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(Daily Mail)   Today's abandoned building photos brought to you by Italy. You know you want to go there. I do   ( divider line
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2014-05-03 12:57:39 AM  
Nice. Loved the ornate cast iron. There's a place in my city that still makes that stuff. Love browsing it but thankful they leave the prices off so I can dream.
2014-05-03 01:09:55 AM  
I'd squat that place like no man has squat before.
2014-05-03 01:13:05 AM  
There is no where near the level of vandalism as in US abandoned buildings.

That's the first thing I noticed too. They are amazingly undisturbed.
2014-05-03 01:20:54 AM  
Still. These have nothing on Detroit.
2014-05-03 01:26:55 AM  
Anyone else getting tired of HDR photography?
2014-05-03 01:33:44 AM  
Commit minor trespassing in Italy?

No farking way, somehow I'd get tried for murder seven or eight times.
2014-05-03 01:35:23 AM  

Cthulhu_is_my_homeboy: Commit minor trespassing in Italy?

No farking way, somehow I'd get tried for murder seven or eight times.

good times, good times.
2014-05-03 01:38:44 AM  
I'm pretty sure I saw that second picture during Jack's loyalty quest in Mass Effect 3.
2014-05-03 01:48:23 AM  
I'm reminded of something from a SALT talk.

In America, a hundred years is a long time. In Europe a hundred miles is a long distance.
2014-05-03 01:51:12 AM  
ruin porn is best porn

*fap fap fap fap*

wait. that's wrong, isn't it?
2014-05-03 01:57:33 AM  

mr_fulano: Anyone else getting tired of HDR photography?

I wouldn't call these photos as HDR as in exagerated colors HDR.
2014-05-03 02:20:28 AM  
Thanks  subby.
2014-05-03 03:24:40 AM  

mr_fulano: Anyone else getting tired of HDR photography?

I was tired if it immediately.

But worse, I've seen some of these photos before; they've been circulating the net for at least a year maybe two. I'm starting to think the Daily Fail copied an email forward and attributed the pictures to a nonexistent photographer.
2014-05-03 04:24:23 AM  
Creepy lone wheelchair is creepy.
2014-05-03 04:32:01 AM  

Ral: I'm pretty sure I saw that second picture during Jack's loyalty quest in Mass Effect 3.

As soon I saw that picture I thought the same thing. "Oh, that's where Jack went to that corrupt biotic academy as a kid".
2014-05-03 07:30:23 AM  
Italy is famous for really letting buildings fall into a state of disrepair.  Just look at these run-down messes!
2014-05-03 10:19:46 AM  

mr_fulano: Anyone else getting tired of HDR photography?

Had to look up the what HDR was and yes, I 'm tired of it too.  It certainly has its place, but its overused and just makes me think of crappy instragram shots.  Hopefully it will go away like the sepia craze a few years back.
2014-05-03 11:27:40 AM  
The photos of the derelict structures are cool but I have no desire to go to Italy.  A couple years ago I visited Milan on business and was less than impressed.  I am surprised it is touted as some sort of hoity-toity fashion center.  I got off the plane into a relatively crappy looking run down airport, took a taxi past all sort of reasonably interesting old world buildings that had been defaced by endless amounts of graffiti, to a run down hotel with rooms the size of broom closets.  Along the way I saw lots of poor bastards braving the snow on bicycles and scooters on poorly maintained streets and sidewalks. The whole time I was there the sky was gray and there was a shiatty, steady rain of sleet and snow.  The only positive experience was an absolutely wonderful dinner at a restaurant across the street from the hotel.  I suppose it didn't help my attitude that I landed there right as news of the Newtown shootings was coming out.  The hotel tv was continuously covering the news.  Even so, I don't think I would find it an enjoyable environment on the best of days.

In short the Italians cook good but seem to be so lost in their cooking that they have lost track of the fact that their surroundings are really crappy.  The most unacceptable thing was the graffiti.  What kind of piggies do that and/or don't clean it up?  Its not that graffiti doesn't happen where I live but the city or nearby homeowners clean it up pretty fast and you don't see it on historic buildings.
2014-05-03 03:22:06 PM  
I went to Italy with my ex, and saw several famous places; Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa, and points in between.  I really loved all of it, but I remember seeing run down homes--not huge opulent ones, just old--in open countryside and wondering just how hard it'd be to fix a place like that up and live in it.
2014-05-03 04:04:10 PM  

mr_fulano: Anyone else getting tired of HDR photography?

No, and nobody is forcing you to look at it.
2014-05-03 04:29:14 PM  
Island of Poveglia buildings are vacant too. Just off the coast of Italy.

It's also called "The scariest place on earth"
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