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(PCWorld)   When you're a major wireless company, you buy a television provider. When you buy a television provider, people look at you funny. When people look at you funny, you'll get your ass kicked. Don't become a wireless company. Buy DirecTV   ( divider line
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2014-05-01 01:25:00 PM  
3 votes:
When you make stupid, asinine commercials, with a worn-out premise, I change the channel. When I change the channel, I find something else to watch. When I find something else to watch another damn DirecTV commercial comes on. When another DirecTV commercial comes on, I throw a bowling ball into my TV. Don't make me throw a bowling ball into my TV. Make better commercials.
2014-05-01 01:47:06 PM  
2 votes:

ChipNASA: Get a Roku, get Amazon Prime, Hulu and netflix and cut the cable.

Doing the math of how many people have shiat internet (if that) and how many people have Dish or DirecTV, you can figure that at least a third of the subscriber base for each of them are rural/hamlet people that have no internet (except tightly-capped cell networks) or, if very lucky, DSL/Line-of-sight internet below 2Mbps.  Get out in stick-land, and basically every single house will have a dish.

For 90% of Americans, "cut the cord" could be a thing.  Dish and Direct are heavily weighted toward the people who won't be doing so any time soon.
2014-05-01 01:17:01 PM  
2 votes:

Zombies ate my neighbors: I personally refuse to give any of my money directly to AT&T... so if this happens, buh-bye DSL, Hello god awful arse-raping cable company. At least the cable company doesn't use the worst possible phone system for support... and has local people in their call center. (In other words, they use lube).

Get a Roku, get Amazon Prime, Hulu and netflix and cut the cable.

fark them.....saving about $125 a month and I watch anything I want on demand.
2014-05-01 03:02:57 PM  
1 vote:

dramatools: AT&T needs to concentrate on growing U-verse's footprint, because they get nothing from DirecTV, save for sticking it to CenturyLink.There is no value in building out DSL then selling Sat TV alongside it when they can build out VDSL.  The only thing that makes sense is to bleed DirecTV's subscriber base as U-verse spreads, then sell the business and those remaining rural customers to somebody with a lot of money to burn.

There are 28 states where AT&T doesn't have aland-line footprint and can't offer U-verse.
2014-05-01 02:55:21 PM  
1 vote:

JackieRabbit: I am also suddenly barraged with telemarketing calls and spam from non-AT&T companies.

Did you forget to make sure your phone number remained "unlisted"?  Because if you suddenly popped up in white pages after a service transition...  welcome to telemarketer heaven (ie. hell on earth for you).
2014-05-01 02:08:53 PM  
1 vote:
Can we vote for worst headline of the year? 'Cos that one sucked.
2014-05-01 02:04:31 PM  
1 vote:
I need a major sports league to make the leap and present real streaming options (without local restrictions) to really open up the market.

I cut the cord mostly.. I have basic comcast cable, hulu, netflix, comcast internet, and vonage.. which may soon go away too.  I have a chromecast as well.

Sports still kill me.  Last night (using a family member's password) I was able to stream the Flyers on my phone, but couldn't get it on my laptop (to send to the chromecast).  drives me nuts.
2014-05-01 01:56:00 PM  
1 vote:

Savage Belief: Dish > DirecTV

See I feel the exact opposite.  I have DTV; my neighbor has Dish; and on similar plans for content etc.  In fact he got his Dish setup a few weeks after we got our DTV install since prior to my moving in the landlord had a blanket "no dish / aerial antenna" clause in the lease; until I kindly informed him about federal laws making such clauses illegal.  His dish is mounted on the roof so it should have better LoS than mine mounted on a 4' pole in the yard off the deck.  His picture quality sucks; and during the winter he was out on the roof repeatedly cleaning off the dish because he'd lost service.  On the other hand, my picture is amazing; and the only time I had to clean my dish is when it got coated with ~3" of ice.

Not knocking Dish per se; either service is miles better than local cable offerings and whatever floats your boat and all that; just in my case DTV has proven to be better.

At any rate; even though I'm more than happy with the service; I'd love to drop it and go streaming only but I can't seem to find a solution that isn't a royal PITA.  The common solution seems to be Netflix + Hulu+ + Amazon Prime; and I don't mind having accounts for all of them it's such a chore to go through each one to find what I'm looking to watch.  "Oooh, I'll watch this, no wait, it's not on Netflix, maybe Hulu+ has it.....nope, fark it."  What I *want* is a uniform interface where I've already logged into the services; so it only shows me things that are available to me.  I don't care if the content is coming from Amazon or Netflix or whatever; just show me that its available and play it.  Kind of like but actually on my TV (that doesn't require me hooking my laptop up to the TV or building an HTPC).
2014-05-01 01:53:04 PM  
1 vote:
OTA digital TV for the win, still have to keep Time Warner for internet until Google fiber hits my area. I can't wait for the day I can finally cancel Time Warner, they love to increase bills by just a little every month, then you call and they have this great promotional rate I can get, so I have to call every 6 months or so to ask for a better rate. Oh, and about their idiotic commercials...
2014-05-01 01:40:15 PM  
1 vote:
Att is now forcing Att DSL customers to switch to uverse.
2014-05-01 01:32:19 PM  
1 vote:

Driedsponge: I wonder what will cost AT&T more money?  Paying for DirectTV or the volume of payoffs, bribes, and marketing it will have to do to get this to pass through both the FCC and the DoJ.

If your thoughts were true, then AT&T would have been able to merge with T-Mobile.
2014-05-01 01:09:23 PM  
1 vote:
Buy "high".
Sell sober.
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