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(Huffington Post)   Student upset that her professor found out she is a stripper and lowered her grades. Psst, hey prof... you're doing it wrong   ( divider line
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2014-04-19 08:28:08 AM  
3 votes:
Correlation does not imply causation
2014-04-19 05:31:11 PM  
2 votes:
I always cringe when I hear "I'm an 'A' student".

All students are the "results of your last assignment" students.

Some possibilities

 - the easy starter assignments for the semester went away and the real work started
 - the nature of the assignments changed (analysis instead of recitation of facts)
 - the content of the course changed to something less interesting/connectable for the student
 - the course content got harder
 - misunderstood some assignments
 - late nights working led to poor performance at school
 - too many parties lately
 - there was bias

We obviouly have no where near enough information to asses.

 - Never happened? Meh - I'll give the benefit of the doubt as far as her recounting of events if not her interpretation of them.
2014-04-19 09:54:20 AM  
2 votes:

Krymson Tyde: I would have went to see her dance. I know that's what I would've done when I was teaching had I had found out one of my female students was a stripper.

I see at least two reasons why you're no longer a teacher... and were probably never a good one.
2014-04-19 09:21:54 AM  
2 votes:
Since when does stripping make you a "sex worker"????

Strippers aren't prostitutes, its a legal, if less than respectable, profession. and there is no such thing as " student sex workers" to get discriminated on. Your a stripper, not a sex worker, and no stripper I've EVER met would call themselves that.
It's been said but....

Fake fakety fake fake. Fake fake.
2014-04-19 03:35:17 PM  
1 vote:

jekfark: "Red, a name she asked to go by to conceal her identity, says this shows what kind of uphill battle student sex workers face today."

Wait, what?

Yep, this is one of the most content-free hit pieces I've seen in a while. An unnamed student was given lower grades by an unnamed professor after mentioning stripping, and then turned around to validate the prejudices of sex workers and social justice warriors everywhere with an anonymous morality tale in a HuffPo blog, then extending a random anecdote to proof of how oppressed her peers are. Right.

This reads like a Daily Mail article, without the stock photos. I'll give 10-to-1 odds that the only "Red" that ever existed was the publishing deadline.

/Portland has the most strippers per capita in the world. The chances of any student there being a stripper are therefore higher than anywhere else in the world, any professor is probably assuming half his female students are. Seriously?
2014-04-19 03:30:06 PM  
1 vote:

notatrollorami: italie: Jim_Callahan: / Though I should clarify: real professor, four-year degree program.  Community college people function like high-school teachers and manage coursework differently due to differences in institutional mission.  Portland state is an actual University

The snark in your statement is why I often loathe "The properly educated".

/ Smartest people I know don't have a degree, or have one from those "High-school" colleges.
// They knew that real effort would be required to excel in their field, not being able to ride the coat tails of a diploma with a flashy name on it.

/// Not bashing the underlying point

If you mean the most financially successful people you know that's either a reflection of your chosen circle of relationships or a significant outlier.

If you mean the most generally happy and self sustaining that makes sense.

By "Smartest" I mean "Most intelligent". Known way too many master and doctorate level educates who could quote every book they've ever read, but not much more. Ask them to apply the concept and the floor falls out from under them. They get jobs though, due to the words at the top of their diplomas.

I fully agree with the notion that big name universities have "greater potential" to graduate the most qualified people for any field. What they can't fully control, however, is the will of the individual to fully absorb that information beyond passing an exam. I'm finding that more common with people fighting for their educations, and those coming out of lesser known colleges.
2014-04-19 12:59:12 PM  
1 vote:

frepnog: Murflette: Since when does stripping make you a "sex worker"????

Strippers aren't prostitutes, its a legal, if less than respectable, profession. and there is no such thing as " student sex workers" to get discriminated on. Your a stripper, not a sex worker, and no stripper I've EVER met would call themselves that.
It's been said but....

Fake fakety fake fake. Fake fake.

Pretty much all strippers are a hundred dollar bill away from being a prostitute.

Take offense all you like.  Once you are willing to get naked and grind a pole for money, it's a short trip to the hooker mobile.

Eh...I think that's a bit of a stereotype. I know plenty of hardworking womern that do or did strip to pay bills, and not one of them would have done more than dance for that hundo.
/there's some that will, for sure...

But my overall point is that one looking for academic respect probably wouldn't refer to herself as a "sex worker" when trying to justify her outrage...

