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(mycfnow.com)   U.S. drops Daisy Cutter bomb on bin Laden compound in Tora Bora, leaves 500 meter crater   (mycfnow.com) divider line 358
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2001-12-10 04:57:58 PM  
Well, that's just it, Rei. Easier said than done. I tend to believe that all interested countries already have sufficient information about Al Queda and OBL to form an opinion about his guilt. There's a reason for him being in Afghanistan under his Taliban hosts.
2001-12-10 04:58:54 PM  

Like I said in my post (No one said that Afghanistan is the only country with wacky nutbag religious leaders and laws. ), I'm not saying that other Middle East countries are any better. But Suadi Arabia has atleast tried to help hunt down people funding the terrorists and for the most part is doing what the people of their country are approving of. The Taliban refused to give up or restrict Bin Laden because they were funded and supplied by al-Queda, and obviously wasn't representing the will of many of the people in Afghanistan. This in my mind makes them more of a valid target to stop Osama Bin Laden.
2001-12-10 04:59:13 PM  
Everybody talking to Rei,

It's simple guys. You will never change Rei's mind, or even make her think about the situation. She just looks at what the 'alternative' or 'counter' culture believes. Then she toes that line.

When supporting America becomes the 'alternative' and no the mainstream thing to do, Rei will be toeing the line.
2001-12-10 05:00:48 PM  
Yeah, and I'm sure you have nothing Made in China ;)

I'm not denouncing China and saying they should all die either.

2001-12-10 05:08:12 PM  
You ever hear that song called "Groovy Little Hippy Pad" by Z.Z.Top off of "El Loco"?
Maybe it is a secret/subliminal message about a Crappy Big Terrorist Country. =+)
2001-12-10 05:10:32 PM  
2001-12-10 05:15:45 PM  
There's a reason for him being in Afghanistan under his Taliban hosts.

And in Somalia. And Algeria. The answer is a weak government with more important things to worry about. Seriously, though, if we went after al Qaeda, the Taliban would probably launch a couple weak, almost joke-like attacks, and not bother again - they had a much more important battle on their northern front. They have shown again and again that they care far more about their own skin than bin Laden's. Like most warlords, they were in it for the best position for themself, just like Qadir was when he allied with bin Laden. bin Laden liked to throw *lots* of money around. He made friends in a number of other countries besides afghanistan well before then, by the same means ;)

But Suadi Arabia has atleast tried to help hunt down people funding the terrorists and for the most part is doing what the people of their country are approving of

Actually, Saudi Arabia has done almost nothing to arrest potential terrorists; they're pretty bound via public support in the same way that the Palestineans are (just to a lesser degree of militantism). On the other hand, we issued an ultimatum to the Taliban and refused to budge on it - an ultimatum that no country in their right mind would have *ever* given into.
2001-12-10 05:27:12 PM  
Doh!! I'm sorry, I had no clue the pic was that big!
(sorry for streching your screens!)
2001-12-10 05:35:08 PM  
Doh!! I'm sorry, I had no clue the pic was that big!

Not one clue?
2001-12-10 05:43:51 PM  
eek! rei dropped a daisy cutter on the thread!
2001-12-10 05:47:55 PM  
Rei has never had a clue, ya know?

there is only one man who can turn her straight...

2001-12-10 05:48:53 PM  
They had a thumbnail, and I copied the link from the thumbnail... doh!
2001-12-10 05:53:35 PM  
Robbie Fal,
Dude, you know your political activist/guitar shredding monsters.

To those who don't know who that is a picture of his name is Tom Morello, guitarist for Rage Against the Machine.
2001-12-10 05:55:34 PM  

Who is he?
I'm not a sports person :P
2001-12-10 05:56:38 PM  
Is that a close up of my bald spot ?
That fuggin' hairdresser swore he wouldn't tell.
2001-12-10 05:57:42 PM  
"If we don't take action now, we'll settle for nothing later, we'll settle for nothing now AND WE'LL SETTLE FOR NOTHING LATER!!!!"

Ahhh, i was just listening to that on my way home. Now heres a pic of tom morello. Coincidence? National Conspiracy? No, but a damn good band.

