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(USA Today)   Taco Bell is launching a new upscale concept known as U.S. Taco. No word if there will be the complimentary 3 seashells in each bathroom yet   ( divider line
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2014-04-24 07:49:00 PM  
11 votes:
a hush-hush, fast-casual restaurant project developed deep in the bowels of Taco Bell's Irvine, Calif., headquarters building

I'm not used to seeing the words "bowels" and "Taco Bell" together in quite that context.
2014-04-24 08:57:03 PM  
4 votes:

fireclown: Aight. Where is the best mexican in baltimore? DC?

The Home Depot off of I-95.
2014-04-24 08:15:29 PM  
3 votes:
I'm waiting for Soylent Taco.

(its made out of Mexicans)
2014-04-24 08:04:28 PM  
3 votes:
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2014-04-24 10:20:12 PM  
2 votes:

GRCooper: Cerebral Knievel: obligitory comment reguarding that the only way to get real mezican food is to go to a bodega in a mexican nieghborhood and that anything else is just mexican flavored slop on a tortilla shell

There used to be one in Charlottesville - a little Mexican store. You had to slide back through stacks of boxes and display cabinets to this little back room.

Inside was this little old man, sitting on an overturned paint bucket, managing several hot plates with simmering pots. The smell was incredible.

You needed to order in Spanish, cuz he spoke no English. Amazing food. Cheap, too.

Oh yeah! Mr. Diego! you also had to strip down to your skivies and kneel in a circle around all the hot plates with all the other customers. . then you had to eat the peyote. while waiting for the peyote to kick in this little aztec guy would tell you about the spirit realm and machu pichu. then the Peyote would kick in... you would puke and your spirit animal would present itself...

and then and ONLY THEN... were you ALLOWED to even THINK about getting a chimichanga
2014-04-24 08:25:20 PM  
2 votes:
If you want good Mexican food, you gotta go where the Mexicans go.

media.yellowbot.comView Full Size

Waaaaay closer to me than the nearest Taco Bell, thank God. Awesome food. I'm often the only gringo in there. Their campechana is heaven in a bowl, and their carnitas is fried piggy bliss wrapped in a tortilla.

The place is quite nice inside without being too stuffy and formal (which I like) and I can sit and eat at the bar (which I like very much).

^^THIS^^ is why I haven't been to a Taco Bell in over 10 years.
2014-04-24 08:12:50 PM  
2 votes:
cdn2-b.examiner.comView Full Size

Somewhere, Mac Tonight is laughing. Probably a homeless shelter or a potter's field.
2014-04-24 08:09:43 PM  
2 votes:
Considering their motto over the last 30 years was "It's 1 A.M., you're drunk, and everywhere nearby is closed," I can't see them pulling this transition off.

I'm just waiting for them to go the full nine and rename Taco Bell as "Drunk Chow."
2014-04-24 07:50:40 PM  
2 votes:
So is this what kicks off the fast food wars?
2014-04-25 12:43:29 AM  
1 vote:
Taco Bell: "Where every combo is #2"
2014-04-25 12:43:24 AM  
1 vote:

Danger Avoid Death: Brainsick: I'm spoiled because we have Pike Place Market, as well as SODO and Belltown for good Mexican food.

El Camion Lengua Tacos FTW!

[ image 720x960]

[ image 640x634]

Lip-licking yummy!

It tastes better a few stages past that shown in the photo, but whatever floats yer boat...


/On taco truck, taco tastes YOU!
2014-04-24 11:09:43 PM  
1 vote:

fireclown: Aight. Where is the best mexican in baltimore? DC?

fantasyfurnace.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2014-04-24 10:41:14 PM  
1 vote:

MustardTiger: I haven't touched the stuff since I solved my loose bowels mystery.

img.fark.netView Full Size

"Murder, She Shat"
2014-04-24 10:35:12 PM  
1 vote:

vodka: No one, ever, in the history of time, has explained how the 3 seashells work. I mean what the fark.

Haha this^ guy doesn't know how the seashells work.
2014-04-24 09:43:07 PM  
1 vote:

loonatic112358: Danger Avoid Death: loonatic112358: i just want a place that does proper tacos al pastor that doesn't require driving across town

Dammit, this thread is making me hungry. Now you have to bring up al pastor. Thanks.   ;>p

if i'd have read this before I'd ordered chinese delivery, I'd be having tacos

Dammit, you're killing me!! Now I want Chinese tacos! I don't even know what Chinese tacos are but I want them!
2014-04-24 09:00:15 PM  
1 vote:
Taco Bell is launching Chipotle?
2014-04-24 08:38:56 PM  
1 vote:
And Spain the word "taco" has an entirely different meaning all together. I can never drive by Taco Bell or better yet, Taco Bueno without laughing and thinking about a specific portion of a woman's anatomy.
2014-04-24 08:17:17 PM  
1 vote:
The Taco Bell by us is remodeling. Could Fairbanks AK be one of their super secret second locations?
2014-04-24 08:14:58 PM  
1 vote:
The whole product concept is so thoroughly trite and pandering and obviously focus-group tested to death that I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.
2014-04-24 08:11:06 PM  
1 vote:
gannett-cdn.comView Full Size

Because why not incorporate a human skull with meat of questionable origin.
2014-04-24 08:06:30 PM  
1 vote:

jtown: Is it also off the record and on the QT?

and very hush hush

sweet charlotte?

donde estas las chicas blancas?
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