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(The Hollywood Reporter)   SyFy orders production of "Sharknado 3" before "Sharknado 2" even airs. Subby knows there's an expression for the moment a popular series goes into decline, but he can't quite put his fin on it   ( divider line
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2014-04-30 07:45:39 PM  
You wacky millennials. When will you stop ironically pretending to like garbage? It just means more and more of this,crap will get made.
2014-04-30 08:14:34 PM
2014-04-30 08:14:48 PM  
I absolutely adore low budget science fiction and horror movies, but usually that's contingent on the movie being unaware of itself and/or the production team at least making an effort to polish the turd. Sometimes, with a decent budget, the whole semi-satirical or meta-aware type cheese flicks are okay as well.

However, I just don't get into the Syfy movies. Virtually all of them just seem lazy, like everybody involved is suffering from some combination of having given up on life and they aren't getting paid enough to give a crap.

It's the acting, the story, the special effects, everything. It's like these movies are the result of someone devoting his or her life to studying low-budget cult films, and then they purposely go out to make movies that very clearly steer away from any of the redeeming qualities of the great cult classics -- except the whole thing is so sloppy and lazy that you know nobody would have put that kind of thinking and level of effort into making the movie so awful.

Like what you like, I'm not going to hate on you (much) for liking things I don't like. I'm just saying, as a lover of crap movies, I don't get the appeal of these boring Syfy productions. It doesn't take a big budget to make a good movie, of course it doesn't hurt, and while these movies seem to rake in buckets of cash, I'm left wondering why they can't seem to at least occasionally try to pull a gem out of their asses.
2014-04-30 10:06:06 PM  
The real question is if the production quality is better or worse than the porno knockoff...?
2014-05-01 12:16:57 AM  

StrikitRich: [ image 560x454]

Due to budget cuts, Sharknado 3 will have to utilize a dachshund in a shark life vest for its protagonist.

As long as it shoots bees from its mouth, I'm good
2014-05-01 02:22:57 AM  

Mad_Radhu: On the other hand, they just ordered a pilot based off of the relatively highbrow comic Pax Romana. If it takes a couple more Sharknados to make possible for new sci-fi shows to get made, I'm down with the intentional badness.

The pitfall to this of course is when PR does premiere, the rubes will tune in expecting sharks, bad acting, silly special effects, etc. Then promptly tune out when they realize its a serious SF show. And its gone by the end of the season.
2014-05-01 07:21:51 AM  

Zombie DJ: And Almost Human is out there getting canceled.


The cost of an average TV drama is north of $1 million an episde.
The first Sharknado cost $800,000.

It's not that hard to figure out.
2014-05-01 10:36:45 AM  
Wow axing SGU and not picking up V were the best decisions this network has ever made.

/that was sarcasm
2014-05-01 06:32:42 PM  

kvinesknows: Zarquon's Flat Tire: I want Sharkcano.

Underwater volcano blasts sharks out of the water, so you get flying sharks ON FIRE. It's just the next logical step.

Well I'll be damned.
2014-05-01 07:00:02 PM  

Sliding Carp: Li'l Robbie: "Sharknado" saw flying sharks attacking Los Angeles.  "Sharknado 2" saw flying sharks attacking
New York.  Where will the sharks land in "Sharknado 3"? ( Probably someplace like the center of
Wisconsin, for geographic reasons.)

Dear Baby Jesus, please let it be Washington, D.C.  The possibilities are unlimited.
Thank you,
your pal, Carp.

Got a point, Carp..I'd love to see sharks dining on elephants and donkeys - hopefully, without
upchucking them.
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