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2014-04-20 03:51:24 PM  

Flappyhead: GungFu:

Myths about Ruben Carter.



This website, on the other hand, demonstrates that the evidence Carter provides to "prove" he was harassed and framed, is bogus

What's cute is they never actually provide any evidence, they just say they have.

To be fair, every one of those has links to pages with lots of additional information.
2014-04-20 04:12:05 PM  

HawgWild: He got knocked the fark out ... permanently.

And wherever Mr. Carter is right now, he is being given the utmost respect.

/Read "The Sixteenth Round" in my high school days
//Loved his comments about his father, a mosquito and a plow
2014-04-20 04:22:54 PM  

Red Shirt Blues: Tigger: Red Shirt Blues: Good riddance to a man properly convicted. Stop believing movies. Ask  any of his assault or robbery victims before  and after his release. Or abut the times he got all stabby. Giardello sued the movie makers and won. Hurricane was not close to winning the belt. He was on his way out of boxing when the murders occurred.  Thrown out of the Army after four courts-martial. Don't believe that movie.......

You tragically ineffectual little turd.

You imbecilic naive maroon. Go and read the actual witness statements, especially Patty Valentine. Not the Hurricane's version or the Canadiens version but the actual statements. The same with the police reports. Start with why he was pulled over in the first place.

Because police never, ever coerce suggest things to witnesses or invent reasons for pulling someone over.

None of the Carter-was-guilty arguments I've seen addresses the Canadians' argument, which was good enough to get the verdicts tossed and force the prosecutors to say that 20 years was too long a time for evidence and witnesses' memories to be reliable...this time.
2014-04-20 05:33:29 PM  

To be fair, every one of those has links to pages with lots of additional information.

Yeah I've been reading through it.  The page design is headache inducing but some of it is interesting.  I have some problems with how they reach certain conclusions("There are no newspaper clippings saying he was at location X on such a date therefore he wasn't there"), but there is some good stuff about how Carter would spin things(which I already knew but it was interesting reading it).
2014-04-20 05:40:54 PM  
2014-04-20 10:14:09 PM  

Nothing To See Here: Without you, we never would have know Lootie . . .

oops, 'twas Katrina not Carter that gave us Lootie.
2014-04-21 10:59:53 PM  
RIP, Rueben Studdard:
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