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(ESPN)   ESPN writer thinks new owner Steve Ballmer should rename the Clippers. Let's help him think of a new name   ( divider line
    More: Obvious, NBA, retired jersey, Lakers, Clippers, Adam Silver, Staples Center  
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879 clicks; posted to Sports » on 31 May 2014 at 1:01 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-05-31 10:46:35 AM  
Seattle Supersonics
2014-05-31 11:08:17 AM  
Done in one.
2014-05-31 11:26:51 AM  
Los Angeles Developers.
jbc [TotalFark]
2014-05-31 12:07:32 PM  
Or as MacDailyNews suggested, just change the logo:
2014-05-31 01:04:39 PM  
Fat, sweaty, bloated, guys.
2014-05-31 01:06:45 PM  

jbc: Or as MacDailyNews suggested, just change the logo:

It looks like you're renaming a professional basketball team. Would you like help?
2014-05-31 01:07:56 PM  
LA Trojans.
2014-05-31 01:08:55 PM  
2014-05-31 01:09:27 PM  

mr_a: Done in one.

I'm only in so we can get the NHL, but yeah. Move those biatches in a couple of years after they start sucking again and getting outdrawn by championship yo-yo events. And 'Clippers' works in Seattle:
2014-05-31 01:09:47 PM  
2014-05-31 01:10:04 PM  
The Zunes
2014-05-31 01:11:33 PM  
The Seattle Pilots
2014-05-31 01:14:43 PM  
2014-05-31 01:18:38 PM  
Clippers Vista
2014-05-31 01:19:59 PM  
Los Angeles Cliparts
2014-05-31 01:22:32 PM  
They should take direction from another LA area sports team, and become The Los Angeles Clippers of Los Angeles.
2014-05-31 01:25:38 PM  

mr_a: Done in one.

2014-05-31 01:34:18 PM  

phully1: They should take direction from another LA area sports team, and become The Los Angeles Clippers of Los Angeles.

In an alternative universe it's "Tyler Perry presents Tyler Perry's Los Angeles Madeas of Los Angeles"
2014-05-31 01:36:22 PM  
The Los Angeles Plastic Surgeons
2014-05-31 01:38:51 PM  

/was my nickname in college
2014-05-31 01:40:48 PM  
Go old school:
2014-05-31 01:42:09 PM  
The LA Money Sinks
2014-05-31 01:42:55 PM  
Compton Darkies?
2014-05-31 01:43:27 PM  
The LA Error 404's
2014-05-31 01:51:37 PM  

phully1: They should take direction from another LA area sports team, and become The Los Angeles Clippers of Los Angeles.

Just a variation on yours:

The California Clippers of Los Angeles
2014-05-31 01:51:49 PM  
The Los Angeles Wish We Were Lakers
2014-05-31 01:52:07 PM  
Serious suggestions:

Coast (perhaps too WNBA)
Bullets (always liked this name, no it won't happen)
Tropics (yeah, I know)
Dream (see above)
Dodgers (I think it would be a cool name for a NBA team... I secretly hoped Brooklyn would do it when they got the Nets)
Arsenal (a little D-league love)
Braves (old school)
2014-05-31 01:52:59 PM  
Los Angeles Angels of Basketball
2014-05-31 01:55:28 PM  
2014-05-31 01:59:13 PM  
The Los Angeles Sterlings.
2014-05-31 02:02:17 PM  
Buffalo Braves
2014-05-31 02:07:04 PM  
LA Dragons
2014-05-31 02:12:19 PM  
2014-05-31 02:13:29 PM  
2014-05-31 02:20:52 PM  

JerseyTim: Los Angeles Developers.

Well crap....missed yours...
2014-05-31 02:23:56 PM  
2 billion dollar hobby
2014-05-31 02:24:41 PM  
move em to Boston and name them the Boston Ballmers.  certainly no one will be offended by that.
2014-05-31 02:25:18 PM  

Lost Thought 00: n_ggers

This is not the NFL nor is Dan Snyder the owner.
2014-05-31 02:26:25 PM  
The Los Angeles Racist Billionaires
2014-05-31 02:38:22 PM  
The Los Angeles Reboots.
2014-05-31 02:46:11 PM  
2014-05-31 02:46:17 PM  
los angeles blue screens of death
2014-05-31 02:46:35 PM  
Bill Simmons suggested the Hollywood Knights. I like that.
2014-05-31 02:49:09 PM  
Or if we're being silly, I'll go with Gates of Los Angeles (wasn't Darryl Gates the LAPD chief? It would be a double entendre considering the Microsoft tie-in.)
2014-05-31 02:49:21 PM  
nubians?  of course do so to honor chris paul and doc.

/what would dan synder do?
2014-05-31 02:49:26 PM  
Santa Monickerbockers
2014-05-31 02:50:40 PM  
Port Huenetters
2014-05-31 02:51:15 PM  
La Tuna Canyoneros
2014-05-31 02:52:10 PM  
Long Tall Beaches
2014-05-31 02:53:44 PM  
Travelin Avalons

Canyon country coonts

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