/was using it as example of fakery.
/also if you think 100 is all it would take for hookery, enjoy your meth mouth and herpes. Most dancers pull 6 to 8 times that in an evening of simply "grinding the pole"
2014-04-19 12:00:35 PM  
1 vote:

frepnog: Pretty much all strippers are a hundred dollar bill away from being a prostitute.

Citation needed.  I knew about two dozen of them back in my more heathen days (well enough to know their real names and addresses, their boyfriends/husbands, and to consider them all good friends outside the club), and I still keep in touch with most of them almost 20 years later.  By and large they were normal, everyday girls that didn't particularly enjoy dancing, but they worked in a constant party atmosphere that paid a hell of a lot better than McDonald's.  They also didn't like to associate with the two girls at the club that *did* turn tricks.  A couple fit the mold of "wild child", one had some severe drug problems and has been in and out of jail, and one went into porn for a little while, but the rest led otherwise unremarkable lives then and now, except for the one that now runs the radiology department at a hospital in her area.

Yes, I know "data" isn't the plural of "anecdote".
2014-04-19 10:54:17 AM  
1 vote:

Gunboat: I'm not surprised to see slut shaming alive and well.

As is every other sort of shaming.  Pick a miscreant and start shoveling.  Frankly, I don't care is she banged the entire varsity.  But at the end of the day, so what?  If she actually got sh*tty grades for showing everybody her vajoohoo for money, the prof should apologize and retract.  Because it has nothing to do with her grades.  What he thinks of her morality is HIS business.  And should be kept away from his job.
2014-04-19 10:09:14 AM  
1 vote:
ITT: people proving-- with completely unconscious irony-- not only the probable veracity of the story but the reason the problem it highlights exists.

There are some really stupid and judgmental Farkers. (See, now that's conscious irony.)
2014-04-19 08:55:29 AM  
1 vote:
Bslim: Freedom to skank it up doesn't mean freedom from consequences.

Even if professor puritan actually did start dropping her grades because of her job, what a great lesson to teach her.
While folks attempt to class up what she does, the fact remains that it is a job with more than a little raunchy connotations, and not one that is highly thought of in most circles. Her history professor taught her a life lesson that will be of much greater value to her than her GPA.

At least she had the good sense to hide her real name when whining about it to the press. But I'll bet that dozens of sleazy lawyers will be attempting to goad her into suing, which would cancel that out.
2014-04-19 08:42:26 AM  
1 vote:
Eh - lots of Professors are biased.  Lots of them don't realize it.  Grading is not objective.  And it's 1000x more true in the 'softer' fields (like history) where your more likely to be writing a paper about a topic in general than solving a mathematical equation that can either be correct or incorrect.

Studies have shown that Professors grade differently based on the name on the paper, the formatting/font of the paper, and the handwriting (when it isn't typed).

People *can't* remove their biases.  Most aren't even aware of it.  If the educational system cared (hint:  They don't) the University would have a policy where all of the grading is rotated among Professors and all of the assignments are submitted in a predefined format, with an anonymous 'student identifier'.
2014-04-19 08:37:49 AM  
1 vote:
"I just was too embarrassed to argue about it," she said. "I never told anybody again."

Firstly: Good.  We don't care about your job and personal life, and if we ask we're just being polite (or in this case we just want something to put in the recommendation to make it sound good).  We're not your priest, we don't need a dissertation on the state of your soul.

Secondly: If her grades actually went down after requesting the recommendation (somewhat dubious) it's just a coincidence, because by the same token, no one gives a fark about your job or personal life and certainly not to the extent to start the multi-person conspiracy required to bomb someone's grades.  I mean, shiat, you'd have to get the TA in on it just to get the name of the grader, and then get the grader in on it to boot, that's a lot of bribery just to moderately inconvenience one student you don't like.  Half the time you'd have to get an adult clerk in the work/study management office between TA and grader, too, that gets expensive  fast.

... or does she think that her professor grades her shiat personally?  Oh, that's just  precious.  No wonder her only career option was 'stripper', she certainly wasn't passing the mCATs any time soon.

// Most people request recommendations specifically because they feel like they're doing exceptionally well grade-wise or performance-wise.  Thus, statistically, they're usually more likely to see a drop after getting a rec than a rise or maintenance.
2014-04-19 08:37:41 AM  
1 vote:
I can't help wondering if there might be more to this story.
2014-04-19 08:24:51 AM  
1 vote:
Yeah... that never happened
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