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(NPR)   Scientists say there might be an evolutionary reason why you don't want to eat a bright blue chicken. Photographer sets out to see if it's true   ( ) divider line 82
    More: Interesting, Evolutionary Logic, So Strange, food dyes, health advocacy, chickens, photographers, Skittles  
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2014-04-17 01:12:58 AM  
I never really liked eating when I was tripping.
2014-04-17 01:13:22 AM  

whistleridge: Marcus Aurelius: Food should not be blue.  Even blueberries are more purple than blue.

What about waffles?

[ image 750x600]

Came to make a joke along these lines.
2014-04-17 01:15:23 AM  
To this day, I won't eat yellow snow.
2014-04-17 01:38:20 AM  

ArcadianRefugee: [ image 300x297]

I'd eat that.
2014-04-17 02:04:43 AM  

Usually chicken turns blue when you choke it...
2014-04-17 02:22:51 AM  

Brainsick: Blue food?
[ image 499x459]

Gotta love that mania! That kid's got the manics real bad.
2014-04-17 02:41:58 AM  

bborchar: Green tea ice cream is awesome. My problem is finding it around here.

dude, spend the fifteen bucks on an icecream machine already. The web is FULL of good recipes.

Lychee, Lime and Gunpowder Green Tea sorbet is the shiznit. I serve that after my 'Szechuan' pork dish, and a winnar is me!
2014-04-17 02:48:12 AM

Why!? Why would we be pre-programmed to avoid blue food?  That pretty blue frog posted up thread sure looked tasty to me.

/for all you pendantic farkers, that's some kind of citrus that was treated with some fungi on both sides, the right side got a penicillin injection.
//pedantic farkers is redundant
2014-04-17 02:49:35 AM
2014-04-17 02:58:16 AM  
What the hell is "roast chicken food porn" (FTFA second paragraph)?
2014-04-17 03:02:16 AM  

fusillade762: [ image 250x250]

[ image 400x300]

[ image 463x400]

Those potatoes would be fun to serve mashed to my unwitting family on Thanksgiving.
2014-04-17 03:06:48 AM  
My problem is more with foods in overly bright, overly uniform colors. All three of these photos involve such bright, uniform colors just look like they contain paint, and paint rarely tastes good.

That and the clearly raw chicken. Why didn't the photographer cook that thing before painting it?
2014-04-17 03:08:30 AM  
I immediately want to eat a bright blue chicken. Does that mean evolution is false? Were the fundies right all along? I'm so confused.

/oh wait, I'm just drunk
//whiskey and rye ftw
///I'm given to understand three slashies is the protocol
2014-04-17 03:17:36 AM  
I have a feeling this guy would probably like the concept of blue food.
2014-04-17 03:29:00 AM  

Ivo Shandor: Not painted:

I cooked one of those once. Nobody would eat it. The color aside, the tecture seemed off as well.
2014-04-17 03:35:31 AM  
Been there, done that:
2014-04-17 04:26:42 AM  
I need to buy a bag of pan de tube now. The purple ube potatoes are common in philipino baked goods and desserts. Absolutely loaded with sugars, too.
2014-04-17 05:00:36 AM  
2014-04-17 05:15:12 AM  

Ivo Shandor: Not painted:
[ image 540x356]

Tastes like Silkies!
2014-04-17 06:21:45 AM  
The chicken in TFA would look a lot better if they had not used blue gloss paint on it...
2014-04-17 06:24:03 AM  
Also it is raw. I find raw chicken, even the right colour, not appealing to eat.

Show me a blue chicken that is then cooked and then we can judge.

Raw chicken? Salmonella anyone?
2014-04-17 07:38:47 AM  

kidgenius: The food doesn't look unappetizing because it's colored, it looks unappetizing because the colors aren't even real colors and it doesn't look like food.

For instance, cereal in orange juice or lemonade wont look unappetizing, even though it's bright orange or yellow. That "milk" looks like paint, that's why it looks disgusting.

The chicken looks like it's wearing a rubber suit, not like someone crushed up blueberries and rubbed it all over the skin of the chicken.

The purple hot fudge looks like someone dripped paint on pistachio ice cream. Check out the maraschino cherries. They are artificially dyed. Look at how reflective they are when compared to the paint. They aren't a perfect mirror like that purple paint is. Here's a fake purple food:
[ image 690x506]

It doesn't look nearly as un-appetizing as the paint on the ice cream, even though it's purple. That's because it's still ketchup, and ketchup looks like food, not like paint.

All this.  The "artist" in questions was obviously using paint, not food coloring.  The red "creamer" by the sugar cubes was obviously paint, as was the pasta "sauce", and the chicken coating, very likely others too.  That's what's unappatizing, they look like they've been dipped in DuPont's most viscous(or poured over them, whatever).
2014-04-17 07:57:12 AM  
I was told there would be no sciences.
2014-04-17 09:05:53 AM  

Jeeemz: What the hell is "roast chicken food porn" (FTFA second paragraph)?

Why don't you google it? Unless you're...


2014-04-17 09:09:13 AM  
The cereal floating in paint got me. Euugh. No, that is not 'yellow milk'. If I pour cereal into a bowl of liquid and it has that much buoyancy, I'm throwing it down the drain no matter what color it is.

I seriously don't think color is as much of a factor as the "artist" is saying. As with everyone else in here, the viscous texture + odd color means it's FARKING PAINT. Fudge is not normally blue, ketchup is not normally purple, chicken does not have a perfectly uniform coloration, milk does not have that kind of density. But paint does match those properties, so when your brain goes to identify wtf you're looking at, it's going to grab those known parameters and tell you that you're not looking at food.
2014-04-17 09:11:57 AM  
Dang, I just realized- It's the Uncanny Valley of food. Meticulously carve a chicken out of silly putty and it will have the exact same gross-out.
2014-04-17 11:21:01 AM

\seriously? No love for the hyper-chicken?
2014-04-17 12:23:09 PM

Blue food is the future.
2014-04-17 01:08:49 PM

It's a single-celled protein combined with synthetic aminos, vitamins and minerals.
Everything the body needs.
2014-04-17 01:10:04 PM  

fugeeface: [ image 720x544]

Blue food is the future.
2014-04-17 03:08:46 PM  

fugeeface: Blue food is the future.

Just make sure it's not prepared by people who really hate the people they're working for...
2014-04-17 05:38:35 PM  

uttertosh: bborchar: Green tea ice cream is awesome. My problem is finding it around here.

dude, spend the fifteen bucks on an icecream machine already. The web is FULL of good recipes.

Lychee, Lime and Gunpowder Green Tea sorbet is the shiznit. I serve that after my 'Szechuan' pork dish, and a winnar is me!

We have a great ice cream maker...but I fell in love with the Haagen Daas version in Japan, and while I can make it myself, it's never quite the same.
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