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(Washington Times)   North Korea threatens to attack South Korea and "wipe it from the map", marking the first time since Saturday it has made that promise   ( divider line
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2014-05-13 10:42:46 AM  
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Some Coke Drinking Guy: They have been making that threat for a very long time.  I am starting to suspect they can't really do it.

They aren't making the threat for our benefit. They do it to keep their country at a state of readiness for war, which distracts them from the crushing poverty, while telling them that our peasants have it much worse.
2014-05-13 12:29:52 PM  
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2014-05-13 11:33:39 AM  
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Evil Mackerel: nunyadang: Evil Mackerel: To bad we can't just grab this guy, dope him up and leave him at a bus stop outside of Detroit.

Yea, drop that guy right in Detroit, that will show him.

[ image 569x400][ image 846x375][ image 575x431]

Reading is hard.

Oh  OUTDSIDEof Detroit. Sorry I missed that. Good call, the suburbs will eat him alive

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2014-05-13 11:15:26 AM  
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BigNumber12: To be fair, it sounds like South Korea started this particular exchange.

To be fair, it doesn't at all.
2014-05-13 11:05:20 AM  
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NutWrench: The North's powerful National Defense Commission called the South Korean comments an "intolerable" provocation that showed the South wants to take over the North.
Trust me, they have no desire to do that. Your county is a social and economic basket case. Just the cost of caring for the millions of physically and mentally farked-up North Koreans would be staggering.

If you had to undo the systemic brainwashing, where would you even start? Just pointing out the obvious... could be next year, could be in two centuries, but someday that question will need to be answered.

Do you pick an age (8 years old, 12 years old, 15 years old), and separate the citizens into two societies? Like let everyone over age X live out the rest of their days in a semi-insular bubble - similar to NK's societal structure, just with better nutrition and medical care? And then everyone under X gets deprogrammed, assigned new host families, and integrated back into the rest of the Earth?
2014-05-13 11:04:37 AM  
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Evil Mackerel: To bad we can't just grab this guy, dope him up and leave him at a bus stop outside of Detroit.

Yea, drop that guy right in Detroit, that will show him.

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2014-05-13 10:33:23 AM  
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Just you watch! We are totally going to do it this time! Yeah, I'm f*cking serious! It's about to get real now, son! You'll see! You'll be laughing out of the bullet hole in your neck, boy!
2014-05-13 09:59:10 AM  
1 vote:
Some days I wish we could just nuke that fat little f*cker and be done with it

/someone would probably have a problem with that, though
2014-05-13 09:30:39 AM  
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I bet you feel pretty foolish treating it like an idle threat now, don't you?
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