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(Salt Lake Tribune)   Utah's Porn Czar to loosen up nudity laws   ( divider line
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4633 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Dec 2001 at 9:31 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-10 09:35:19 AM  
finally, the good people of Utah can join us Farker's in the pursuit of boobies
2001-12-10 09:36:53 AM  
I'm sorry, but if I can't strip naked and sit on my front porch eating cheeze curls and exposing myself to my neighbors on a cold Utah winter morning, then the terrorists like boobies.
2001-12-10 09:39:41 AM  
Couldn't have said it better myself.
2001-12-10 09:42:08 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Oh, just give me a man. Any man! Even this guy!"
2001-12-10 09:43:19 AM  
the filter changes 'the terrorist have a1r34dy w0n' to 'like boobies?'
2001-12-10 09:47:00 AM  
What is your problem, I think they do like boobies (what straight man doesn't?). Also, I am getting tired of the original phrase and I think I am not the only one.
2001-12-10 09:59:10 AM  

Let me make this as clear as possible. I don't care what you do or don't want. If I want any shiat out of you, I will squeeze it out of your head.
2001-12-10 10:05:14 AM  
then why isn't France Surrenders filtered?
2001-12-10 10:13:13 AM  
With what, Fb-?
2001-12-10 10:17:24 AM  
The Utah Legislature: Because every country should have their Taliban.
2001-12-10 10:20:47 AM  
How do I get to be Porn Czar???
2001-12-10 10:28:32 AM  
If we keep the "Alredy won" filter then the terrorists have alr34dy w0n"
2001-12-10 10:28:58 AM  
damn, that is one ugly biATCH
2001-12-10 10:30:57 AM  
On topic I thought that she sounded pretty sane of a LDS political officer... but it could have jsut been doctored quotes... I still do not see how a few hundred year old nekid man is any more artistic then a airbrushed 20yo centerfold. The latter certainly evokes more "emotion" in me
2001-12-10 10:34:11 AM  
I love how politicians have the arrogance to decide for themselves what is "art" and what is not.....
2001-12-10 10:35:35 AM  
she's just mad cause she ain't get'n any
2001-12-10 10:37:03 AM  
St.Alfonzo: If you get to be Porn Czar, can I be a Porn Boyar?
2001-12-10 10:45:16 AM  
Careful Dido... Fb- might drop his beer gut on ya.
2001-12-10 10:48:23 AM  
So Ms. Ruzicka, this paragon of virtue, takes her 12 kids to Las Vegas?! And then gets offended by a statue of David?!? Holy crap! Any would-be self-righteous pinhead that takes the brood to American Gomorrah and gets offended by Michelangelo in the hotel lobby should be categorically disqualified from expressing any opinions on anything, ever.
2001-12-10 10:49:17 AM  
You are always welcome to try, but it is a long swim and do you think you can find at least 10 friends (or hired thugs) to help you?

Everybody knows you are a troll and I do my best to keep polite, but if you really want a flaming war, you'll probably loose big time.
2001-12-10 10:50:31 AM  
Cookie for Fb-.
2001-12-10 10:51:14 AM  

If you need help, I am for hire (but I don't come cheap).
2001-12-10 10:52:14 AM  
A curse on you Fb-.

If this goes on.
2001-12-10 10:55:48 AM  
Someguy: Sure; we'll have a whole porn aristocracy.
2001-12-10 10:57:32 AM  
I thought we already had one: The Hefners, the Flynts, the Jeremy's, etc.
2001-12-10 10:59:40 AM  
If I can't make a remark about a filter, then terrorist Fb- has already won.
2001-12-10 11:05:28 AM  

You wanna fight? Stick your head up my ass and fight for air.
2001-12-10 11:11:10 AM  
I don't want a fight, but you seem to be picking one.
2001-12-10 11:12:45 AM  
I think fb- has a thing for sticking things up his ass
2001-12-10 11:14:15 AM  
Shouldn't she be the Porn Czarina? I mean, at least, I think that's a is a little difficult to tell...It's either a woman or Meatloaf...
2001-12-10 11:14:51 AM  
So I am not the only one who noticed?
2001-12-10 11:17:04 AM  
Technically she is female so you are correct, but to call her a woman is an insult to most women.
I think she is quite pigheaded though.
2001-12-10 11:44:41 AM  
did Fb- say he wanted a head up his ass?
2001-12-10 11:47:04 AM  
He did.
2001-12-10 11:47:44 AM  
Here's the solution to this whole article: shut up you farking mormons, go back to your bibles and churn butter or some shiat
2001-12-10 11:49:52 AM  
Playa hatah,

I don't agree with your abusive language, but I do agree with your sentiments.

If this goes on!
2001-12-10 11:50:33 AM  
Cool article.
2001-12-10 12:16:58 PM  
2001-12-10 12:33:49 PM  
Porn Czar???

That's Bob Guccione, or Larry Flynt, right?

It should be "Anti-Porn Czar". Or "Anti-Porn Fuhrer".
2001-12-10 12:48:17 PM  
I hate you stupid fukcing mormons.
2001-12-10 01:50:36 PM  
thanks HOLIDAY for sticking a NSFW pic in the thread here.. really... Perfect opportunity to test my new virtual desktop software. Now i can just hit "windows key + 7" to activate my 7th virtual desktop. Now I need to stick all my work into this desktop too..
2001-12-10 04:21:43 PM  
If she's deciding what's decent, the terrorists are already moving into my place and raiding the fridge! HEY! That's my pizza!
2001-12-10 05:34:30 PM she has 12 kids, but "David" makes her "uncomfortable?" Her husband must be some lover....
2001-12-10 06:13:58 PM  
I am very surprised that this woman is loosening the laws. I thought it would go the other way.
2001-12-10 08:13:09 PM  
Calling that *being* a porn czar is, at the very least, an oxymoron.
What would be the correct term? anti-porn fashist? prude in need of a royal farking?
2001-12-10 09:31:42 PM  
One hopes that the loosening of these nudity laws don't apply to Ms. Houston.

She's definitely a 'I need five drinks and turn the lights out' kinda lady.
2001-12-11 07:55:37 AM  
I'd rather have my children watch a video of two people making love than two people trying to kill one another.
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