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(Daily Mail)   Male model doing 80mph in a 30 zone totals house and Audi. Then annoys police by only being concerned about his looks ahead of fashion shoot. Oh yeah, his name is "Storm Burger"   ( ) divider line 61
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2014-04-30 07:17:00 PM  
It was a dark and windy night, the rain was coming down like cats and dogs, then it turned to hail
Storm Buuuurrggger
Arby's has this new smokehouse thing, with fried onions
That's always the choice - do you buy premium, or go off the value menu
Stoooorrrmm Burger
I have coupons for BK. BK has a real nice char-grilled taste
Storm Burgerrrrrrr
If I go buy a burger during a tornado, am I endangering the staff?
If I light up my little smoky and make my own burger during a storm, do I have to be 20 feet away from the building?
Nothing's gonna catch fire in a storm
Storrrrrrrrrrm Burger
2014-04-30 07:24:15 PM  

Peter von Nostrand: There's a whole lot more to life than bring ridiculously good looking

Done in one
2014-04-30 08:03:13 PM  

ToastmasterGeneral: Peter von Nostrand: There's a whole lot more to life than bring ridiculously good looking

But why male models?

Shut up Derek.
2014-04-30 08:15:01 PM  

Dadburns: So, was he really, really good-looking?
[ image 300x170]

2014-04-30 09:11:45 PM  
The car is in pieces, all over the place, so how did the cops determine there had been no mechanical failures?
2014-04-30 09:17:11 PM  

DaAlien: suburbanguy: Tr0mBoNe: An A3 is a sports car?? Did he get stabbed with $200 million worth of Marijuana or just an AK-47?

Came to say this.

FTA: Male model, 21, smashed high-powered Audi into side of house...
...The Audi A3 Quattro

The A3 might be considered a high-powered compact sedan/wagon (nothing left in the pictures).  But how on God's green earth could the smallest, cheapest model be considered a high-powered Audi?

Well, it's the smallest, which means it's also the lightest.

Other than the A1, surely?

According to TFA, it had the 3.2l V6, which cranks out around 250HP. Not too shabby in what's basically a leather-lined VW Golf. It's a slug compared to, say, an RS4. However, given its relative lack of mass, it's quick compared to an A6 or Q model with the same engine.

Yeah, it's a hot hatch. Small car with a relatively large engine.

Also, this is the Daily Fail, so they gotta pump up everything.

That too.
2014-04-30 09:23:35 PM  

BadReligion: If it doesn't start with RS(Or at least S), it is hot a high powered Audi.

R8.  Best kind of correct.
2014-04-30 09:46:17 PM  
He would have if someone used the Ambulance fire extinguisher on his face.
2014-04-30 11:52:20 PM  

Witness99: There's no image for Storm Burger, but here's Gabriel Burger, a 24 yo male model from Brazil!  They probably look similar.

[ image 251x300]

I'd eat a Gabriel Burger, if you know what I mean.

/someone had to say it.
//I'm a chick, btw.
///slashies come in threes
2014-05-01 12:24:46 AM  
No picture? Fail. Do not greenlight shiat like this without a picture, dammit.
2014-05-01 01:06:03 PM  

Cold_Sassy: Sounds like he should change his name to  ASPERGER.

Came here to suggest "Smash Burger."

/warm up the lawyers
//Might get a free burger on May 28.
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