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(New York Magazine)   Post-Benghazi, Lara Logan may be too toxic for CBS, just perfect for Fox News   (nymag.com) divider line 108
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2014-05-05 05:11:31 PM

Loadmaster: Which only makes my point. Fox is considered to be alternative, or counter, to the "main-stream" outlets, especially by the Left without respectable journalistic standards and a go-to employer when you've lost credibility.

2014-05-05 05:18:49 PM

Loadmaster: Loadmaster: Forget her smarts, her beauty, her drive to get the story without regard to personal risk. She leans conservative, which is the only thing that matters, so naturally she must never again be allowed to work for a mainstream media outlet.

someonelse: Your statement would have merit if a) she hadn't produced a story that was shamefully bad journalism, ...

Yes, it was bad journalism. Every bit as bad a what Dan Rather did with his Bush story. The main difference being that she fessed up to it, backed away from her source, and did not continue supporting the original story.

someonelse:... and b) there's any indication that she won't work for a mainstream media outlet again. You honestly think that if CBS kicks her to the curb she won't go running to Fox in a heartbeat? Or do you think Fox wouldn't have her?

Which only makes my point. Fox is considered to be alternative, or counter, to the "main-stream" outlets, especially by the Left.

Dan Rather apologized as well, and said they should not have used the Killian documents. That story, however, was not ENTIRELY based on those documents. Logan's story was solely based on the account of a guy whose story was completely fabricated. And several people got fired over the Rather story. Rather himself stepped down. That's another difference.

Fox is not considered alternative by anybody except themselves. They definitely are not seen as "alternative" by the left. They are a top-rated, mainstream, right wing news organization.
2014-05-05 07:51:14 PM
I'll take her over Clarissa Ward any day.
2014-05-05 07:52:37 PM

Li'l Robbie: Priapetic: I don't see what the problem is, she was just carrying on the time-honored 60 Minutes tradition of just making shiat up for sensationalist news ratings.  It never blew back on any of the other 60 Minutes staffers who pulled the same shiat.

I pretty much gave up on "60 Minutes" after Andy Rooney retired (and passed away); his commentaries
were my favorite part of the show.

Speaking of Andy Rooney, I actually found a glove within vicinity of my glove-box the other day.
2014-05-05 08:45:20 PM

jehovahs witness protection: Benghazi will go away when obama and clinton are behind bars, where they belong.

So, never?   Just checking that you will never ever get over it.

tell me some more about this Chappaquiddick story I saw the other day over at RedState...
2014-05-06 12:50:38 AM

FloridaFarkTag: She was raped by Religion of Peace dudes in Egypt.

From TFA

She would later recount what happened next: She and her crew began to receive verbal threats from the crowd, which grew increasingly restive and violent. Logan said she was separated from her handlers and then assaulted by a mob of men who ripped off her clothes and groped her.

That isn't raped by religion of peace dudes. That is sexual assault, but not rape. Is there any story you propaganda artists wont twist around?
2014-05-06 01:31:49 AM

EyeballKid: And a frustrated Sharyl Atkisson stamps out of the store, box of store-brand bleach in her hand, and says, "WELL, THAT'S JUST GREAT! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THIS AND ALL THE HOOKER DRESSES I BOUGHT?!"

Be a hooker? Sharyl's still kinda hot, and it's a more honest profession than what she's doing now.
2014-05-06 02:19:11 AM
What's stunning about her 60 Mins segment isn't that it was wrong, but that it was retardedly wrong. I mean, the guy was leaping fences and kicking terrorists in the throat. It's totally ludicrous and the kind of thing that kills a news program. At least the kind that depends on reputation.  In fact, I'm not sure they've recovered yet.
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