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(The New York Times)   Minnesota insurer inadvertently speaks the truth about the ACA: "We have to break people away from the choice habit that everyone has"   ( divider line
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2014-05-13 10:33:48 PM  

MattStafford: And to follow up on my previous point, I think a lot of the anger directed at the ACA is because it was presented as some sort of magic solution where no one would suffer.  Somehow we would get insurance to the poor and sick, and it wouldn't result in more expensive or worse insurance for anyone else.  Clearly that is impossible, so people feel like they were lied to.  Some people also hate black people.

a) I like this post

2) Still pissed as f--k we didn't have a public option.

ii) I have two completely manageable pre-existing conditions and was denied individual insurance on a BS basis from the non-profit ostensibly insurer of last resort in my state.  On the plus side my new job insurance kicked in the last month I was on the individual plan.  I also ended up in the ER that month, so, tiny yay for decent timing I guess.  It costs society as a whole more when people without health insurance end up in the ER for issues they could've gotten treated or mitigated with preventative care.  But of course, the easiest thing to see is "hey, my premiums went up!".  Although, that said, I haven't seen a change in the middle of the road insurance my non-profit employer offers me, other than Cigna pulling crap trying to deny more and more everyday claims (like a physical for the first time in two years, or claiming a normal visit copay submitted for FSA wasn't covered.  F--kers.)

b) Everytime I read "black people" I get "I Believe" from The Book of Mormon stuck in my head.

/black people!
2014-05-13 10:47:05 PM  

Ontos: Chummer45: Yes, rather than a simple, single payer health care, I'd much rather have to spend the time wading through tons of different insurance plans and the various benefits they provide.

Man... Instead of all these different foods in the grocery store, wouldn't it be great if the government just gave me oatmeal?  Man... That would be great!  I'd never have to think at all!

shiat... Let's get rid of elections, car companies, cell phone providers... We could have the government just give us one choice.  Yay!!!

Awesome strawman, would never take you seriously again!!! F
2014-05-14 01:24:20 AM  

Mugato: vrax: Mugato: vrax: Fortunately, the shiat plans that cover next to nothing are illegal and taken out of the mix so people aren't getting ripped off as they were before.

Yeah but when your network isn't taking new patients for several months and you can't drop it and pick it up any time you want because of deadlines and you can't simply drop it without getting fined then you're still getting ripped off.

Yeah, the "not accepting new patients" problem has existed for a LONG time before ACA though.  It's a shiat problem.

Then they need to get rid of the referral system where you have to get a referral from your PHCP before you can go anywhere else. If the system can't handle the volume then they need to make changes.

Yeah, I hate the referral system.  Why, in 2014, there isn't great flexibility in where you can receive treatment is beyond me.  This is where single payer, with a national patient database would be amazing.
2014-05-14 05:18:12 AM  
Lucky LaRue: Call them people who've made bad life choices

Ass cancer is a premeditated, deliberate, and willful choice on your part. Enjoy it.
2014-05-14 09:10:10 AM  

Lucky LaRue: Well, yeah, it is illegal.  I can't buy a policy that doesn't meet the mandated requirements set forward by ACA and insurance companies can't offer it.  The free market has been circumvented by government interference.

You can't buy a car that doesn't meet basic safety standards either.  (Well, you can buy the car - you just can't drive in the road.)  You can still buy a crap-all health insurance policy too - you just have to pay the non-ACA compliance tax.
2014-05-14 09:21:08 AM  
The idea is to eventually eliminate all choices until the only choice left is single payer. Single payer through the government will set you free, you won't need or want choices.
2014-05-14 09:54:42 AM  
2014-05-14 10:24:12 AM  

Lucky LaRue: Well, one of us isn't paying attention to the words... If I can pick any plan car offered by the free market, then I can pick a plan that doesn't meet the ACA safety requirements. I can't pick a plan car

  that doesn't meet ACA safety  requirements, so I can't pick any plan car  offered by the free market.

Now do you see how retarded this argument is?  Of course you don't, sweet cheeks.  Why start now.
2014-05-14 11:09:18 AM  

mrshowrules: Reverend Monkeypants: In some parts of the world people become doctors because they're good at it and they want to help people get healthy.  Not because of the enriching profit margin.

Imagine that

US doctors make about 30% more than Canadian doctors.   I think many US doctors would gladly take a 30% pay cut if they could avoid paying 10 times higher malpractice insurance while also being able to decide a patients treatment without negotiating with an insurance company

2014-05-14 11:33:36 AM  

Animatronik: The idea is to eventually eliminate all choices until the only choice left is single payer. Single payer through the government will set you free, you won't need or want choices.

You might want to sit down for this, countries that have single-payer, they still have private doctors.
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