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(Guardian)   Incontinence frequent malady of female runners. "Maybe the reason there aren't so many videos showing runners voiding their bladders is because it's harder to see urine on TV. But I'm sure it happens more than is acknowledged"   ( divider line
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1225 clicks; posted to Sports » on 25 May 2014 at 12:20 AM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-05-25 12:36:21 AM  
2014-05-25 12:46:21 AM  
I thought Monty Python already did a special on this.
2014-05-25 12:50:25 AM
2014-05-25 01:20:27 AM  
As a competitive pogo-stick racer with chronic flatulence, I can sympathize.
2014-05-25 03:31:28 AM  
Strange. This was the accompanying ad I was served. Looks like she has to pee.
2014-05-25 03:50:57 AM  
so splash water on your shorts ? OOPS spilled some gatorade
2014-05-25 04:13:34 AM  
Useless without pics.

//still seeing no pee
///lots of locals peeing everywhere (Stuttgart, DE)
2014-05-25 04:39:41 AM  
I wonder why this isn't a bigger thing in Germany.
2014-05-25 05:07:01 AM  
Ask a cross country runner about a turtle. And don't get between them and the bathroom when one is poking its head out...
2014-05-25 06:03:21 AM  
"I see your problem right there.  Black shorts.  If you want to see the pee, you need to look at runners in lighter color shorts."

Sorry.  Channeling my inner Cliff Clavin.
2014-05-25 07:44:02 AM  
Peed her pants before it was cool:
2014-05-25 07:46:43 AM  
And a new genre of fetish porn is born...
2014-05-25 08:16:14 AM  

NFA: And a new genre of fetish porn is born...

I suspect this one's been around for a while. Nothing is new on the interwebs.
2014-05-25 08:38:26 AM  
Look for anyone taking a knee in the start corral and taking too long to tie thier shoe.

Also, do not drink the yellow Gatorade you found at the start line.
2014-05-25 09:06:32 AM  
Farkers are more likely to pee in their reclining chairs than their running shorts.
2014-05-25 09:54:00 AM  
Had to work a couple cross country races in college (t&f athletes were voluntold). Job was to literally push them past the finish line so runners could pass through.

Between droolers, vomitters, people who peed themselves, and one guy who actually shiat himself I would just pull the Daria during volleyball.

Your sport is stupid
2014-05-25 09:58:30 AM  

Summoner101: Peed her pants before it was cool:

[ image 480x360]

One of the greatest lines in movie history.
2014-05-25 10:22:16 AM

Going to start watching female runners
2014-05-25 11:13:05 AM  
Trots are real. Luckily has not happened to me yet, but have been behind a victim during a race.

/motivation to pass them increases
2014-05-25 12:02:24 PM  
Maybe that's your body telling you to run, but run shorter intervals.
2014-05-25 01:31:32 PM  
One more reason to just stay home and watch TV.
2014-05-25 02:52:23 PM  
so hot, like a golden stream
2014-05-25 03:13:56 PM  
It could be worse (NSFLunch)
2014-05-25 03:14:55 PM  
Grr.  Broken link.
Once again... NSFLunch
2014-05-25 03:32:31 PM  

Gawdzila: Grr.  Broken link.
Once again... NSFLunch

You want to feel sorry for them, but then you realize that endurance running is something you do to yourself.  You don't have to run that much just to stay healthy and fit.
2014-05-25 04:04:03 PM  

Gawdzila: Grr.  Broken link.
Once again... NSFLunch

2014-05-25 04:23:13 PM  
more female runner pics plz, with or without golden showers
2014-05-25 11:12:11 PM  

Gawdzila: Grr.  Broken link.
Once again... NSFLunch

Meh - Uta Pippig won the 1996 Boston Marathon (coming from 2nd place in the final mile) with diarrhea and her period flowing down her thighs.
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