New one with Chris cornell out on feb 26th.
2001-12-10 05:57:42 PM  
Someone delete that huge mofo.
Here's a resize.

Can't leave it up to a woman to use a computer right.
2001-12-10 06:04:44 PM  
Thanks, Holyman. I needed a picture of a red x.
2001-12-10 06:06:08 PM  

Ah, isn't it funny when misogyny backfires? ;)
2001-12-10 06:14:44 PM  
They sure do talk a alot.

Ya but they don't say anything.
2001-12-10 06:29:35 PM  

i think that's tom morello from rage against the machine.
2001-12-10 06:36:17 PM  



2001-12-10 06:38:16 PM  
The funniest question ever asked in an interview was one I heard asked og rage against the machine:

When the shiat comes down and the people revolt, how will the lynch mob tell the difference between your multimillion dollar mansion and your capitalist pig neighbor's?
2001-12-10 06:49:34 PM  
2001-12-10 07:02:26 PM  
In the right light, study becomes insight But the system that dissed us Teaches us to read and write So called facts are fraud They want us to allege and pledge And bow down to their God Lost the culture, the culture lost Spun our minds and through time Ignorance has taken over Yo, we gotta take the power back! Bam! Here's the plan Motherfark Uncle Sam Step back, I know who I am Raise up your ear, I'll drop the style and clear It's the beats and the lyrics they fear The rage is relentless We need a movement with a quickness You are the witness of change And to counteract We gotta take the power back!

A jail cell is freedom from the pain in my home Hatred passed on, passed on and passed on A world of violent rage But it's one that I can recognise Having never seen the colour of my father's eyes Yes, I dwell in hell, but it's a hell that I can grip I tried to grip my family But I slipped To escape from the pain.... in an existence mundane ....I gotta 9, a sign, a set and now I gotta name! Read my writing on the wall No-one's here to catch me when I fall Caught between my culture and the system....genocide!

Yes I know my enemies They're the teachers who taught me to fight me Compromise, conformity, assimilation, submission Ignorance, hypocrisy, brutality, the elite All of which are American dreams.....

Just a little bit O' rage for you all.

ZKM....I would guess you could tell because morello would be jamming out on his front porch for a little bit of encouragement. That man can play some serious shiznit.
2001-12-10 07:04:50 PM  
I never said the music was bad, just that the band was overshadowed by its immense hypocracy.
2001-12-10 07:28:09 PM  
Zkm- I am pretty sure that they donate millions upon millions to the causes that they feel are important. If anything they are trying to use their popularity and their money to make peopel aware of issues that don't get cnn time.
2001-12-10 07:38:28 PM  
Gee, infinite comments? It sure looks like there's an end here somewhere...
2001-12-10 07:44:31 PM  
this kind of thing will tend to happen.
2001-12-10 07:47:21 PM  

2001-12-10 07:51:58 PM  
Rei: I wasn't talking from my ass when I said that Tony Blair released evidence linking Osama to the 9-11 attack to the public on October 4th. The bombing did not start until October 8th. The Taliban did not offer Osama until a week after the bombing started. They had weeks to give up Osama and avoid being bombed into the stone age (again).
Also bear in mind that even before the evidence was released to the public, it was shared with just about every nation we consider friendly. What happened on Sept 11th was an act of war, and the information we gained in the period after was considered intelligence. You don't share intelligence with enemies, known or suspected. They would have learned the sources of our information, what areas of their organization might be compomised, and possibly enough warning for as-yet-undetected cells to destroy incriminating artifacts, lay low and/or pull out altogether from the US, for use against it later.
2001-12-10 07:56:10 PM  
Farkistan's military should stock up on these. For dropping on trolls.

(Osky's Drunk-o-meter right now: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10)
2001-12-10 07:57:13 PM  
heh I'm drunk enough to have screwed up the bold tags on the number 8. wheat
2001-12-10 08:05:11 PM  
"Like most warlords, they were in it for the best position for themself,"

Damn Rei, you are SOOOOOoooo racist and bigot against warlords. How can you assume what they want? You live by some strange standards.

About the Nukes. "Give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish he will eat for life."

