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(The Atlantic)   The case for reparations: "In America there is a strange and powerful belief that if you stab a black person 10 times, the bleeding stops and the healing begins the moment the assailant drops the knife"   (theatlantic.com) divider line 951
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2014-05-27 06:32:46 PM

whidbey: taurusowner: A lot of you keep saying "all we want is for you to acknowledge the past" Ok then. As soon as you acknowledge the present. Acknowledge that many white people have it just as bad. Acknowledge that in some areas, such as some job hirings or college admissions, being white can actually be a liability and end up  costing someone something they might have gotten if they weren't white. Acknowledge that most white people alive today didn't cause the problem in the past, aren't part of the problem now, actually suffer along with blacks now, and as a consequence, don't owe anyone anything, such as a potential job or a potential admission into school.

See, this is bullshiat, and shows that you have no idea what blacks and other people of color are going through.

Do you have any idea what black and other people of color are going thru, i would love to know what  percent of the population is african american where you live. I'm thinking what 5%?

I'm sure we've all heard the phrase "you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar". A big problem is that a lot of angry people on one side are polarizing the debate and end up driving away a lot of people who may very well be on their side. There are plenty of white people who would indeed care a lot more and would be more than willing to do a lot more to help, but they're tired of being blamed, guilt tripped, and told to "check their privilege". That shiat is not helping the issue. It's driving away potential allies.

And as long as you have the erroneous attitude that you're detached from what happened, you're just going to sound privileged and arrogant.

It's up to you to end racism and class struggles. Saying "nuh-uh it wasn't me" is irresponsible.

No it isn't. We live in a country that allows us to have whatever type of attitude we desire.  My job is to live my life however I desire and to meet the needs of myself and my family. I have the right to put my time and money into issues that are important to me and not those that are important to you. 

but they're tired of being blamed, guilt tripped, and told to "check their privilege"

Tough shiat. People of color went through a lot worse than just having fingers pointed at them.

So did a lot of white folks in this country.  being white was not a automatic guarantee to benefits from "white privilege".  At times for certain jobs or promotions  being white would hurt one's chance. 

And there's no getting out of this--either you're a white person of privilege who needs to come to grips with how white privileged society treated (and still treats) people of color, or you are a person of color yourself, which would doubly mean you have no excuse to ...

maybe instead of wasting time calling out and judging others on this issue you should dedicate your life to helping people of color. by dedicate I don't mean a day or two a year but give up your career and go work to save those people of color from the evil white man.   I'm sure they will welcome you as their white savior
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