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(Talking Points Memo)   Liberal columnist agrees with Benghazi theory. We're through the looking glass, people   ( divider line
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2014-05-15 12:04:22 PM  

Cletus C.: Zeppelininthesky: When will the brave GOP start looking for the actual attackers instead of trying to blame Obama and Clinton? If they *actually* cared about the dead Americans, they would make finding them a priority.

The GOP's in charge of finding them? I guess that explains why they haven't been found yet.

My point is that they would rather blame Obama and Clinton than the actual attackers. This whole "scandal" is only about political grandstanding and profiting off of dead Americans.
2014-05-15 12:21:35 PM  

elchip: [ image 500x247]

The derp never bothered me anyway.
2014-05-15 12:59:50 PM  

Satanic_Hamster: Diogenes: SlothB77: Um, no she didn't.  if anything, her mental gymnastics to avoid calling it a murder or assassination just perpetuates the aura that there was a concerted effort of cover up at work here.  the way she describes it, Stevens died in an accidental fire.

An extreme and simplified contrast to highlight the other side's extreme and simplified characterization, as I said.

This is no more than differentiating a cause of death from the cause of the accident.  You don't list "train" as the cause of death if you're hit by a train.  Similarly, you wouldn't list "terrorism."

Calling it an assassination is just cracked inspired bullshiat pulled out of someones ass.  And, frankly, I think it's a legitimate argument (but pointless and meaningless) on using killed vs. died vs. murdered.

Would you consider, say, every combat death from insurgents in Iraq to be murdered?

Some do. Some call all the Iraqi civilians killed by US forces murder victims also.
2014-05-15 01:01:06 PM  

Dr Dreidel: Satanic_Hamster: Dr Dreidel: So he wasn't "first-degree murdered", or even really "second-degree murdered". More like "manslaughtered", if you squint just right - an "arsonist who sets fire to an 'empty' building killing a homeless guy" sort of thing.

Or, as most sane people might colloquially term it: "murder".

But, again, where do you draw the line between what would be considered combat deaths and criminal murder? We've largely been treating fighting with terrorists and insurgents to be a military matter. Usually you don't call deaths from a military attack murder.

You don't generally hear battlefield deaths (think the trench warfare of old) termed "murder", but what Noted War Criminal Allen West did to a detainee was attempted (or simulated) murder. When a US soldier massacres people in a village, we call it "murder". "Green on Blue" attacks are murders. But when a roadside bomb goes off, it's "terrorism"?

It's murder of a different type - death due to intentionally-inflicted injury. Whether by terrorism, officially declared war, musical knife fight, sentence carried out by decision of a free and open court, or robbery gone wrong, it's still "murder" colloquially speaking.

// maybe they didn't intend to kill Stevens specifically, maybe they didn't even intend to kill at all (HIGHLY unlikely) - but they definitely intended to do damage, and at the least didn't care if someone got killed, which makes it intentional enough to call "murder"

Welcome to a post 9/11 world I guess
2014-05-15 01:16:07 PM  

Almet: FlashHarry: SlothB77: the way she describes it, Stevens died in an accidental fire.

no, she doesn't.

I think what she's getting at, is that Chris Stevens was not specifically targeted by the attackers.  He was not the primary reason they were there, nor was his death the end-goal of the attackers.  What she's saying is that the embassy was the target, and any Americans, or those who were in their employ were the targets, and the death of Chris Stevens was the result of an attack meant only to kill any random person and destroy an American installation.

I think part of what she's getting at is that he was not gang-raped and beaten to death, as many on the right initially claimed, and some continue to believe.
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