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5343 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Dec 2001 at 12:32 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-09 12:34:39 AM  
Huzzah! My dreams have finally come true! Now I'll have a reason to go to school on Monday! Watch out, faculty, here I come!
2001-12-09 12:36:39 AM  
Wait a minute... This isn't a spud gun... This is a farking spud cannon. How the hell am I supposed to stuff THIS in my backpack?
2001-12-09 12:43:43 AM  
Makes great mashed potatoes!
2001-12-09 12:55:59 AM  
Bah, these plans are for pussies. I built mine out of stainless steel and gave it a barrel 8 feet long. It's propane-fueled and chambered in "golf ball" caliber. I tested it on a rusted-out Chevy once and it blew the hood right off. Other fun things to shoot out of a "spud" gun include a paper cup full of nails, and a tennis ball soaked in lighter fluid, and a solid slug of ice molded in a piece of pipe the same diameter as your barrel.
2001-12-09 01:00:24 AM  
That one will go in my "must make" list.
2001-12-09 01:02:09 AM  
Alternative headline: How to Blow Off Your Fingers in Seven Easy Steps
2001-12-09 01:03:13 AM  
Be careful. Spud guns/cannons are highly illegal in most places. Fun though.
2001-12-09 01:07:38 AM  
Psaw... those plans are for pussies. I built mine out of a titanium alloy and gave it a barrel 10 feet long. mine runs on compressed air with a hemi v8 pumping the compression chamber up to 3000 psi before launch. With the hemi running at 8000 rpm and my auto reload mechanism, total recycle to fire time is a measly .25 seconds. i have a laser designated aiming system that automatically adjusts the hydraulics to point the barrel at whatever target you select through the radar control system. yes... a precision spud artillery device. I can take out an entire tank division at 50 miles with this baby. have to launch those spuds nearly into orbit though. WHAMMO... haha imagine that tank commanders suprise when he finds out that his smoldering heap of junk metal has been destroyed by a potato!
2001-12-09 01:38:36 AM  
Ha those plans are for pussies.
I get laid a lot
2001-12-09 01:41:07 AM  
Ahh... the good old days... we used to make spud guns all the time in high school. I BTW, they're NOT illegal in most places because the ATF doesn't consider a spud gun a "firearm."
2001-12-09 01:44:31 AM  
Seriously though, I have had the cops called me on for shooting a spud gun. My neighbor said it was a "bazooka" and I was firing it "at her dog, and at birds"
It was fun though, and that is the fastest I have EVER seen the cops come to my old neighborhood.
For the record, I would never shoot at anyone's dog, and I wasn't shooting at bird either that lady was just an old kook. The cops knew it, and they were cool were cool. Didn't even steal it from me, like the cops in Denver do. (where I now live, and can't even have a farking SLINGSHOT legally outside my home)
2001-12-09 01:49:12 AM  
heres a little excerpt from the Texas penal code Chapter 46

(16) "Zip gun" means a device or combination of devices that was not originally a firearm and is adapted to expel a projectile through a smooth-bore or rifled-bore barrel by using the energy generated by an explosion or burning substance.

yes they are illegal, not as a firearm but as an explosive device such as a pipe bomb.
2001-12-09 02:06:38 AM  
a new fun way to make chips!
2001-12-09 02:19:32 AM  
i've had the plans to make one of these for about a year, i didn't really get around to making one till this morning and i still haven't finished because my parental figures are scared i'll blow myself up, heheheh
2001-12-09 02:24:51 AM  
You have to do it right. I bought this for mine:
[image from too old to be available]

Why don't these guys do a little research and find the real extreme stuff?

Where you'll find the all metal automatic repeating spudgun.
2001-12-09 02:27:12 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-09 02:27:26 AM  
its all shiats and giggles til someone loses an eye
2001-12-09 02:34:33 AM  

Ether powered, stainless steel barrel, reinforced abs pipe combustion chamber. Good for at least 200 yards. Can splinter a tree trunk at 50 yards. Plus, it does the dishes and cleans my room while i'm not there.

But seriously. I love potato cannons. is my god. Gotta get me one fo thsoe rifled barrels.
2001-12-09 02:37:10 AM  
WHOLE shiat !!!!
LOC-NAR...HAT's a spud gun ??? whoa....farkin whoa
2001-12-09 02:51:57 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

guess it was...damn
2001-12-09 03:15:59 AM  
This is older than Jesus.
2001-12-09 04:15:50 AM  
>>LOC-NAR...HAT's a spud gun ??? whoa

It's not mine, it's Goldman's.

Here's one of my toys ;)
2001-12-09 05:34:33 AM  
You can also use hairspray like Aqua-Net to fuel the gun, but it leaves a flammable residue that when ignited burns for some time and melts the PVC threads in the cleanout. Anti-perspirant just leaves water vapor (I think).
2001-12-09 07:37:16 AM  
Click here for a Web site that is dedicated to the development of home-brew devices for propelling weird objects through the air.
2001-12-09 08:39:26 AM  
Impalement by French fries.
What a way to go.
2001-12-09 09:25:26 AM  
This sounds kinda cool, anybody have an idea as to how much this would cost to put together?
2001-12-09 09:33:31 AM  
my friends and i used to put them together for about $15. swipe the PVC from a construction site. get the gas-grill ignitors from the dump. you'd be surprised how many gas grills are laying around there. then all you need to buy is the fittings, some PVC cement, and some aquanet.
2001-12-09 11:09:34 AM  
LOC-NAR: Can you come to my next marshmallow roast?? =)
2001-12-09 11:37:11 AM  
Geez, when I was a kid (back in the 60's), a friend made a cannon out of stout metal cans braised end-to-end and fueled with lighter fluid. We could launch a tennis ball a few hundred feet in the air.

