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(AllStar)   Pamela Anderson asks for full custody of kids, claims Tommy Lee has "a lack of parenting skills and good judgement"   ( divider line
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2001-12-10 12:03:15 PM  
Ironic? How about Obvious.
2001-12-10 12:05:03 PM  
I am sure KID ROCK is a MUUUCH better father figure! Stoopeed Beeech!

Childs testimony in the hearing:
"Mr. Judge, I saw the video where mommy and daddy were on the boat and they were making me!"

Saving the World through better design
2001-12-10 12:08:40 PM  
How about "the pot calling the kettle black"?
2001-12-10 12:09:27 PM  
Maybe...but he sure has one that I looked or anything, but I've heard things OK?
2001-12-10 12:10:06 PM  
Since when do inflatable dollies have rights ?
Slum Goddess of the lower East Side.........
2001-12-10 12:10:12 PM  
"The children return home [from their father's house] and call me derogatory names that they could only have heard from their father."

. . . or TV, radio, newspapers . . .
2001-12-10 12:11:28 PM  
Yeah, I drink Cristal on ALL my canoe trips.
2001-12-10 12:15:31 PM  
didn't they get married like the day after they met??? that was really responsible! and i remember after their first son was born, some pics in a mag of them swinging on a swing in the living room? and now she wants them to have a "normal" upbringing... and she thinks they can get that from her and Kid Rock??? omg, i can't stop laughing....
2001-12-10 12:27:05 PM  
When she makes a movie or TV show that doesn't just show off her boobies then she could talk... fark it, I still wouldn't care. I'm sick of these blond bimbos, bring on the Asian and Latin chicks dammit!
2001-12-10 12:28:59 PM  
I don't see why tommy needs parenting classes. Has she really proven by any of those statements that he is a bad father? And where does this anger management thing come in? Personally, I see nothing wrong with threatening the kid by "dangling him in front of his 130 lb. Rotty". I mean, c'mon, if the kid is bad you gotta teach him some how!
2001-12-10 12:31:31 PM  
I wish my mom had fun bags like hers.
2001-12-10 12:32:11 PM  
pot.. kettle
kettle.. pot
2001-12-10 12:35:18 PM  
So by that rationale, in your mind "INCEST is BEST?"
2001-12-10 12:35:42 PM  
Pamela is blazzzing. I'd do her.
2001-12-10 12:41:49 PM  
Matzug, who hasn't done her? If she had as many sticking out of her as she's had sticking in her, she's be a porcupine.
2001-12-10 12:43:09 PM  

Do you have the parenting skills and good judgement?
2001-12-10 12:45:01 PM  
-he is "a very angry, unstable man who presents a danger to others, particularly when he is using alcohol"; "suffers from bi-polar disorder"; "volatile, unreasonable, and erratic"; "respondent's life revolves around alcohol"; and "respondent is a man without compassion who cares only about himself and what suits him at any given moment-

This describes the average Farker...
2001-12-10 12:51:52 PM  
I'm with crotchrocket.

Bring on the asian and latin, and brazilian, puerto rician, thai, japanese, australian, british chicks with sexy accents, chicks with real boobies, chicks with a sense of humour, intelligent chicks, etc :)
2001-12-10 12:53:02 PM  
Beezulbob: I have no children. Well, none that are proven to be MINE anyhow. And you tell that damn Jessica Morey that I'm not paying her child support if you see her! I mean, ummm....
2001-12-10 12:54:46 PM  
I second that motion!!!!
2001-12-10 12:56:44 PM  
Won't that be a messed up family? As a boy, growing up uncomfortably attracted to your mother, or the opposite, feeling uncomfortable around boobies.
2001-12-10 12:58:04 PM  
If it weren't for chicks like Pamela with no brains, I would never have got laid in college. I'm not intelligent, handsome, funny nor do i have a good personality in general. All I was trying to do was get some quick lovin' then boot em out in the morning before my friends saw her and cracked jokes about her until the next weekend.

I think girls respected me for that.
2001-12-10 12:58:26 PM  
They are both Farked in the head...but witch one is best???

Who Knows...but I hope for the boys sakes they dig deep.
2001-12-10 01:04:44 PM  
I'd dig deep and probe to find if pam is a fit mother. For the sake of the boys of course.
2001-12-10 01:20:13 PM  
They are all just a bunch of rich white trash! Those kids were doomed from the day they were born. It doesn't matter who gets custody, those two are farked!!!!

