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(Campus Reform)   Harvard's Kennedy School of Government will require mandatory "power and privilege" training for students, because how else are they to relate to the peons of the world?   ( divider line
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2014-05-14 04:45:03 PM  
3 votes:
"With power comes great privilege. Any questions? No? OK great. The rest of the class will be learning expensive liquors and wines and finding ways to hide your income from your wife and abroad, and by abroad I don't mean those 10000 hookers you'll be farking."
2014-05-14 08:31:58 PM  
1 vote:

spamdog: What do you mean, these paragons of inclusion and tolerance are anti-religious?

Considering what one religion in particular has done to the social fabric, law and politics in this country for the past 30-plus years, they would be justified in thinking this. Remember, these students grew up under the onslaught of the religious right, and as such have felt the full fury of their societal rendering, especially college (reproductive) age women.

This is not about religion, it's about assholes. Unfortunately enough assholes from one religion in particular have screwed things up for those other members of that religion who mind their own business, read their book, pray to their god, and leave other people the fark alone to live their lives. People don't like assholes who want to change the law, change society, and even change other religions to fit their paradigm of "how things are supposed to be".
2014-05-14 08:24:44 PM  
1 vote:

meyerkev: I'm wondering if this isn't a secret plot by white males to continue ruling the world

And of course all your alleged numbers and stats occur in a vacuum, with no outside influences, societal issues, psychological conundrums, political maneuvering, historical bias or any other forces which might explain those figures. Every person is a self-contained history, unaffected by anything which resides outside their own skin... or mind. Their life experiences mean nothing, their upbringing is naught but a footnote, and their environment even less.

That's the problem with the poor downtrodden white males (sadness) who seek verification of their poor downtrodden-ness... they oh-so-conveniently forget that for every what, and where, and who, and how much... there's a "why?". And as in any science, including the science of statistics (their favorite), "why?" is the most important question to ask, and the most difficult to answer.

Context is a Good Thingtm.
2014-05-14 06:46:55 PM  
1 vote:

Dusk-You-n-Me: UrukHaiGuyz: I don't see why that's cause for hyperbolic alarmist cries about "demonizing the white man" or whatever.

Because no matter the circumstances, white men are always the victim, somehow, someway.

Did you grasp the irony when you wrote this?
2014-05-14 05:27:56 PM  
1 vote:

meyerkev: Yeah.  Oh, and even funner/scarier is that Harvard grads run the country.  So 30-40 years from now, the people who believe this crazy shiat will be in charge.

Before you go on another creepily race-obsessed and irrelevant screed, in all likelihood this amounts to a freshmen orientation skit along the lines of "Don't be an asshole to people from different backgrounds".  I'm okay with the people in charge learning that.
2014-05-14 05:06:50 PM  
1 vote:

meyerkev: Is this that one class about how every single person in the world is secretly giving off "microaggressions" and therefore every single slight, intentional or unintentional, is secretly a great horrendous insult to your entire race/gender/class?

I mean, I'm not saying they're wrong, but maybe we should back off that for a while.  Because that way of thinking scares the EVER-living shiat out of me.

/Because "He cut in front of me in line" -> "He's a misogynist" is never going to end in a victimization complex, deserved or not.


Except you can't be a victim if you're a white heterosexual male, as if you are one, your mere presence is problematic.
2014-05-14 04:57:13 PM  
1 vote:
Curing affluenza, one rich little shiat at a time.
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