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(Jalopnik)   Missouri plans to deter speeders by blasting 153 decibels of sound at them. What could go wrong?   ( divider line
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2014-04-13 11:37:12 AM  
Or maybe they could use that money to teach construction workers not to walk out into traffic.  Yes it usually is their fault when they die.

/butbutbut workin mans!
2014-04-13 12:14:04 PM  

geek_mars: I feel really bad for the guy in the right lane, the one who's not speeding, when I just happen to be right next to him in the process of speeding by and he gets blasted right along with me. I wonder which of us will slam into the other first. Poor guy, he was just driving along minding the speed limit, not doing anything wrong.

If you had not been committing a crime, 'Poor guy' would be fine.  So it's your insurance, another nick on your driving  record, a fine for speeding and anything up to homocide, depending on 'Poor guy's outcome.

Everything bad that happens is your fault, citizen.

/cop think
//D.A. think
///state government think
////revenue enhancement when they sieze all your property, evicting your wife and kids
//b...b...but Federal government/BLM/Obama/Washington/BoogityboogityBOOOOOOO!!!
2014-04-13 12:14:52 PM  

Smeggy Smurf: I just want to steal the noise makers and aim them at churches.

Payback for those crappy bells, or fake bells being broadcast over loudspeakers.
2014-04-13 01:45:17 PM  
They live in much worse can it get for them?
2014-04-13 02:07:59 PM  

Fista-Phobia: Mid_mo_mad_man: Bathia_Mapes: I wonder how the construction workers feel about this. Being in a moving vehicle offers at least a small amount of protection from this much sound, but the workers actually working on the road surface would have little to no protection. I'm not even certain noise cancelling headphones would protect their hearing.

And of course there's the aforementioned chance that a startled driver might swerve and cause a crash. Concrete barriers and other vehicles would be bad enough, but there's always a chance they crash into some of the construction workers.

Seems to me that this would cause more problems than it would solve.

I doubt the workers would even notice. They should be wearing hearing protection. Combine that with general background noise it probably won't be that be of an issue.

Ear protection may give you -25db at best. 153-25=128db

Yeah. They'll just be picking their draws out they ass whilst enjoying a Mt. Dew, a Snickers bar, and the sensation of snapping into a Slim Jim.

My car was roughly 130db inside driving down the highway before I lined the back with blankets and stuff to reduce the echo-chamber effect.  The only downside of hatchbacks is that it directs all sound right at the driver's ears.

/still passes the 96db at 50 yards test that our club has
2014-04-13 02:09:56 PM  
153? I put a Stebel air horn on my Outlander, I didn't like the wimpy horns of today. Only used it a couple of times. Louder than a firetruck siren. Normally, someone cuts you off or acts like an idiot, they pay no attention to a normal horn, but a dose of this, and they almost shiat themselves trying to figure out what's going on. I was so impressed, I bought another one for my motorcycle. Haven't used that one. Hey, on 50 bucks through the mail, doesn't look at all like those plastic pep boys horns. Stebel. or cycle-air-horn-12-volt-139-db-black-or-chrome
2014-04-13 02:11:58 PM  

TerminalEchoes: Okay, so don't speed through construction zones. Problem solved. See how easy that was?

I largely view speed limits as more of a tax on the unwary more than anything, because the limits are set way artificially low...  with two exceptions:  Surface streets (because pedestrians and children playing and unstable traffic) and road construction (because workers and trucks entering/exiting and stuff).
2014-04-13 02:24:24 PM  
This is what you get when you hand non-lethal deterrents to police - they're misused. Tasers, so we don't have to kill people? Heck, we use those as "easy buttons" on everyone from jaywalkers to mental patients. LRADs, so we don't have to shoot into a crowd of rioters? Heck, we use those on possible speeders, just to scare 'em!
2014-04-13 02:25:53 PM  

doglover: I heard they tried something like this up at Penn State in the 80's.

They put the rumble strips in spaces to simulate voices saying danger and slow down when you drove over it. Turns out, it just scared the shiat out of people and they usually drove right off the road.

So it worked.
2014-04-13 08:36:18 PM  
I don't understand how it could be legal to make noises loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss - even if that loss is only partial. It is illegal to punch someone, even though they can heal completely. For many people, no amount of lawsuit money in the world could make up for a life deprived of music and sound.
2014-04-13 10:52:24 PM  

kidakita: I can see the lawyers lining up for the ensuing lawsuits now. Sudden loud noise startles a speeding driver and CRASH! Or, even better.....CARDIAC ARREST.

I wouldn't be surprised to hear the lawyers were the ones that lobbied for these devices.
2014-04-14 12:13:20 PM  
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