The firing hole was made with one of those can-openers that make a triangular opening. Really low-tech.

It's a wonder I'm still alive.

I once had a 1-inch firecracker go off in my closed hand. That ... stung.
2001-12-09 11:40:19 AM  
Loc-Nar: What the heck is that thing? A "Big Flame Maker"?
2001-12-09 11:54:02 AM  
Those plans are an excellent way to hurt yourself...

First of all, you really want to make the thing out of schedule 40 PVC pipe - it's the only stuff rated for high pressure.

Second of all - if you're gonna do this, you really WILL get better results out of compressed air - 3" pipe, capped, hooked to a 3" -> 1" reducer, with a 1/4 turn ball valve as a trigger. Put a tire stem valve in the 3" part, pressurize to around 125psi with a pump or a compressor, load, turn the valve - fwop! Plus, it's no longer classified as a zip gun in most states. Just keep your pressure BELOW the rating stamped on the pipe, and be sure to solvent-weld all the pipe joints WELL - I've had those blow apart on me before.

Thirdly - if you can get your hands on liquid O2, you should know better... But if you actually mix L02 with propane in an ABS chamber and ignite it - you're gonna remove yourself from the gene pool. Wait. Maybe that's a good thing?
2001-12-09 12:05:24 PM  
This reminds me of the orange peel spit gun using a Bic pen.
2001-12-09 12:10:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-09 01:14:04 PM  
Repeat from a few months ago.

-he who stacks pork
2001-12-09 01:19:38 PM  
>>Can you come to my next marshmallow roast??
Stay puft? :)

>>What the heck is that thing

's a old APU I converted to electric start, and added a few "upgrades".. umm.. yeah. Just browse on over to to check out some of the other cool stuff I've made or helped with. That jet is tame.

>>L02 with propane in an ABS chamber and

You can use oxygen and hydrogen. This is all well documented on the web. At least it was. Old jeans legs were around the combustion chamber in case it ruptures.

>>> First of all, you really want to make the thing out of schedule 40 PVC pipe - it's the only stuff rated for high pressure.

ABS is actually ok. My rifled barrel was tested at 300PSI, far beyond the 10-50 PSI you get from hairspray. I was skeptical but it works.

>>Second of all - if you're gonna do this, you really WILL get better results out of compressed air - 3" pipe, capped, hooked

You are correct. As far as spudguns go, "Orange Smoothie Productions" had the most powerful one I've ever seen, a real melon smasher. It used compressed air and had a 10 or 20 foot barrel, interchangeable. I can't find their videos anymore, but it was the best.

These things are dangerous, and more than capible of killing someone with just hairspray. Screw a bolt or spark plug in the ammo for the real nasty stuff. They will fire almost anything including barbie dolls, lenghts of chain, steamed crabs, ziplock bags of anything you can think up. Just wad behind it.
2001-12-09 05:04:25 PM  
oh you crazy americans!!
I once shot my dad in the eye with a small spud gun as you can imagine he was'nt best pleased.
2001-12-09 05:15:09 PM  
I used to do something similar with lighter fluid,tennis balls and tennis ball cans too.
You really did blow up the Hindenburg, didn't you?
2001-12-09 06:31:42 PM  
w00t! fark has finally posted an article of mine!
2001-12-09 07:03:14 PM  
survival research labs!!!

so.. your pals with mark pauline?
2001-12-09 07:04:37 PM  
that was actually an amazingly stupid question... oye..
2001-12-09 09:56:33 PM  
Ha those plans are for pussies!!!

Try building a railgun!!!

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-09 11:22:15 PM  
Go nuclear...
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-10 12:00:19 AM  
loc-nar: gaseous oxygen - sure. liquid oxygen: bad idea... a charcoal briquette soaked in L02 has about the same energy release potential as a half stick of dynamite. not to mention that liquid oxygen is seriously corrosive and at extremely low temperatures those plastics we're relying on to resist high pressure become very, VERY brittle (witness the old raquetball-in-liquid-nitrogen demo.)]
2001-12-10 01:08:13 AM  
Emil_muzz : Absolutely right. Here's a link to that crazy guy who likes to light his BBQ with liquid O2. One steel BBQ vaporized. Another burned 40lbs of charcoal in 3 seconds.
2001-12-10 02:40:18 AM  
PVC pipe, sparker, assorted equipment, spray fuel, and bag of taters: $35.00

Watching your brother take his new Wedding gift from the reception hall to the parking lot, and shoot spuds over a parked police car (cops inside) into the field full of cows across the road while his pissed off new bride looked on: Priceless
2001-12-10 02:07:46 PM  
The spud gun is pretty goddamn cool, but... there's something WAAAAY cooler. NAPALM. u make napalm by taking a big ball of wax and putting a wick in it. A candle would work too. You soak this wax/candle in gasoline for a couple days and then you take it OUT of the bucket gasoline and light it and throw it. napalm is basically liquid fire. You could also try putting this homemade napalm in the potato gun. Farking wicked.... I STRONGLY suggest you wear protective gear during this (eg. oven mitts, safety goggles, and shiat like that, cause getting burned takes all the fun out of playing with fire.)

I tried the napalm thing and it was so farking awesome.
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