What happened during the 7-day-war again, you never explained that properly?
2001-12-10 08:18:03 PM  
haha I just heard on the news that some al-quida fighters were crying over the radio after the daisy cutter was dropped in their vecinity.
2001-12-10 08:41:39 PM  
rei is a female? well, that sure explains the emotionally charged and logically challenged arguments...
2001-12-10 08:46:17 PM  
Daisy Cutter.... "Big Mother Farker of a bomb that scares the sh*t out of anyone nearby"

Very useful for killing occupants of caves. Sucks all the air out of the cave and causes occupants to die in a very unplesant way.

other effect is concussion injury and broken ear drums.

No kidding they were crying. Ther were pissed that they didn't get to be with those virgins.
2001-12-10 09:07:03 PM  
i keep telling myself there is no point in reading the comments of political news items, but then i think "nahh, this might be a good debate, something to think about".

and within three seconds of being here, i find comments like "rei is a female? well, that sure explains the emotionally charged and logically challenged arguments..."

so i will now attach a note to my monitor reminding me to give up on you guys.
2001-12-10 09:55:33 PM  

Obeygiant is a female and obviously emotionally charged and logically challenged.

whatever . . .

2001-12-10 09:59:20 PM  
Caffinated_monkey has to be a female for jumping to conclusions.
2001-12-10 10:18:27 PM  
I am not concerned greatly with the methods and tactics used in completing the US objective in Afghanistan...however, HAVING a clear objective would be a good start. And we probably do have that. Concerned over American casualties? Then support a swift and total victory. The less we fuss over how nice we're treating the enemy, the fewer of us die.

What bothers me the most about this war is what happens here, on the homefront, to our liberties. There's been a gradual erosion of personal freedom since the country was established because X number of people don't like what Y number of people are doing and want them to stop. Only the majority are "protected" from coercion with legal force...and Ashcroft comes off as a power-hungry paranoic who absolutely needs to know the minute details of everyone's life in order to "protect" them (ie, make them jump in line with everyone else)

So, in regards to the Afghan situation,
1. Go in, rub out the Taliban with extreme prejudice, set up a government condusive to US trade interests.
2. Quit using this as an excuse to foist liberty-eroding policies on the American people.
2001-12-10 10:24:50 PM  
Once again I am forced to go out and distribute candy to the neighborhood kids and dance and cheer in the streets!
2001-12-10 10:35:29 PM  
All you tinfoil hat wearing oil conspiracists:

your premise is patently absurd. Yes Unocal (and the Argentinian Bridas) approached the Taliban about building a pipeline but NOBODY else. And you know why? Any clever capitalist knows Afghanistan never has (or will, probably) support the kind of stability needed for an investment that size and cost to pay off. Whould you travel halfway around the world to a mountain flanked landlocked country to begin a costly engineering project with bandits, rebels and a semi-piractical government hacking at your shins? their are 96 million barrels of apperciable oil in Afghani reserves. In †he grand scheme of oil politics, thats not very much. The cost of getting at those is probably greater than their total value. If it was our goal to start trump up a war to get at oil I think we would have started with Syria or Iraq.
2001-12-10 10:53:54 PM  
2001-12-10 10:59:37 PM  
2001-12-10 11:07:15 PM  
Getting back to the headline. . .bomb go "boom!" and Talibuts all fall down. . .too bad. . .so sad. . .fvck 'em. . .at the risk of sounding racist, etc., it appears now (especially after the prison uprising) that the only good Talibut, etc.
2001-12-10 11:08:35 PM  
Getting back to the headline. . .big bomb go "bang!" and Talibuts all fall down. . .too bad. . .so sad. . .fvck 'em. . .at the risk of sounding racist, etc., it appears now (especially after the prison uprising) that the only good Talibut, etc.
2001-12-10 11:08:45 PM  

2001-12-10 11:18:40 PM  
lmfao !!! where's the damn vote button !! I must vote for Commodore64 !!! lol.... oh, this isn't a photoshop ??? damn it !!
2001-12-10 11:27:03 PM  
Vegasj Thanx for the props - it actually was a late entry to a prev photoshop (hence the belch) but it was sooooo topical I couldn't help myself.

"If free Americans can't waste their precious work hours on Fark photoshops then the terrorists..."
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