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(BBC)   A three-eyed venus and a can of Campbell's Soup are among 28 images recovered from Andy Warhol's Amiga 1000   ( divider line
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2014-04-24 06:25:42 PM  
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thespindrifter: My dad is currently sitting at home using multiple Commode64's. He copies 30 - 35 year old floppies over to "new" blanks that he buys from eBay, because now they're starting to finally show signs of data degradation. The software to make bit-by-bit exact copies was prevalent in the 80s... All these "nerds" needed to do was go to a few Web forums to find old users like my old man who would gladly have sent a new copy for free.

Unfortunately the time will come when working 5.25" discs will be near to impossible or impossible to find. Although it's less than 100% authentic he may want to invest in something like this:

It's an SD card reader that connects to an actual C64 to read and write disc images. It even looks like a tiny wee 1541 drive. Full Size
2014-04-24 04:30:53 PM  
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Jackpot777: dr.zaeus: The recovery project was initially thwarted from viewing the actual images as the data was saved in an obscure format that modern Amiga emulators could not read.

Maybe I'm a big ol' nerd, but I still have a completely operational 500 and 1000 sitting in my basement.  Are you telling me that they had to resort to "reverse engineering" the format, when it took me 5 seconds to find a working one for $100 on eBay.

It's not like this shiat is some lost Sumerian tablet or something, it was only 29 years ago for Christ's sake.

This. Here are a bunch of kids, loading Commodore 64 games from the original tapes. Thirty years after its release.

If you read the actual paper it's WAY more complex than that. Warhol was contracted by Commodore to create art for the press release of the Amiga 1000. Therefore, the software was not public yet. They said that Warhol's machine was running a pre-release Kickstart module (build 27.6) when the 'v1' was build 31.10 (or something similar). The graphics files could not be opened in an emulator or on an existing Amiga 500/1000 because the software was again a pre-release version. Ultimately though the converter they wrote was extremely simple. The 'hacker' they had reverse engineer it discovered that the format was identical to the format used in the commercial software, but had slightly different file headers.

It's amazing what you can learn when you read.
2014-04-24 02:48:58 PM  
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ArkPanda: Sounds like it wasn't the computer so much as the art program it was using. It was a proprietary graphics file for some program that hasn't existed for 29 years.

If the files were standard IFF-ILBM, then any decent image viewer could handle it (XnView does, as example... even HAM6 and HAM8).  But if it was some DigiPaint specific format or an ILBM with weird stuff like scrolling color lookup tables, then yeah, those are a bit harder to deal with.

/working A3000 in the basement
//most of the old paint programs are available on abandonware sites
///AmiNet is still up, with a number of conversion utilities
2014-04-24 12:16:59 PM  
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i1.ytimg.comView Full Size

What a 3-eyed Venusian might look like.
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