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(London 24)   Listen to the police call where a woman rings up over an ice cream sprinkles argument - "He's put bits on one side and none of the other. He's refusing to give me my money back"   ( divider line
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2014-06-04 09:34:31 AM  
What does it matter?!  The sprinkles contain potassium benzoate!
2014-06-04 09:56:44 AM

Might as well get that out of the way
2014-06-04 10:15:32 AM  
"rings up"

Subby is old.
2014-06-04 11:38:07 AM  
Were they chocolate, or rainbow??  IT MATTERS!

/are rainbow sprinkles gay?
2014-06-04 11:38:16 AM  
But were they out of McNuggets?
2014-06-04 11:39:12 AM  
I side with the woman.  Not having read the article or listened to the call (this is the internet, people), if someone handed me a cone with 1/2 as much sprinkles as I expected, I'd want them to add more or give me the sprinkles for free (assuming they charge).  And if they didn't charge, and still didn't give me what I ordered, I would want my money back too.  Why am I paying you for something I didn't order?

And rather than grabbing the ice cream scooper by the collar and pounding his nose against the register until it hit the right key to open the drawer, I might call the police to let them handle it in a civil fashion.  I wouldn't dial 911 -- just the main number to explain.

The problem: it's not the cost, it's not the fact that sprinkles are such a minor thing that I should get over it.  It's the fact that someone is doing something wrong, and knows it, that gets me.  I don't want to clobber a burglar because he wants my TV -- he probably has a good reason for stealing it (hungry, wants to catch the superbowl, whatever).  But it's wrong to steal from someone else.  That's why I'd be upset.  If he'd just asked for the TV, I'd probably give it to him with a good enough reason.  Don't just take things.
2014-06-04 11:39:17 AM
2014-06-04 11:39:34 AM  
I'm calling 999 to complain that the stock image of the Lickedy Split truck appears on the web 18 brazillion times with cut line in Cyrillic, Arabic, and just about every other language know to man or beast.
2014-06-04 11:44:22 AM  

lymond01: And rather than grabbing the ice cream scooper by the collar and pounding his nose against the register until it hit the right key to open the drawer

Stop right there.  That is the only option.  Ice cream scooper wants to act like a little biatch you treat him like a little biatch.  After a couple of broken fingers and missing teeth, he will either learn to not be a little biatch or head a Fortune 500 company.
2014-06-04 11:44:25 AM  
Well then call 411 the non emergency number duuuh
2014-06-04 11:48:06 AM  
Dial 999 = Police: Life-threatening emergency

Dial 101 = Police: Non-emergency

Lack of sprinkles is not a life-threatening emergency, dumbass - but maybe it should be in your case when the police come around and slap your stupid fat ice cream-stuffed biatch face.

Love the suggestion she should call Trading Standards.  "I had proof of lack of sprinkles on my ice cream, but I ated it."

/submitted this with a better headline
//much better
2014-06-04 11:48:12 AM  
She should have asked for Jimmies.
2014-06-04 11:48:15 AM  

InterruptingQuirk: "rings up"

Subby is old.

2014-06-04 11:59:42 AM  

uncleacid: She should have asked for Jimmies.

2014-06-04 12:24:22 PM  
Obscure? Sprinkles
2014-06-04 12:24:27 PM  
My only issue is that if someone got a cone, didn't pay and walked away the police would have no problem with the 911 call.
2014-06-04 12:26:58 PM  
black people don't understand what 911 is for, it seems.
2014-06-04 01:03:30 PM  

liam76: My only issue is that if someone got a cone, didn't pay and walked away the police would have no problem with the 911 call.

They would if you dialed 911 in Britain.
2014-06-04 01:50:43 PM  
I could barely understand a word that either of those people said on that phone call.

Do they speak English in England?

I got threatened with arrest once because I called 911 because someone was breaking into my car for the 2nd time in about as many hours.  The farking idiot who broke into it the first time had only stolen the faceplate of the stereo and had come back for the rest of it with a few friends who may have been slightly more intelligent.

When I noticed the faceplate missing, I called the non-emergency line and reported it.  When they came back I called 911.

Admittedly, I wasn't in fear for my life and there was no way the cops could have gotten there in time as the car stereo thieves sped out of the parking lot with me on the phone, but goddammit!

In the end, 2 police reports were filed.  The farking thieves only got the faceplate and I had to buy a new car stereo which turned out to be much better than the Sony I had in it before and didn't cost a lot more either.

Seriously stupid shiat.  I think the Sony cost me about $150 and I replaced it with an Alpine that was about $175.  Numbers subject to fading memory and the fact that this was around 20 years ago.

Oh, and they cut a big hole in the convertible top to break in.

Doesn't matter I guess.  I drove the thing until I fully expected the back window to fly out when I took it on the freeway.  Those convertible tops on those farking Le Barons were designed to disintegrate after about 5 years anyway.
2014-06-04 01:53:10 PM  
Don't they arrest people for this sort of thing over there? She'd be arrested here in the States.
2014-06-04 02:09:39 PM  

some_beer_drinker: black people don't understand what 911 is for, it seems.

I have some vegan troll food, if that helps.
2014-06-04 11:53:53 PM  
This is one reason why shotguns are useful. Point it at the cow and pull the trigger, the whole world will be be better off.
"sprinkles only on one side... how am I to deal with this..."

I'm not a MENSA member or unusually gifted, but at least I try! WTF is wrong with these idiots that clog useful life? Why do they exist and why are they humored?
This is why mankind is doomed. Not the 1,000 Einsteins, the 1,000,000,000 ecologically clogging turds.
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