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(ESPN)   Hello hockey fans, as we say "see you next year" to the Bolts, we have a little lighter schedule tonite, with all three home teams looking to even their series at twos... Pens/Jackets @7ET, Ducks/Stars @8, and Blues/Black Hawks @9:30   ( divider line
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2014-04-23 07:28:39 PM  

Precious Roy's Horse Dividers: Johnny Texas: Crosby never dropped his broken stick, that's a penalty.

Crosby does not commit get called for penalties, silly.

2014-04-23 07:28:39 PM  

Rev.K: Goddammit I'm still on a bus.

No hockey and worse no beer!

Your life sucks right now.
2014-04-23 07:28:40 PM  

geom_00: Paul Martin now has 7 assists in this series.

That's pretty impressive, especially given the poor turning radius
2014-04-23 07:29:15 PM  
There isn't enough booze in Columbus to get me through this game
2014-04-23 07:30:39 PM  
Turkey Time Pens!!!
2014-04-23 07:31:27 PM  
How deep's the water, Froggy?
2014-04-23 07:31:28 PM  
whenever reggie watts is killing it, things ARE ok.
2014-04-23 07:31:56 PM  
2014-04-23 07:32:16 PM  
That was quick
2014-04-23 07:32:25 PM  
2-0 Pens, they lose now right?
2014-04-23 07:32:26 PM  
rut ro.... Getzlaf not taking the warm up.
2014-04-23 07:32:29 PM  

Pens GOAL!

2014-04-23 07:32:31 PM  

2014-04-23 07:32:35 PM  
2-0 Penguins.  They'd better be careful, that 2 goal lead has been deadly this series
2014-04-23 07:32:37 PM  
2014-04-23 07:32:42 PM  

2014-04-23 07:32:45 PM  
Anaheim's Ryan Getzlaf is out for tonight's game and is listed as day to day with an upper body
2014-04-23 07:32:46 PM  

dietbubba: There isn't enough booze in Columbus to get me through this game

It takes a real man to admit he can drink all of Columbus and then go for .....uh, the next town?
2014-04-23 07:32:55 PM  
Well, that escalated quickly
2014-04-23 07:32:59 PM

The NIS-CANNON blasts it.
2014-04-23 07:33:00 PM  
wait woah i wasnt ready
2014-04-23 07:33:10 PM  
this is the dreaded 2-goal lead, right??
2014-04-23 07:33:23 PM  
the dreaded 2 goal lead, pens are toast
2014-04-23 07:33:27 PM  
#NHLDucks Ryan Getzlaf (upper body) will not play in tonight's Game 4 and is listed as day-to-day.
2014-04-23 07:33:34 PM  
3-0 Penguins.
2014-04-23 07:33:38 PM  
What a collapse. Oy.
2014-04-23 07:33:46 PM  
Scumbag Neal makes it 3-zip. Smell ya later Bob
2014-04-23 07:33:47 PM  
2014-04-23 07:33:55 PM  

James "The Real Deal" Neal!!!!
2014-04-23 07:33:55 PM  


2014-04-23 07:33:57 PM  

soopey: fatalvenom: soopey: keylock71: Hey, Andy Ference... Nice tie.

Still bummed about his departure.

Did you hear his interview with Felger and Maz on Friday? It was excellent.

What did I miss?

/big Ference fan

Said he still loves Boston, he understood why they couldn't keep him and he's glad he went to somewhere familiar in Edmonton. Said just how good and steady the Bruins are. Said how hard and yet how awesome it is to win at the Bell Center in Montreal just because the fans are so horrible, yelling horrible things, throwing items, spitting at you, etc.

Added a fun story about how people in Montreal would yell and say horrible things to Zdeno Chara as they were walking down the street, not to his face, but from a distance and in a spot where they could easily escape.

Basically proved what a class act the guy is for the league.

Hour number four, about 2/3 way through:

Awesome...thanks Soopey, my GF will enjoy that during dinner tonight.
2014-04-23 07:33:58 PM  
never mind, bob is toast
2014-04-23 07:33:59 PM  
3-goal lead isn't nearly so dreaded

2014-04-23 07:33:59 PM  
Those types of shots should not be going in.
2014-04-23 07:34:00 PM  


/We're up 3-0.  This can't be good...
2014-04-23 07:34:03 PM

The Real Deal James Neal!!!

3-0 Penguins!
2014-04-23 07:34:05 PM  
Oh, Columbus... You suck.
2014-04-23 07:34:09 PM  

its a beautiful thing
2014-04-23 07:34:16 PM  
wait woah im still not ready
2014-04-23 07:34:59 PM
2014-04-23 07:35:08 PM  
Now he needs an assist and a headhunting cheap shot for the James Neal hat trick
2014-04-23 07:35:14 PM  
WTF? I went down the hall to the small reading room a couple of minutes ago & nothing was going on.  I come back & it's 3-0 Penguins?

Come on Columbus, I realize that the playoffs are a strange concept for you but you do need to win more than just one game along the way.
2014-04-23 07:35:19 PM  

Precious Roy's Horse Dividers: Scumbag Neal makes it 3-zip. Smell ya later Bob

Proud fellow alums
2014-04-23 07:35:30 PM  
I'm elated Stars are finally in this, but a loss tonight will make the babby jebbus cry tears of blood. And his next opoortunity to rise again is almost a whole year away.
2014-04-23 07:35:47 PM  

Fochstockings: Well, according to the cross-dresser's brother and Pierre, the team that has scored first in the Pens/CBJ series has gone on to lose. At least I think that's what he said in between talking about Crosby's favorite cereal, the color of his car in high school, and other crap.

So that goal was bad news....

For the fightless birds.

They said the same shiat about the Rags last night and look what happened.

Seems likely to be the case here.
2014-04-23 07:35:47 PM  
Glad I took the prop bet: Does Bobrovsky have more Goals Against or Vowels in his last name?
2014-04-23 07:36:09 PM  
Regretting that the Flyers traded Bob a lot less after this series
2014-04-23 07:36:12 PM  

Johnny Texas: Calling it now, Blue Jackets win this.

If they sit on the bench looking like someone decapitated their puppy in front of them I'm thinking no.
2014-04-23 07:36:28 PM  

Johnny Texas: Calling it now, Blue Jackets win this.

I've seen more than enough Fleury games to agree.
2014-04-23 07:36:36 PM  

JT_Goalie: 3-goal lead isn't nearly so dreaded


He should be off the damn force
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