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(Science Daily)   Physicists measure second Efimov resonance of three particles in an ultracold quantum gas, proving for the first time the periodicity of this universal physical phenomenon experimentally. Well, duh   ( divider line
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2014-05-14 09:30:37 AM  
Articles like this are why the world needs the humanities.

Imagine if the guy writing this tried to write a novel. It would be so dry you could use it to save Tuvalu.
2014-05-14 10:39:36 AM  
Dammit, and I almost had my experimental apparatus set up. There's a weekend I will never get back.
2014-05-14 11:04:22 AM  
So does this mean the Federation and the Romulans are now at war?
2014-05-14 11:30:26 AM  
2014-05-14 11:30:44 AM  
Any time I get sad I just remember that we are bits of dead stars subjected to evolutionary pressures for billions of years that have figured out how to study the Universe. It's beautiful.
2014-05-14 11:37:41 AM
2014-05-14 11:39:07 AM  
I just realized the person that made this neglected to run a spellcheck.....
2014-05-14 11:39:19 AM  
Just smile and nod, boys.
2014-05-14 11:49:10 AM  
That's so far over my head I wouldn't get it it I had binoculars.
2014-05-14 12:07:02 PM  
I am so close to grasping that there's a Casimir Effect.
2014-05-14 12:22:38 PM  
They'll be using this technology for the new 4D printers.
2014-05-14 12:32:07 PM  

doglover: Articles like this are why the world needs the humanities.

Imagine if the guy writing this tried to write a novel. It would be so dry you could use it to save Tuvalu.

Scientific writing is very different from writing in the humanities: It's information dense, structured very differently, assumes an enormous amount of background knowledge is possessed by the reader, and is not meant to be flowery. A good example of this is the Watson and Crick paper in Nature first describing the structure of DNA in 1953. One page of text. In the life sciences you'd be hard pressed to find a paper that has had more impact in the last 100 years, and they did it in one page.

Plus, many common words have entirely different meanings within their specific scientific communities. For example "organic" means something very different to a chemist that it does to someone with a B,A. in English. Likewise when a biochemist / molecular biologist uses the term "genetically modified" it doesn't mean what 99.999% of the population think it means.

Put another way, if you don't know what Efimov states and quantum gasses are before reading the article, you are not the intended audience.

/If you are in science and want to get your thesis or journal submission rejected? Have an English student proof it.
2014-05-14 01:28:55 PM  
Well, there goes the joke about physicists being lousy in threesomes.
2014-05-14 02:16:08 PM  
The first Efimov novel I ever read was "I, Robot" and it was effing awesome.
2014-05-14 02:26:33 PM  
Well, it's the periodicity that's significant...
2014-05-14 02:55:51 PM  
I love it when news sites think Onion articles are real...
2014-05-15 09:21:59 AM  
So as I understand, the Efimov states are generic in that they don't depend on the underlying mechanism that mediates the two-body interaction (whatever those bodies might be...fermions, bosons, etc).  Does this mean that Efimov states are just mathematical consequences of the wavefunctions themselves?
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