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(Lacrosse Tribune)   Thieves target walnut trees. Next up, the larch   ( divider line
    More: Sappy, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, rural areas, Rock County  
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2014-04-29 09:13:57 AM  
The larch:
2014-04-29 09:49:44 AM
2014-04-29 12:43:41 PM  
The Little Whopping Rule Tree!

+1 for what you did with the tag. Cute.
2014-04-29 12:58:24 PM  
That takes a lot of nuts.
2014-04-29 01:11:40 PM  
I had a relative call and pay someone to take down 2 big walnut trees in his yard because "they just make a mess".   The guy must have laughed all the way to the bank.
2014-04-29 01:13:18 PM  
I've never been on a walnut ranch
2014-04-29 01:14:20 PM  
Illegal logging, not just for the Amazon anymore.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2014-04-29 01:16:58 PM  
When I was a kid my father got a company to take down some medium size trees by the driveway. They also went to the other side of the yard, a few hundred feet away, and took the big tree there. So these articles reinforce my previous beliefs about tree cutters.
2014-04-29 01:29:41 PM  
And now....
2014-04-29 01:32:17 PM  
They should know it's not oakay to cut other people's trees
2014-04-29 01:35:42 PM  
The maples did it. Did you think they would stop with the oaks?
2014-04-29 01:36:37 PM  
They're going to steal my best buddy, aren't they? Next thing you know, my suspendies are gone, and those adorable Mounties, too.
2014-04-29 01:44:39 PM  

I'm_out_of_popcorn: The maples did it. Did you think they would stop with the oaks?

The trees will all be made equal....

by hatchet....


and SAW!
2014-04-29 01:47:35 PM  
Number 4...
2014-04-29 01:57:09 PM  
This is why you should teach your trees how not to be seen.
2014-04-29 01:57:20 PM  
They stole a walnut tree? That's just nuts.
2014-04-29 02:23:40 PM  
The Larch....

THE..... LARCH.....
2014-04-29 02:23:53 PM  
Full marks for tag use subby.
2014-04-29 02:30:47 PM  
This isn't exactly something new. As in the first time I heard of it was probably 40 to 50 years ago.
As someone who has worked with wood, walnut sucks.
It affects my breathing.
Oak. Now there's a beautiful wood. In appearance and to work with.
2014-04-29 02:36:29 PM  
Now they'll never have to shell out money for walnuts again. Probably a bunch of crackers !
2014-04-29 02:38:06 PM  
That part of the state grows beautiful, high quality walnut trees. My great grandmother owned a small walnut grove in the area that she sustainably harvested and it financed her 20 years of widowhood after gr-grandpa died. I have a table made from the wood from those trees.
2014-04-29 04:31:52 PM  
I was looking around for wood-splitter plans, and ended up on a forum of people who make their own wood-stoves. Some new member was showing off all the trees they cut down, delimbed, and bucked into 18' sections. *Everyone* in the forum groaned -- he had cut down a stand of sugar maples. The youngest tree looked to be about 70 years old, some were possible 100+. A decent amount of money in syrup and many thousands of dollars in lumber all ended up in a firepit.
2014-04-29 04:33:06 PM  
^correction: 18 inch sections.
2014-04-29 05:41:37 PM  

vonmatrices: I'm_out_of_popcorn: The maples did it. Did you think they would stop with the oaks?

The trees will all be made equal....

by hatchet....


and SAW!

I came looking for Monty Python but think this is better. Thank you.
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