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(New York Magazine)   If you thought the American razor industry couldn't get any more ridiculous, you'd be wrong. And it represents what's wrong with American ingenuity   ( ) divider line 251
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2014-04-21 11:28:48 PM  
Reading this thread in more detail was a funny read.

Lots of whining about "hipsters"...

Now, I won't say that there's not a few DE shavers that use DE razors to be hip and cool to go retro, but for many, it's a different thing.

For some, it's the price of cartridges, many are sick of paying 100x what a single blade/cartridge should cost.

For others, it's a hobby.

For some, it's a necessity.

How much have I spent of shaving gear?  Probably close to 400-500$.

Why? because I bought several electric razors, I bought over a dozen cartridge type, one model then another, always trying to find something that did not rip my face apart.

Then after reading about the fact that the DE razors was to solution for many, I was debating it for a while... then I bought another cartridge type:


syrynxx: Once I hit the Mach 3 Turbo, I stopped. The AAA lasts forever and the vibrating shave is so much better than a regular razor. I did try a Shick Quattro with a single blade on the back side - good for trim-ups.

I ended up using the single blade on the back side to do my face... and for the first time I didn't rip my face apart, but it was fairly difficult as the razor isn't meant to be used this way.

So I bought some DE gear... a couple of razors, plenty of blades, soaps, brushes.. maybe a total of 150$.

But this is for enough stock to last me for years... I'm estimating 5 to 10 years... and the large priced items, the razors and brushes will probably last for the rest of my life and can end up being handed down, something that my father, grandfather could have done, but....oh well.

So am I an hipster? nah... I switched due to these razors and blades actually work for me.  Is it cheaper... after the initial purchase, which is no more than a decent electric one, it's much cheaper.

I also use a shavette (straight type that uses a half-DE blade), which is very nice to use when the whiskers are too long for the safety razor's gap.
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