its M classification, will be replaced on Christmas Eve with a repeat of the South Park episode, A Very Crappy Christmas, about a talking Christmas poo called Mr Hankey.

That sounds much more appropriate for children. I'm glad they took care of that.
2001-12-10 06:18:09 PM  
Monkeyporn - As long as you're talking about real Australian beer, I agree.

Australian beer=Toohey's, Victoria Bitter, XXXX

Canadian-American beer=Fosters

And American microbrews don't count. Some still suck, but there are some really good ones too.
2001-12-10 06:18:51 PM  
I'm not dead yet!
2001-12-10 06:19:38 PM  
Yes, I've always found South Park to be tasteful and discreet...
2001-12-10 06:21:59 PM  
South Park rules. It's not as childish and obscene-for-the-purpose-of-being-obscene as it was long ago. It's relevant and topical. I'm not being sarcastic either, just... non-shallow and non-prejudice.
2001-12-10 06:23:01 PM  
I saw that episode...that was pretty nuts. But when will people get it--it's for the OLDER age set, and it's SATIRE.
2001-12-10 06:24:52 PM  
They should drop the whole fvcking show, what a piece of crap!!
2001-12-10 06:28:13 PM  
well, what disturbed me more about this episode is the fact that mr. mackey and miss choksondik gets together

seriously bad mental image
2001-12-10 06:28:39 PM  
5,000 viewers were between 5 and 12 years old? I was skeptical about leeting my son watch some of them until he was 14. I love the show, but it's called farking PARENTING people!!! Sheesh!
2001-12-10 06:29:25 PM  
Man, That Hella-Sucks.

SBS is one of the broadcast TV networks in Australia. What is surprising about this is that they run "R" rated movies on free TV down there uncut during primetime - nudity, language and everything else intact. I'm surprised they would have an issue with this episode. Maybe it was the torrid lovescene between Mr. Mackey and Ms. Choksondik, mmmK.
2001-12-10 06:31:10 PM  
Totally indicative of what passes for entertainment/humor today.

Satire or not, it's still moronic. At least a moroning subject. Satire is witty. Satire draws from ones knowledge of the given subject, then spins it this way or that. It's not a brick upside your head. Or jacking-off a dog.

Thank you and see you in the Photoshop.
2001-12-10 06:32:47 PM  
Well, the Mr Hankey episode is probably a little better for Christmas Eve; I know I'll be watching my tape of it while eating a bunch of oatmeal before I go to bed that night.

And South Park is for adults. If you think its not proper for your kids to watch it, then make them watch the Disney channel or something. I'm sure The Olson Twins Christmas or something should be on. Australia has to have more then one channel to watch at night.
2001-12-10 06:34:05 PM  
I like the name they gave the black kid.
2001-12-10 06:36:38 PM  
i'm sure someone has said this, but i don't feel like reading this whole damned thread.

5000 viewers between 5 and 12? what the hell are these godamned parents thinking? people are retarded. we should all just disappear.
2001-12-10 06:40:50 PM  

The terrorist have already won.
2001-12-10 06:41:17 PM  
how about the part where Mr. Garrison teaches kindergardners how to put on condoms . That show really amazes me sometimes.
2001-12-10 06:41:57 PM  
Damn it! this article is australian the episode in question has alreasy aired in the USA, without complaint.
2001-12-10 06:42:26 PM  
Sorry about double post, just testing what's filtered now.





Fb- is the father

The terrorists like boobies

Umm, what else...?
2001-12-10 06:42:50 PM  
It just isn't the Christmas season for me until I watch the "Jesus & Santa" lounge act on Mr. Hanky's Christmas Special.
2001-12-10 06:43:21 PM  
Ohh ohh ohhh...

2001-12-10 06:44:17 PM  
HAS already won
2001-12-10 06:44:54 PM  
What else...
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