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(Gizmodo)   The vampires were right folks: Young blood is the key to eternal youth   (sploid.gizmodo.com) divider line 60
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2014-05-05 10:25:05 AM

Nidiot: I'm skeptical, this sounds too obvious and too simple. If it were that simple surely someone would have discovered this long before now.  We would have had rich people getting transfusions of young people's blood for decades already.

They can do a lot of cool things with mice, they seldom transfer to working as well with humans.

Apparently we have the same protein in human blood...bah ha ha! ;^)

/rich boomer seeks young something looking for a sugar daddy
2014-05-05 10:36:31 AM
So when the hospital gives my donated O- blood to babies, does it have the opposite effect?
2014-05-05 11:25:36 AM
2014-05-05 11:37:38 AM
So, I guess I should consider having kids so I can harvest their blood.
2014-05-05 11:53:00 AM

Practical_Draconian: I don't know, Nosferatu tend to look pretty farked up regardless of how much blood they drink.

Maybe, but did you notice how smooth their skin is??

/not sure what it does to the ears though.
2014-05-05 12:10:46 PM
LesterB: Lokis_Mentor: Ivo Shandor: Simpsons did it.
[i.imgur.com image 220x140]

So did south park

Norman Spinrad was before either of them.

/"Bug Jack Barron"

dv_ous: Where does artificial blood work into this?

And wasn't this in some Heinlein novel?

"Bug Jack Barron" was published in 1969.  Robert A. Heinlein's "Methuselah's Children" was published in 1958.

The Howard Families had developed longevity naturally, by enforced natural selection (artificial selection? selective breeding).  The 'normal population' didn't want to hear that, and were working up to torturing the 'secret' out of them, on the mistaken assumption that it could be applied to anyone directly, rather than only by having the right ancestors.

The Howards escaped on a commandeered (stolen) spaceship.  When they got back, they discovered that the rest of humanity had actually pretty much created the longevity treatment that they were convinced that the Howards had.  A large part of the treatment was complete replacement of the body's blood supply.

/Kudos to Spinrad, anyway.  I always loved his Star Trek episode, 'The Doomsday Machine'.
2014-05-05 12:16:38 PM

Wolf892: With all the awesome testing and results that go into mice you would think someone could write a kick ass story about the accidental creation of super mice that manage to escape their cages in some lab located in say, the National Institute of Mental Health or something.

I bet a story like that would be really cool.

Great story, and an extremely innovative animated film. It was the first to use backlighting to create special glowing effects (fires, Nicodemus' glowing eyes, et cetera) which were applied to later cel-animated works. They also experimented with Rotoscoping to create transparent shadows, achieving great success. The end result is a visually striking animated film that to this day is remembered quite fondly by many.
2014-05-05 12:34:52 PM

Rhino_man: What a Youngblood might look like.

I still have the LAM miniature from completing that game. I beat the second game too.

Awesome pic.
2014-05-05 10:14:50 PM
This explains that farking Abe Vigoda.
2014-05-06 03:17:04 AM

McGrits: Rhino_man: What a Youngblood might look like.

I still have the LAM miniature from completing that game. I beat the second game too.

Awesome pic.

Give Mechwarrior Online a shot.
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