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(Metro)   Britain is believed to be home to 15,000 vampires. And, of course, to another 60 million pale, anemic freaks   ( divider line
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2014-05-30 01:14:46 PM  
Send Anton to Edinburgh. He'll get to the bottom of things.
2014-05-30 01:50:33 PM  
Are they all from Ohio?
2014-05-30 04:07:13 PM  
Well, at least they don't sparkle, seeing as how there's never any sun.
2014-05-30 04:14:26 PM  
Yeesh.  The gifs were bigger than the text.

Here's the entire article: "There's a guy. He's doing a study."
2014-05-30 04:15:53 PM  
Oh, those guys.

Prepare for incoming moral panic!!!!!!
2014-05-30 04:16:02 PM  
Do they move west down Ventura Blvd?
2014-05-30 04:21:55 PM  
How many Hot Topic stores does it take to outfit that many?
2014-05-30 04:34:05 PM  
Hai guys what's going on?
2014-05-30 04:39:57 PM  
2014-05-30 04:40:55 PM  
I hear the vampires in Britain leave some terrible looking bite marks.
2014-05-30 04:46:47 PM  
And, of course, the werewolves. Or is that just London?
2014-05-30 04:57:38 PM  
Subby, it's easy to tell the difference between vampires and a citizen of the UK.

One has an amazing and complete set of healthy teeth. The other is a citizen of the UK.

/did you see what I did there, Geoff?
/I'm sorry Craig stopped doing his pre-taped stuff...I really enjoyed his Prince Charles
2014-05-30 04:59:06 PM  
Oh cool, not many comments, I bet I can get a Tom Petty joke in...

DigitalCoffee: Do they move west down Ventura Blvd?

2014-05-30 05:03:52 PM  
I thought they had more people than that on the dole.
2014-05-30 05:20:07 PM  

Shadow Blasko: Are they all from Ohio?

That old wives' tale?  Don't be silly, man; that's the kind of thing you hear on News of the Weird, or from some wacky New Orleanian tourguide.
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