All the money in the world can't by class....
2001-12-10 01:24:10 PM  
Crudking: you talk about class but you claim to have been a "pornstar and director"? Ah yes, classy!

and hey, if you need a body double or something let me know. (straight porn only please!)
2001-12-10 01:45:02 PM  
Whoever named those 2 kids after characters on Beverly Hills 90210 should not get custody. Talk about your emotional scarring.

Case closed.

so sayeth the marq
2001-12-10 01:56:29 PM  
OH baby!
2001-12-10 01:56:41 PM  
Ah...I'll bet Tommy misses Heather Locklear now!!!
2001-12-10 01:58:41 PM  
When oh when will people stop caring about these morons and their ilk. Put a slug in them and let's move on. Everyone panders to them, records every vapid verbage that escapes their shoulder-mounted gasbags and photographs them like they were royalty.

Example: Yesterday, Paula "Fingers" Poundstone gets released from 'rehab'. The judge commends her for her "abstinence" and sends her on her merry way. He commends her for her "abstinence". She was in a goddamned rehab center!! Of course she's abstaining you moron! Let's just hope she can "abstain" from little Janey Rottencrotch down the street.

Over & out.
2001-12-10 02:13:45 PM  
i'm with crotchrocket and lordargent.
2001-12-10 02:14:01 PM  
"Hi. My name's Brandon. For show 'n' tell today I brought a Playboy magazine that has my mom naked. She likes to show off her boobies. They don't look so special to me especially since nursing on them was like sucking on silicone plastic, but men seem to like 'em.

"I also brought in a couple videos that my Mom' having sex in. One is with some rocker guy named Vince. The other is my dad. Check out his schlong."
2001-12-10 02:26:05 PM  
I haven't done her.

But yeesh, that kid needs some real parents.
2001-12-10 02:58:21 PM  
dont you just love trailer trash love quarrels? back and forth like oprahs waist line. as if it wasnt bad enuf that they make sh!t loads of money by poluting the airwaves with crapy media, the have to polute the gene pool as well. these people define biological warfare.
2001-12-10 02:58:41 PM  
I propose that the "ironic" tag be permanently retired. It just doesn't work out all that well in practice.
2001-12-10 03:02:34 PM  
It seems like just a few years ago she was saying "I love you Tommy" ad-nauseoum on that horrid video. *sniff*
2001-12-10 03:27:45 PM  
They just shouldn't be allowed to breed...
2001-12-10 03:30:20 PM  
as ive said before, those 2 will never get parent of the year awards, shes a hodiddy and hes scum
2001-12-10 03:49:11 PM  
As I read the article, I started to take Pamela's side in this (after all, in case of a water landing you want to be on speaking terms with your flotation device, IMHO) but then I came to this line:

...As recently as two months ago, Pam was quoted as raving what a wonderful father Tommy is...

Then I realized that it's probably the silicone talking.
2001-12-10 05:00:48 PM  
Stupid white-trash like these two ay-holes should not be allowed to breed! This is what happens when vapid, mindless people are without limits. I predict if either of these two live past the age of 45, they will be in jail or some nasty trailer park somewhere. In either case, the kids are screwed because of these morons.
2001-12-10 05:36:34 PM  
Re: what Pamela a. had to say: HUH?
2001-12-10 06:48:13 PM  
Ahhhh Pamela Anderson *enter new man's name here* What a healthy mother she is, right? First stud Tommy now Kid Rock. She is still playing "Barbie" for whatever "rocker dude" takes the bait. Is she in therapy addressing HER issues, which might be the fact that HER father was an alcoholic and she doesnt know how too pick healthy men? Hmmmmmmm you have to wonder if ANYONE at all, bothers too get honest with these people. What are the odds, that one or both, of her kids are future addicts/alcoholics? If Tommy needs counseling, 12 step programs etc, then Pam SURE AS HELL DOES TO!!!
2001-12-10 09:22:47 PM  
"Respondent has refused [to read to his children] and tells me and Brandon that homework is stupid and that reading is a stupid way to learn."

jesus god.. that quote just made my day ^^'
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